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Yan Rusheng groaned from inside his office.

“Come in.”

Xuxu pushed open the door and stood rooted to the spot—she had no intention of stepping into the room.

“President Yan, it’s time to leave, so if there’s nothing else I’m heading off.”

Yan Rusheng looked up from a stack of files and frowned slightly. “Have you finished your work?”

Wen Xuxu frowned as well. “There’s so much work to do, I couldn’t possibly finish it all in a day.”

She did not hide her unhappiness and showed how irritated she was through her tone.

“Wen Xuxu! How dare you…” Yan Rusheng wanted to chide Wen Xuxu, but he suddenly thought of something and ridiculed, “Oh right, you’re not alone now, someone’s waiting for you elsewhere.”

Ever since Jiang Zhuoheng returned, her attitude towards Yan Rusheng had changed completely, solely because Jiang Zhuoheng had her back.

Wen Xuxu smiled coldly and left without giving him an answer. She said—”Bye”—and closed the door behind her.

Looking at the closed door, Yan Rusheng was tempted to throw his ashtray at it.

He felt so agitated all of a sudden.

Looking at the pile of work left undone, Yan Rusheng was no longer in the mood to carry on.

He took out an exquisite box of cigarettes from his drawer and was about to light one up.

“President Yan, smoking is bad for your health. The Chairman wants me to keep an eye on you to prevent you from smoking.”

Wen Xuxu’s nagging still rang in his ears.

He was stunned and his hand froze.

His thick eyebrows twisted.

Idiot, keep your eyes on Jiang Zhuoheng. Stay out of my business.

Young Master Yan tended to hold grudges, so he lit up his cigarette and started smoking.

He rested his head on the director’s chair, cigarette in one hand, and his other stroking the middle of his eyebrows.

After a long day of work with no rest, he was exhausted.

Halfway through his cigarette, he put it out. As per usual, he would finish a cup of water after his smoke. But to his horror, the cup was empty.

“Wen Xuxu.”

He shouted at the door like never before, but no one was there to answer him.

He then realized that Wen Xuxu was gone.

Although he was upset and incredibly angry, he still dragged his body to the pantry for water.

Taking sips in between, he walked back to his desk when suddenly his phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID and picked up the phone immediately, pressing it closely at his ear.

Several elated voices from a few Young Masters could be heard from the other side of the line: “Third Master Yan, we got Professor Zhou’s personal number! When are you going to treat us as thanks?”

Young Master Yan’s face sank and he snapped, “Cut the bullsh*t, send the number to me now.”

The person on the other line didn’t dare to make another joke and agreed. After hanging up, Yan Rusheng received the number immediately.

Yan Rusheng dialed the number, and after a few rings, a warm and deep voice answered.

“Hello, may I ask who this is?”

“Professor Zhou, this is Yan Rusheng. Do you remember me?”

Wen Xuxu reached the office on time as per usual, but Yan Rusheng was nowhere to be found.

To her surprise, she didn’t see him for the entire afternoon.

In the past, every time he went out on a business errand, he would bring her along. If not, he would at least let her know of his whereabouts.

“Come look! President Yan is in the headlines again!”

Wen Xuxu had been busy catching up with all the work left undone because of the business trip, so she was excited to see what was going on.

President Yan is in the headlines again?

Xuxu raised her eyebrows in amazement and searched the Internet out of curiosity. Indeed, in the entertainment section, Yan Rusheng’s picture filled the headlines.