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Third Master Yan Caught Drunk Leaving a High-End Club.

A lot of photos were attached to the headlines. Yan Rusheng Dragged Out of the Club, Drunk as stated in the headlines.

Xuxu’s heart sank with disappointment. She curled her lips scornfully, closed the tab and locked her screen.

It had been ten days since she’d been to the Yan house.

The butler greeted her with enthusiasm as always.

“Missy, you’re here.” The old butler smiled cordially and greeted Xuxu, then happily informed the rest in the house, “Ma’am, Missy is here.”

She had lived in the Yan house for a few years, so the elders had treated her as their own and called her Missy.

Hearing the butler, Wang Daqin flew happily out of the house in plain clothes, wearing a pair of reading glasses.

“Xuxu is really here.” She smiled at Xuxu. “Why didn’t you call before coming? I would’ve gotten Aunt Zhang to whip up some of your favorite dishes.”

She held Xuxu’s hands and led her into the house.

Wen Xuxu looked at Wang Daqin’s wide smile, and she hesitated.

“Aunt Zhang, Xuxu is here, cook up a few more dishes!”

Wang Daqin shouted towards the kitchen as they stepped into the house.

She directed Xuxu to sit down and looked at her with concern. “I heard from Director Zhang that you were running a high fever back in coastal county, and you’ve become so skinny.”

Director Zhang has such a big mouth!

Blaming Director Zhang under her breath, she answered, “He was exaggerating, I only caught a cold.”

She lowered her head and looked at Wang Daqin’s hands that were tightly holding hers. She felt guilty.

“Grandmother, I’m here because I have something to tell you.” Although it was difficult to bring up, she’d thought about it for the past few nights and had decided to inform her of the news.

She never liked to beat around the bush, but she was afraid of disappointing the old lady.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Daqin looked at Wen Xuxu suspiciously. She was shrewd and wise from all her years of experience, how could she not have noticed that something was amiss?

She saw how hesitant Xuxu was so she gripped her hands even tighter. She said encouragingly, “Whatever it is, you can tell me. Don’t be afraid.”

“I would like to leave Flourish & Prosper.” Wen Xuxu immediately spoke her mind.

She went straight to the point.

Upon hearing the news, Wang Daqin did not show any signs of shock, neither did her gaze waver.

She was still cheerful as she asked in a light tone, “Can you tell me the reason?”

Wen Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief, and then mustered up her courage, “Grandmother, I once gave up one dream to chase after another, and I worked hard for it. Right now, I would like to chase after a new dream.”

She was serious.

“Ok, I support you.” Wang Daqin didn’t dissuade her from her decision, neither did she disapprove of it—she was supportive. “Young people should be driven and must dare to chase their dreams. I thoroughly support your decision, and will always back you up.”

Her words made Xuxu feel comforted but guilty at the same time.

“Thank you, Grandmother.” Her eyes were red and she gave Wang Daqin a big hug, which was more than words could ever convey.

Grandmother, you might not know this, but I really wanted to follow the path you tried to pave for me. But after all these years, it was all just wishful thinking.