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When they caught a glimpse of the figure, both Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were slightly astonished.

Yan Rusheng’s car plate number was too eye-catching. After scanning it, Jiang Zhuoheng walked towards them immediately.

Wen Xuxu quickly opened the door and got down. “Ah Heng, why are you here?”

As she spoke, she fumbled for her house keys and completely forgot about Young Master Yan who’d sent her home.

He had personally driven her back despite the distance and she didn’t even bother to tell him goodbye and just led her old flame into her apartment. Was she that impatient?

Third Master Yan was very unhappy.

He unfastened his seatbelt and got down as well. He trailed behind Wen Xuxu and Jiang Zhuoheng, catching up to them with a few steps.

Wen Xuxu unlocked the electronic door and Jiang Zhuoheng pulled it open. “I was eating around the area just now and I passed by your place. So I thought I’d stop by for a while since I haven’t visited your new place yet.”

Young Master Yan glared at the back of Young Master Jiang’s head with a look of disdain.

Tch, just passing by. What an unoriginal excuse.

He followed behind them and entered the elevator.

Xuxu only realized that someone was following them after they entered. She turned her head and saw Yan Rusheng.

She was startled and puzzled. “Yan Rusheng, why didn’t you go back?”

Yan Rusheng replied casually, “I’m thirsty, I want water.”

He was still wearing the ash gray sports loungewear he’d worn at home. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his pants.

He looked relaxed and comfortable.

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

Was he trying to make use of this time while she was still Flourish & Prosper’s employee to order her around?

If you’re thirsty, there’s a convenience store just outside the apartment with a wide selection of beverages.

Jiang Zhuoheng knew from the start that Yan Rusheng was behind them. Since Xuxu didn’t realize it, he certainly wouldn’t inform her about his presence.

Only then did he leisurely shift his gaze towards him, surveying him for a moment. “Rusheng, thanks for sending Xuxu back.”

His deep and ethereal phoenix-like eyes were unreadable. His lips were curled casually, displaying neither hostility nor friendliness.

A famous overseas designer had designed his outfit. He wore a pair of black handmade trousers paired with a white shirt and he looked slender and tall.

He exuded an indescribable air of elegance especially with that subtle languid smile at the corners of his eyes.

Most importantly, Wen Xuxu was also wearing a white shirt and a black skirt. Both of them were in formal attire and looked like couple outfits.

Young Master Yan was sullen and he smiled insincerely. “She is my secretary, sending her back is what I should do.”

None of your business.

Jiang Zhuoheng’s smile deepened at the corners of his eyes. “Ever since I came back, you and Xuxu have been traveling. We didn’t even get to have a meal together, so let’s meet up with An Sheng and the rest when you’re free.”

Yan Rusheng still had an insincere smile on his face. “Go ahead and plan it out, I’ll definitely join you.”

Actually, his friendship with Jiang Zhuoheng was considered the closest when compared to the rest of their friends.

But due to Wen Xuxu, both of them could never be frank with each other. They had always exchanged snide and sneering remarks.

When Jiang Zhuoheng and Wen Xuxu started dating, Young Master Yan had babbled about Xuxu’s flaws to Jiang Zhuoheng. His intention was to break them up.

However, Jiang Zhuoheng wasn’t bothered by his words, and instead he had repeatedly carried out public displays of affection with Xuxu in front of Yan Rusheng’s face.

Young Master Yan felt that Young Master Jiang hadn’t taken their friendship into consideration. Jiang Zhuoheng was his good buddy and yet he got together with Xuxu despite knowing that he disliked her.

In the middle of the conversation, they had reached the elevator.