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Since she had lost the gamble, why couldn’t she have some integrity and accept her loss?

Now that he’s back, you should have snubbed him and openly ignored him.

Tsk, he flared up again at the thought of it. She only knew how to be proud in front of him.

No matter where he went, there would be a throng of women throwing themselves at him willingly. In spite of everything, the woman closest to him had her eyes on someone else instead.

She deserved to be dumped!

Young Master Yan was fuming and he stepped on the accelerator. His car sped towards Wen Xuxu.

He slammed the brakes and the wheels rubbed fiercely against the ground. As a result of the friction, the tires left long marks of about half a meter on the driveway.

Wen Xuxu had just lowered her head when the car stopped abruptly in front of her, the brakes screeching with a loud warning.

Her face was pale with shock and her first reaction was to look at the driver’s seat.

Yan Rusheng’s malicious-looking eyes stared at her menacingly.

Wen Xuxu secretly sighed with relief. She went down the stairs and walked to the back of the car and stretched her hand to open the door.

“Sit in front.”

Yan Rusheng’s cold voice sounded from the front of the car in a commanding tone.

Wen Xuxu didn’t obey and opened the back door resolutely. She got in and closed the door.

“Wen Xuxu, you sure are getting bolder. You thought that by leaving Flourish & Prosper, you can start ignoring my instructions?” Young Master Yan was seething with anger and he turned around to stare at her with gritted teeth.

He started the engine, stepped on the accelerator and left the courtyard. He sped onto a wide road.

Yan Rusheng stole occasional glances at Wen Xuxu through the rearview mirror. It was dark inside the car and he could only catch a glimpse of her dewy eyes.

Her eyes were glittering like obsidian.

She didn’t speak and neither did he. They remained silent throughout the whole journey.

The roads in the capital were still slightly congested at around 8 p.m. The car stopped at a traffic junction.

Yan Rusheng took out his cigarette case from the cabinet, took a cigarette and put it in his mouth. He gloomily started smoking.

White wisps of smoke started to pervade the air in the car.

The strong smell of tobacco delved straight into Xuxu’s nose. She dispersed the air in front of her with her hands, opened the car window and turned her face outwards.

The lights turned green and Yan Rusheng stubbed out the cigarette after two or three puffs.

The car moved forward once again.

Wen Xuxu glanced at him and suddenly asked, “Yan Rusheng, you won’t permit me to leave Flourish & Prosper. Is it because if I leave Flourish & Prosper, I will no longer be your secretary and subordinate and you won’t be able to get your revenge?”

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng’s reply, she continued, “If I’m no longer working at Flourish & Prosper as your subordinate, you won’t be able to feel superior and have a sense of achievement in front of me?”

In the darkness, she straightened her back and watched the man in front with a subtle look of resigned expectation.

“Yes.” Yan Rusheng nodded in a straightforward manner. “So Wen Xuxu, I won’t let you leave Flourish & Prosper.”

“Got it.” Wen Xuxu nodded and responded lightly.

So that’s why he’d kissed her so angrily. Yan Rusheng was merely using his usual method of punishing disobedient women to humiliate her.

If she was gone, he wouldn’t be able to make things difficult for her anymore. He’d assumed that she had reconciled with Jiang Zhuoheng. He would no longer have someone who’d gone through the same heartbreak he’d experienced when he was dumped by Fang Jiayin.

Wen Xuxu fell silent and she positioned her elbow on the car window to support her head.

She stared out the window and everything seemed to look sad and dreary in her eyes.

The car entered the district where Xuxu’s house was in and he stopped at her apartment entrance.

A tall figure had been standing for a long time outside the apartment’s electronic door.