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Mu Li’s mouth twitched and she thought about it. Indeed, it did seem to make sense.

She knitted her eyebrows and her hand supported her cheek. The expression in her eyes was filled with an internal struggle and conflict.

Yan Rusheng could see right through her thoughts and he displayed a sorrowful expression again. “My parents’ marriage is a mess, as a son I’ll be traumatized.”

In order to not let his father down, he was going all out.


Be traumatized? What nonsense is that? He was no longer a child who would be affected by his parents’ separation.

He was already 25 years old and mature in all aspects. He was fully capable of being in charge, and he had the audacity to mention having a psychological trauma.

He’d traveled such a long distance because his father had sent him here for a negotiation. He was afraid that a divorce at such an old age would affect his reputation.

Alright, for the sake of her daughter-in-law and grandchild, she had to make a sacrifice.

After her internal struggle, Madam Mu Li said, “There’s no need for you to continue. I’m willing to give him a chance to explain to me in person. And he needs to provide evidence.”

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng’s response, she continued, “However…”

She glanced quickly at the kitchen and there was a sly gleam in her eyes. “You need to stay for a few more days to fulfill your duty as a son. I’ve raised you for so many years but now we’ve grown apart.”

At this moment, the kitchen door opened.

As Xuxu carried out two dishes from the kitchen, she overheard Mu Li’s request.

She interrupted them, not having any bad intentions. “Aunt Mu Li, President Yan and I have been away for several days. As it was an impromptu decision, there are work-related matters that were left unfinished and some of the matters are more difficult to handle.”

All of the company matters that require Yan Rusheng’s attention went through her first.

She remembered clearly which were the ones that had been put on hold. Some of them were really quite difficult to handle.

Previously when he said that he was coming to S City, she assumed that he was coming to look for Fang Jiayin, so she remained silent.

If she knew that he was coming to look for Aunt Mu Li, she would have suggested that they return to the company first to settle the difficult tasks before coming over.

She reached the dining table as she finished her sentence, bending down to place the dishes on the table.

Then she turned around and went back to the kitchen.

“Wen Xuxu, the truth is you can’t wait to go back to meet Jiang Zhuoheng and you’re just using company matters as an excuse.”

She heard Yan Rusheng’s sarcastic words from behind her.

Wen Xuxu’s hands, which were hanging loosely by her thighs, clenched tightly into fists. She took advantage of the fact that her back was facing Yan Rusheng and she gnashed her teeth in anger with a resentful glare.

She couldn’t understand why he was so concerned and bothered whenever she met Ah Heng. Was it because he really couldn’t bear to see her being so happy?

Just because Fang Jiayin had jilted him, he had decided to devote himself to her for the rest of his life. Did that mean that everyone else needed to be single their entire life as well?

This guy was being more unreasonable than usual.

At the mention of Jiang Zhuoheng’s name, there was a fleeting look of surprise in Mu Li’s eyes.

Then she shot a glance at Yan Rusheng again.

Yan Rusheng had turned his back, his chin raised upward, and he was staring coldly at Wen Xuxu. He had a solemn look of disdain.

A meaningful smile appeared on Mu Li’s face. “Oh, Ah Heng is back?”

Her gaze traveled to Wen Xuxu once again.

“Yup.” Wen Xuxu turning around to smile at Mu Li. “He came back two days ago. But I was on a work trip so I haven’t had a chance to treat him to welcome him back.”

Mu Li was very understanding and she nodded. “Then you should hurry back. Ah Heng is a good kid. He’s so gentle and doting. I’ve always thought that the both of you would have a bright future.”

This sentence wasn’t entirely fake or spoken against her conscience.