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If the old madam and Mu Li didn’t have such selfish motives, they would definitely entrust Xuxu to Ah Heng. He would be the perfect person to take care of Xuxu for the rest of her life.

Yan sneered coldly and ridiculed her, “Suitable to be treated as a replacement.”

Compatible? He couldn’t see how they were compatible at all.

Mu Li looked at Yan Rusheng reproachfully. “Third Yan, don’t you know how to talk at all?”

“I’m full, so I’m going to sleep now.” Yan Rusheng suddenly got up, causing a chilly gust of wind when the tall figure straightened himself.

His eyes swept past Wen Xuxu with a frosty glance and he marched out of the dining room.

Young Master Yan had an indescribable feeling of anxiety and restlessness—he felt miserable.

Once upstairs, he slammed the door with a loud ‘bang!’ . Even Wen Xuxu and Mu Li who were on the first floor could hear it.

“I really have no idea what this guy is trying to do.” Mu Li rolled her eyes at the ceiling.

Logically, her son shouldn’t be so dumb to the extent that he didn’t realize he’d fallen in love with someone?

Because if he didn’t like her, why did he even lose his temper?

“Aunt Mu Li, don’t mind him. He can’t bear the thought of me being happy.” She wasn’t angry even though Yan Rusheng had mocked her. On the contrary, she even calmly consoled Mu Li. “He’s just seeking revenge for all the times I bullied him when we were kids. Ever since he’s had the upper hand, he couldn’t bear to see anyone else being friends with me. I’m used to it.”

During the third year of middle school, a male classmate who excelled academically liked to study and revise with her.

When Yan Rusheng found out, he threatened the classmate that if he continued to hang out with her, he’d inform the teacher that they were in a relationship.

At that time, Yan Rusheng held an influential status in the eyes of the teachers as he was wealthy, intelligent, and handsome. The male classmate didn’t dare to defy him so he distanced himself from her.

Yan Rusheng was the most selfish person she had ever met. He was already with Fang Jiayin at that time but old habits die hard. Even when Ah Heng was wooing her back then, he would still try to interfere.

He told them right to their faces that Jiang Zhuoheng had bad taste for liking a masculine girl who only knew how to study.

Not to mention the other guys who were interested in her. He’d intercepted countless love letters.

She really was used to it after so many years. She thought she would have to wait until he got married and settled down. Then he wouldn’t have time for her anymore.

“Xuxu, it’s been hard on you.” Mu Li patted her shoulders and said bitterly, “This wretched son, I’ll definitely make him take responsibility for you.”

He didn’t want it himself, but he wouldn’t let others have it too. What kind of person is that?


Mu Li’s words had startled Wen Xuxu and she unconsciously averted her gaze.

“Take responsibility? Take… take responsibility for what?” Xuxu lowered her head and stammered.

She didn’t know where to put her hands so she decided to hold a pair of chopsticks. She put the food inside her mouth and chewed absentmindedly.

Mu Li grabbed one of her hands and held it earnestly. She said tenderly, “He ruined your friendships and he constantly interrupted your relationship. He needs to be responsible for you.”

Immediately, she spat out another threat, “If you’re not getting married, then he’s not allowed to marry anyone too!”

Her tone was unyielding.

“Ah…” Wen Xuxu raised her head to look at Mu Li and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “If he’s not getting married, then I won’t be able to get married for the rest of my life. I think if he marries someone, then he won’t have the time and energy to bother about the feud we’ve had since we were kids.”

Her gaze fell dejectedly, her eyes like a clear spring with despondent ripples stirring within.

Her long eyelashes covered her eyes and Mu Li couldn’t read her expression.