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“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” She assumed that Xuxu had lowered her head dejectedly from the thought of Third Yan bullying her since they were kids. Feeling sympathetic, she consoled her. “Grandmother and I dote on you the most and we will always support you.”

As the saying goes, familiarity breeds fondness. Having been together for more than a decade, why hadn’t they fallen in love with each other yet? Instead, they seemed to equally loathe the other.

Or could it be that love begets hate?

It couldn’t go on like this—she had to use this opportunity to test the two of them. If they didn’t have any feelings for each other, then she would persuade the old madam to give up on the hope they’ve held on to for so many years.

Not having met for more than a year, they naturally had a lot to catch up on. Nonetheless, she considered that Xuxu would be exhausted after the long flight, so she sent her upstairs to rest.

Xuxu was feeling very weary indeed. Traveling by plane, car, boat, and on foot these past two days had drained her.

Once she returned to her room, Wen Xuxu collapsed on the comfortable bed and didn’t feel like getting up.

But she hadn’t showered and she’d been in an enclosed space with loads of people on the flight for such a long period. It would be too filthy if she didn’t shower.

And so she dragged her tired body and entered the bathroom.

Yan Rusheng finished his shower, wearing a white bathrobe as he lay on a rattan chair on the balcony. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at the sky, which was littered with stars. A faint trace of sorrow could be seen in the furrows of his eyebrows.

On the round table next to him, there was a slip of rectangular paper under a glass of milk. An address in S City was written with the street number and building unit number. The four corners of the paper were fluttering as the breeze entered through the windows.

He turned his head and stretched his hand towards the glass of milk. He saw the slip of paper beneath the glass and he froze momentarily.

His hand with its clearly defined knuckles hovered in midair.

What was so good about this place? What attracted you to it?

You made up your mind to abandon me just so that you could come here.

Anger flickered in his eyes. He picked up the glass of milk resolutely and the paper was blown away by the breeze.

“Xiaosheng, aren’t you sleeping yet?”

He heard Mu Li’s voice behind him. It sounded gentle, unlike her usual tone towards him.

Yan Rusheng turned his head. Mu Li pushed the door to enter and closed it gently.

She moved towards him.

Even though Mu Li didn’t knock before entering, Yan Rusheng was nonchalant about it.

“Getting ready to sleep,” he answered her, putting down his glass of milk and standing up.

He closed the windows and drew the curtains.

Mu Li stood behind him and her gaze accidentally landed on the slip of paper on the floor. She could easily read the illegible words written on it.

There was a sharp pain in her heart—what kind of girl was she to be able to make her son so devoted to her?

Suddenly, she felt that she and the old madam had been too selfish with their intentions all these years. It was too unfair to Xuxu.

After he drew his curtains, Yan Rusheng turned around and saw Mu Li looking troubled.

He raised his eyebrows. “It’s so late now, I’m sure you’re not here just to check that I’m asleep?”

He finished his sentence, walked past her towards the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste.

He left the door unlocked and Mu Li followed him. She leaned on the door frame and watched him. “If you’re busy with work, then go back with Xuxu tomorrow. Anyway, I’ll be heading back soon.”

“One more day won’t make much of a difference,” Yan Rusheng casually replied, shooting a glance at Mu Li.

He was wondering if Wen Xuxu had said anything to make Mu Li persuade him so that she could hurry back and reunite with Jiang Zhuoheng.