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“And how is this any of your business?” Young Master Yan retaliated with annoyance and he pressed the end call button with his thumb.

This night ended up being a restless one.

Young Master Yan contacted everyone he knew including those he hadn’t contacted in years, just to find out why Wen Xuxu had given up on the opportunity.

As for Wen Xuxu, she couldn’t sleep due to the jet lag.

They finally fell asleep at dawn, but Mu Li woke them up at around 10 a.m.

They both woke up with dark circles under their eyes.

Wen Xuxu felt a throbbing pain in her temples. It must be due to the lack of a good night’s sleep and being in a new environment.

As she ate her breakfast, she kept rubbing her temples.

Yan Rusheng kept glancing at her occasionally. He’d spent an entire night trying to solve the mystery but to no avail.

Why did this stupid woman give up the opportunity to study abroad?

Once they finished their breakfast, Mu Li sent them off.

Yan Rusheng’s eyebrows were closely knitted throughout the entire journey and he seemed to be conflicted about something.

Wen Xuxu decided not to provoke him. She slept once she was in the car and did the same during the flight.

She read for a while, ate her meal and slept. The air turbulence during the flight didn’t affect her sleep at all.

She slept the entire way until they reached the capital.

It was nearing dusk in the capital. The western sky was full of red and rosy clouds and the view was charmingly serene.

Wen Xuxu pushed the luggage trolley and left the arrival hall, with Yan Rusheng walking ahead of her.

The chauffeur picking them up welcomed them with a smile. He walked past Yan Rusheng and bowed. “President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng replied with an ‘mm’, his expression deadpan, and without halting, he walked straight to the car.

Wen Xuxu followed him to the car and sat behind him as usual.

The chauffeur was putting their luggage into the trunk while the two of them sat in silence inside the car.

Both of them had always been like this. Except for work-related issues, Wen Xuxu never took the initiative to start a conversation.

When the chauffeur was in the car, she opened her mouth and said, “Zhao Song, drop me off when you reach Pingyang Road.”

“Alright,” the chauffeur replied and started the engine.

“Are you going home?” Yan Rusheng asked, suddenly turning to look at Wen Xuxu. There was a tinge of agitation surrounding his tone that he was unaware of.

Xuxu’s grandfather had opened a traditional Chinese medicine clinic at Pingyang Road. Her own apartment was in that area too.

Wen Xuxu looked warily at Yan Rusheng. “It’s so late now, are you expecting me to go back to the company?”

She would definitely decline. These past few days had drained her completely.

Yan Rusheng nodded and replied, “Oh.” He turned back, propping his elbow on the window to support his head. He seemed to be in deep thought.

He thought they would see Jiang Zhuoheng once they landed.

To his surprise, he didn’t come to fetch the stupid woman. That was strange.

Wen Xuxu felt that Yan Rusheng had been acting weird throughout the entire journey. He looked perturbed and seemed bothered by something.

Was he still troubled about Fang Jiayin?

Sometimes she felt that she knew him very well, and there were times she felt she didn’t understand him at all.

If he was crazily in love with a person or item, he wouldn’t have cared about the method he used to get what he wanted. That was his character and style.

It had been three years; Fang Jiayin’s photo was still on his bedside cabinet in his room. This proved that he still loved her very much.

However, he already knew Fang Jiayin’s whereabouts yet didn’t take any action. This had baffled her.

The car moved steadily and the sky was dark when they reached the urban district.