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She had been in second place ever since. After graduating from high school, they finally went to different schools.

She was unable to use physical force to overcome him from then on. Occasionally, he even dragged her by her ponytail on the way home.

He was her superior now which made it nearly impossible to make a comeback, unless she left Flourish & Prosper.

Leave… Was that possible?

She lowered her head and pouted, a disheartened expression on her face. Yan Rusheng knitted his eyebrows and asked her, perplexed, “You have the ability to bump into people even when you’re walking. With your stupidity, how could Jiang Zhuoheng have fallen for you?”

He paused and switched the topic. “At least he withdrew in time, otherwise his whole life would be ruined.”

Wen Xuxu tightly clenched her fists and glowered at Yan Rusheng.

She felt like ripping his face apart. Especially his mouth which was constantly spitting out malicious words.

Anger and bitterness were written all over her face as Yan Rusheng laughed heartily at her annoyance.

He looked at Wen Xuxu and asked, “Do you feel like scolding me?”

His tone sounded sincere.

Wen Xuxu almost nodded in acknowledgment. Other than scolding you, I want to question your ancestors too. Why did they create a descendant like you?

Her imagination ran wild with her dominance, but in reality, she was cowardly. Wen Xuxu gnashed her teeth in anger and finally conceded defeat. She shook her head, subdued. “No, I don’t.”

She spoke against her conscience—she felt so aggrieved!

Bright Vision and Flourish & Prosper had been business partners for decades, and the Chairman and Mr Yan’s grandfather belonged to the same generation. The elderly Chairman wore a dark blue, long-striped shirt and was sitting upright in his chair. Despite his age and white hair, he seemed energetic and active.

A young lady in her early twenties was sitting beside him. She was wearing a white silk blouse and her light brown hair was tied in a ponytail. Her features were delicate and she looked well-behaved.

“Sorry to keep Grandpa Ming waiting.” Yan Rusheng smiled and apologized once he entered the room. “My apologies.”

He walked towards Ming Zhongsheng while apologizing.

Wen Xuxu followed closely from behind and led him to his seat. She pulled the chair next to him and laid the briefcase on the chair.

“Let me introduce my youngest granddaughter. Her name is Wen Xinyi.”

As Yan Rusheng sat down, Ming Zhongsheng pointed at his granddaughter and continued his introduction. “Xinyi grew up overseas and she just came back after graduating from university. She wants to start her career here, so do take good care of her in the future.”

Although Bright Vision couldn’t be compared to Flourish & Prosper, it was still one of the top-notch organizations. Surely, his granddaughter didn’t need someone else to take care of her, right?

It was evident that he had an ulterior motive and he was eyeing Flourish & Prosper’s eligible bachelor—President Yan.

Even Wen Xuxu was aware of his motives, not to mention Yan Rusheng. He smiled at Ming Zhongsheng and said, “Ansheng’s cousin is my cousin too, I will take good care of her.”

He used his relationship with Ansheng to his advantage and subtly labeled Wen Xinyi as a younger sister.

He had made his stance obvious.

Ming Zhongsheng was a shrewd businessman and he was as wily as a fox. He understood Yan Rusheng’s message.

There was silence for a second and he put on a pleasant smile again. He chose to feign ignorance. “Then I feel assured with both you and Ansheng taking care of Xinyi. She will be able to adapt to a new environment soon.”

He finished his sentence and raised his wine glass towards Yan Rusheng. “I shall thank you in advance.”