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But he wasn’t going to let her succeed.

“It’s meaningless to stay for just one more day. When you have more time in future then you can accompany me for a longer period.” Mu Li frowned and she spoke in a serious and earnest tone. “You’ve just taken over Flourish & Prosper not too long ago. This transition phase isn’t easy, don’t let your grandmother worry too much.”

There was a tinge of guilt in her tone too.

Ever since Xiaosheng was a kid, the old madam had trained and educated him to be the successor of the company. When he grew up, he specialized in business management and had to juggle his studies with his training.

Both Mu Li and his dad had completely washed their hands of him so that they could set off to pursue their childhood dreams and their ideal lifestyle.

This was what they owed him, and furthermore, the Yan family wasn’t an ordinary family.

Yan Rusheng was brushing his teeth when he paused. She had rarely revealed her real feelings in front of him.

“I got it.” He nodded and mumbled incoherently with a mouth full of toothpaste foam.

Mu Li curved her lips and she smiled with relief. “I’m going back to my room, rest early.”

She turned and left.

She had opened the door when she recalled something. She turned towards the bathroom. “Do you know why Xuxu gave up the opportunity to further her studies at Country Y a few years ago?

At her question, Yan Rusheng turned to look at Mu Li with an amused expression. It seemed like he’d heard something hilarious.

“She gave up the opportunity to study in Country Y?”

Wasn’t that her dream since she was a child?

Gave up? Did she admit it herself?

That stupid lass didn’t look like someone who liked to boast.

Mu Li could tell from Yan Rusheng’s response that he was clueless about this matter too.

She was even more puzzled. “Last month in Country Y, I met Xuxu’s university teacher, Professor Zhou at an educational exchange at J University. He mentioned it to me and I was stunned. I didn’t know that you had no idea as well.”

They had grown up together as kids. Even though they were like enemies they paid close attention to each other at all times. That’s why they understood each other very well.

How could he be unaware of why Xuxu had given up the opportunity to study abroad? It was such an important matter.

It required the school’s recommendation for admission and there were only three names.

“She never mentioned it before.” Yan Rusheng shook his head. He was surprised and yet also felt curious and puzzled.

He knew Professor Zhou as well; he was Wen Xuxu’s university teacher. It was quite unlikely that he was lying.

However, Wen Xuxu giving up the opportunity to study overseas was such a major matter. How could he be completely clueless?

“Oh dear, what a pity.”

Mu Li saw Yan Rusheng’s baffled expression—he really didn’t know anything about it. She didn’t continue asking.

She sighed with pity and left.

Yan Rusheng quickly scooped some water into his mouth and gargled. After wiping the sides of his face with a towel, he left the bathroom and walked to the sofa.

Sitting down, he grabbed his phone and switched on his laptop.

He made a phone call while simultaneously typing out his laptop password.

“It’s me, Yan Rusheng.” After dialing a number, someone picked up. He immediately asked, “Do you know why Wen Xuxu gave up the opportunity to study in Country Y back then?”

“Tsk. Would I ask you if I knew?”

The person was still talking when Young Master Yan swore and hung up.

Next, he continued to dial another number and asked the same question.

Yan Rusheng tried calling a few of his close friends to ask them. But everyone said they didn’t know anything about it.

“Get lost, you are full of nonsense.”

This was the last phone call. After making several calls, no one had been spared from his sharp tongue.

After being scolded, the young master on the other line was sullen. “No, but Third Yan, so what if Wen Xuxu gave up the opportunity to study overseas? How is this any of your business? Why are you so agitated?”