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“Xuxu, remember to visit often.”

Wang Daqin reminded her as she parted with her reluctantly.

She didn’t want to make her worry so Wen Xuxu pursed her lips and stayed silent. She nodded lightly and turned around to leave the dining room.

Wang Daqin watched Wen Xuxu’s slender back intensely.

She was already indifferent about gains and losses and she understood that when the time came to give up, she had to do it. But in the end, this person was Xuxu.

The future mistress of the Yan family might need to assume the same responsibilities that Wang Daqin had when she was younger. For her and Mu Li, Xuxu was the ideal person in their hearts.

The day her husband had adopted her, she’d stood in the middle of the living room wearing a clean, plain blue dress. Her head faced upward and a pair of sparkling black eyes looked back at her. Xuxu’s attitude was neither humble nor arrogant and she seemed fearless.

Wang Daqin instantly liked her very much and she was astonished that a little girl from a village could seem so unyielding and tough.

After that disaster, many children became orphans. Psychologists were sent by the country to counsel the children.

They were afraid that the little girl would be traumatized too. They were prepared to engage a psychologist to counsel her.

However, she overheard Xuxu chatting with Aunt Zhang one day. Aunt Zhang had asked her about her ambitions.

She said, “I want to study hard so that I can earn lots of money to support my grandfather because my father is dead.”

She was only four years old; her pronunciation was unclear and she spoke in an innocent and childish tone.

After hearing what she had said, the rims of her eyes started to burn and she knew that she probably wouldn’t need a psychologist.

There was another incident when she hit Rusheng and he cried. Rusheng came back to complain but she wasn’t intimidated. Instead, she called him cowardly and said that he was worse than a girl. She had a hand on her waist with the other pointing at Rusheng as she scolded him.

She witnessed the situation and quietly observed them from a corner so she wouldn’t alarm them.

When she saw their interaction, she didn’t feel sorry for her grandson. She simply felt like laughing.

To her surprise, Rusheng no longer cried after that. Even when he broke a rib, he merely frowned in pain.

Since they were kids, she’d been like a source of positive energy surrounding him and had influenced him tremendously.

She thought their love for each other had started to sprout long ago.

Sigh, things don’t always turn out as planned.

Yan Rusheng drove his car out from the garage. A black Mercedes S600, luxurious in a subtle way.

Wen Xuxu stood at the entrance on the lowest step. Her hands were holding the Coach handbag she’d bought half a year ago.

Her long hair was tied in a ponytail and she was wearing the company attire; a white shirt paired with a black skirt outlined the curves of her body clearly.

She was shrouded by the warm yellowish light shining on her body. She stood quietly and it made her look even tinier.

The breeze blew and messed up her hair. She lowered her head and casually smoothed back her hair.

This casual movement had unexpectedly made Yan Rusheng’s heart start pounding due to her gentleness.

His eyes quivered and he had a slightly tender expression.

The next second, he went back to looking as cold as ice.

It’s not that she wasn’t gentle, neither was she unaware how to act like a little girl or to show her softer side.

It’s just that… she was unwilling to display it in front of him.

Xuxu’s original words were: She had fallen in love with a guy for many years. From the first awakening of love until now, she made a bet with herself and gave up the opportunity to go overseas to further her studies. To take a gamble to see if that person had her in his heart.

Wen Xuxu, you stupid woman. He didn’t stay for your sake and didn’t return even once in the past three years. Of course, he didn’t love you.