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Wen Xuxu said firmly, “Even if I supervise my husband in the future, I won’t leave you alone.”

“Xuxu, let’s talk about your husband then.” Old Wen stretched his neck and looked at Xuxu with enthusiasm. His cloudy eyes were shining. “When will I get to carry my great-grandchild?”

This was the topic he was most interested in.

Wen Xuxu was speechless. “…”

Why was everyone around her so concerned about her lifelong happiness lately?

Was she really getting too old?

Why did she feel that her middle school, high school, and university days happened not too long ago?

But as she pondered, she realized it had been more than a year since she’d completed her postgraduate studies.

In a few more days, she would be 25 years old. Indeed, the time had arrived… to discuss about marriage. No wonder grandfather and the rest were so concerned about her.

Xuxu held her rice bowl and grew melancholic.

“Xuxu, do you have someone in your heart?” Old Wen ditched his usual mischievous demeanor and asked Xuxu seriously.

Unconsciously, there was a subtle probing tone mingled in with his seriousness.

“Huh?” Wen Xuxu raised her head and stared blankly at Old Wen. Grandmother Yan had just asked her the same question not too long ago. The words they used were exactly the same and their tone was almost identical.

Why were they wondering whether she had someone in her heart? There were countless people who were 25 years old and most of them hadn’t found the right person. Wasn’t that the reason for being single?

Or… was the person in her heart too obvious?

Old Wen used to be an army scout when he was younger. Even though decades had passed, his observational skills were still very sharp.

He caught the guilty expression in her eyes and in his heart, he had his answer.

“If you really have someone you like, you don’t need to tell me who he is. I won’t ask any further.” He laughed and continued, “I’ve always trusted your taste.”

Old Wen’s words made Xuxu blush, a red flush creeping up her face. She had a mouthful of rice and pursed her lips to rebuke him, “Grandfather, discussing a topic like this will affect digestion.”

She knew that grandfather had understood her thoughts and he had the answer to his question.

“Eh!” Old Wen sighed and spoke in an earnest tone, “Ever since your parents and uncles passed away, you’re my only worry left in this world. Now that I’m already 80 years old, I might depart this world at any day. If you don’t have someone to rely on, how can I go in peace?”

Even though these words sounded quite somber, there was a smile on her grandfather’s face.

Perhaps there was a time when he wouldn’t be able to handle the unexpected. But now that he’d reached this old age, it was normal to let nature take its course.

Wen Xuxu’s eyes began to feel warm as she looked at this old man with white hair. Her eyes began to well up with tears.

She frowned. “What nonsense are you talking about? You haven’t seen your great-grandchild yet so you can’t die. Grandmother will scold you if you do.”

After she spoke, she bent her head and continued eating broodingly.

Old Wen saw that her bowl was empty and he added more food into her bowl. “Ah Heng came by this afternoon with a huge box for you. He said that it was a present he bought overseas.”

He spoke in a gleeful tone which didn’t conceal his fondness for Jiang Zhuoheng. “He even brought two bottles of wine for me and we drank together this afternoon. This guy is perfect, there is nothing to nitpick about him.”