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They returned to the crowded and bustling city that was full of the pressure of striving to succeed.

Wen Xuxu dragged her luggage into ‘Old Wen Traditional Chinese Massage Clinic’. She could smell the familiar scent of traditional Chinese medicine when she entered.

The shop front was about 50 square meters and the required materials and equipment for traditional Chinese massage were all neatly arranged.

The floor was clean and gleaming.

The lights were switched on but there was no one in sight.

“Grandfather!” Wen Xuxu raised her head and and yelled at the second floor. She put her luggage down and was about to head upstairs.

“Xuxu, you’re back.”

A voice responded from the second floor and a young man of around 20 appeared by the stairs. He was a scrawny boy with tanned skin and beautiful features.

When he saw Wen Xuxu, the young man’s face lit up with a bashful smile.

Wen Xuxu smiled and waved at him. “Qi Lei, where’s my grandfather?”

“Master has just finished work, he’s having dinner now.” Qi Lei pointed to the back and smiled in response.

He was Old Wen’s disciple. He came from the village and had been here for two years. He was younger than Xuxu by three years.

He and Old Wen both stayed in the clinic.

The young fellow came from a village, he was sensible and could cook well. Whenever Xuxu finished work on time, she would join them for dinner.

“Which bad lass has arrived?”

An old man’s voice suddenly called out from upstairs and it didn’t sound too friendly.

“Hmph.” Wen Xuxu stomped up the stairs.

She stomped heavily on the wooden steps, the thudding sounds of ‘deng deng deng’ signaling her presence.

When she arrived upstairs, she could smell the stench of alcohol. She frowned and hastened her footsteps.

“You old fellow, drinking secretly whenever I’m not around.” Xuxu pointed at the elderly man sitting at the dining table. She showered him with vicious scoldings. “With your advanced age, aren’t you afraid of the dreaded three illnesses?”

She walked up to him and without a word, she snatched away the wine bottle and glass right in front of him.

The upstairs area was the same size as downstairs. There was originally only the ground floor, but after renovating the place, it was divided into two floors.

The suite room was partitioned into two rooms and a hall. Everything was kept clean and neatly arranged.

Xuxu had stayed here at first. However, when Qi Lei arrived, Old Wen got an apartment for Xuxu and ‘cast’ her away to the new place.

“You bad lass, constantly cursing me to get the dreaded three illnesses. Does it benefit you if I get them?”

Old Wen may be nearly 80 years old with a head of white hair, but he was still full of energy.

Especially when he quarreled with Xuxu; his voice and imposing manner always triumphed over hers.

Wen Xuxu loudly replied, “If you do get the three illnesses, I’ll wreck every brewery in the country.”

“Braggart.” Old Wen rolled his eyes, giving her a scornful look.

“I’m not bickering with an unreasonable old man with no principles.” Wen Xuxu playfully stuck out her tongue. “I’m famished, I’ll eat first.”

After declaring this, she sat across Old Wen and carelessly put aside the wine glass and bottle.

“You’re such a freeloader, only coming here for free meals.” Old Wen held his chopsticks once again. He discreetly peeked at Wen Xuxu and his hand was like a crab crawling sideways towards the wine glass.

Wen Xuxu sensed it and looked down at Old Wen’s aged and wrinkled hand. She raised the tip of her eyebrows. “Hmm?”

Old Wen quickly pulled back his hand.

He was annoyed. “You’re such a bad girl, you should be looking for a boyfriend instead. Unlike other people who supervise their husbands, you supervise an old man like me every day.”

He put down his chopsticks and looked despondent.