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Wen Xuxu sat down beside him and avoided talking about Yan Rusheng. “Seems like a foreign climate is favorable. You’re even fairer than before.”

“Can I say that after three years, I still haven’t gotten used to everything there?” Jiang Zhuoheng became serious and he looked intensely at Xuxu’s petite face.

His thoughts were written plainly on his face and he gradually inched closer to Xuxu’s face bit by bit.

Wen Xuxu didn’t know what to do in this situation. When Jiang Zhuoheng’s lips almost touched hers, she abruptly exclaimed, “Ah Heng!”

Her pitch became higher, completely revealing her nervousness.

Jiang Zhuoheng stopped short when he was about 4 to 5 centimeters away from Xuxu’s lips. He saw the nervous and flustered look in her eyes and he smiled gently at her.

“Xuxu, foreign climates are indeed favorable. The air is fresh and the environment is great.”

It’s a pity you weren’t there. No matter how good it was… what’s it got to do with me?

He put his hand around Xuxu’s waist and his head rested lightly on her shoulders.

Wen Xuxu looked sideways at him with a tender expression. “Ah Heng, we were both really silly.”

“F*ck!” Young Master Yan was raging with fury and he had no outlet to vent his anger. He forcefully kicked at the car door before opening it. He got in and pressed the ignition button.

The luxury car’s engine was remarkably gentle and it was almost soundless.

Before he stepped on the accelerator, he couldn’t stop himself from looking at Xuxu’s window. The lights were still switched on.

Stupid woman, she didn’t even realize that she just invited a wolf into her house. She even chased him away. Just wait and see, that wolf would devour her by tonight.

Pure stupidity!

After reprimanding Wen Xuxu in his heart, he stepped on the accelerator. The car reached the intersection ahead and he made a sharp turn and drove towards the entrance of the district.

His mind was completely focused on the scene where Jiang Zhuoheng and Wen Xuxu were standing together. And so he didn’t notice the traffic light or when he ran a red light. He only realized it after the deed was done.

He was out of luck tonight as the traffic police were on the opposite side of the road. Speeding past a red light in the middle of night implied the strong possibility of drunk driving.

The traffic police obstructed his path a distance away and waved at him.

Young Master Yan usually abided by the traffic rules and he was polite and courteous.

But he was in a bad mood today. So when the traffic police blocked his path, he suddenly had the strong urge to hit them with his car.

He managed to press the brakes in time.

But after stopping his car, he didn’t get down.

Knock knock knock. The traffic officers knocked on his car window and bent down to peer inside.

Yan Rusheng rolled down the window impatiently. “What are you looking at?”

That expression on his face seemed to be warning others not to come near to him.

Indeed, most of the people who drove luxury cars were the same. They were usually bad-tempered with cocky attitudes and liked to flaunt their wealth. They didn’t care about the laws and regulations.

Young Master Yan had been stereotyped as an upstart without a proper upbringing by the traffic officer. The officer didn’t fear power and wealth and he said in an unquestionable manner, “Mister, you sped past a red light, please exit the vehicle for an investigation.”

Young Master Yan bellowed, “What’s there to check for speeding past a red light?!”

What’s done was done.

“Please show me your driving license.” The traffic officer was firm and unyielding.

Yan Rusheng didn’t want to hit the headlines for speeding past a red light. He frowned and unwillingly fumbled through the glove compartment for his driving license and passed it to the traffic officer.

The traffic officer took his driving license and his eyes swept past the license holder’s name. He didn’t manage to conceal his astonished expression

This… this… so he wasn’t an upstart.

He looked at the man’s face again—no wonder he felt that he looked familiar earlier on.