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Wen Xuxu entered the elevator first with Jiang Zhuoheng and Yan Rusheng following after.

One stood on Xuxu’s left, the other on her right.

Both men had heights over 1.8 meters and Xuxu who was about 1.6 meters tall was sandwiched between them. It looked unbalanced.

Both were like the highest peak above sea level. Xuxu could feel the pressure and tension in the air and it was unbearable.

Fortunately, she was staying on the seventh floor, so it didn’t take too long.

The elevator doors opened and Xuxu was still the first to exit. She opened her door, switched on the lights and changed into her bedroom slippers.

She reached to get her shoes and was about to place them on the shoe rack when she felt a chill emitting from the entrance.

She raised her head!

“Why are the two of you blocking the entrance?” She frowned in bewilderment, her eyes wide.

Yan Rusheng and Jiang Zhuoheng stood side by side at the door, right under the door frame.

Both of them were so tall and muscular, Xuxu wanted to ask if they felt cramped.

But they seemed to be doing it out of spite. She decided against saying anything since she might end up becoming cannon fodder if she interfered.

She arranged her shoes and walked into the room by herself, throwing her bag on the sofa along the way.

She entered her bedroom and came out around three minutes later. She had changed into her pajamas which had the cartoon character Doraemon printed across her chest.

Both Jiang Zhuoheng and Yan Rusheng had entered the apartment and were sitting on the sofa. They seemed to have made themselves at home. One was switching television channels with the remote control, the other reading a magazine.

Relaxed and leisurely.

When they heard the sound of the door opening, they simultaneously glanced towards Xuxu’s direction.

“Wen Xuxu, what is that thing?” Yan Rusheng pointed at the picture on her chest. Both his eyes and mouth were twitching as if he was about to burst out laughing at any moment.

“It’s Doraemon, don’t you know?” Wen Xuxu could see a gleam of mockery in Yan Rusheng’s eyes, but she chose to turn a blind eye.

She walked towards the water dispenser and opened the cabinet below it. Taking out the cups, she poured two cups of water, then placed them in front of Jiang Zhuoheng and Yan Rusheng.

“If you want water, then hurry up and drink it so that you can go back soon.” She put the cup down and said to Yan Rusheng, “I’m going to take a shower.”

She turned around and went to the bathroom.

Was she trying to chase him away?

Yan Rusheng’s face fell immediately. He turned to glare at the bathroom door which was already shut. His malicious-looking eyes gleamed with a contrasting combination of fire and ice.

He put the cup to his mouth and gulped down the water. Then he rose and left with heavy footsteps.

He didn’t even say goodbye.

Yan Rusheng had never been chased away by someone before; this would be a first.

Stupid woman, let’s see how much longer you can stay smug!

Wen Xuxu was showering when she heard the door being slammed with a loud‘bang!’ . She shook with fear.

What happened?

She washed away the foam on her body, putting on her clothes before going out.

Her first reaction was to look at the sofa and saw that only Jiang Zhuoheng was there. Was that guy already gone?

She peered at the bottom of the shoe rack. Indeed, Yan Rusheng’s shoes were gone.

“He can just leave, why did he have to slam the door?” she mumbled grumpily and walked towards the sofa.

Jiang Zhuoheng saw Xuxu walking towards him and the corners of his mouth had an affectionate smile. He said jokingly, “Slamming the door was to refresh his presence.”

If Young Master Yan had been in a corner eavesdropping on them, he would have retorted, ” Tsk, Jiang Zhuoheng you despicable guy. How dare you speak ill of me to that stupid woman behind my back?”