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Yan Rusheng observed the change in expression on the traffic officer’s face and he knew he must have recognized him after seeing his name. He smiled and raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” The traffic officer pretended to be composed and shook his head. He returned his driving license back to him and gave Yan Rusheng a ticket. “You sped past a red light, this is your ticket. Please cooperate by letting us test your alcohol consumption.”

As he spoke, he held the breathalyzer instrument. He put it near his mouth. “Open your mouth and blow.”

Yan Rusheng couldn’t bother arguing—all he wanted was to get this over with and go home as soon as he could.

He opened his mouth and blew twice.

The traffic police officer read the reading on the screen. “20, this is categorized under a DUI. Please follow us to the traffic police department.”

Huh? Follow them to the traffic police department?

Yan Rusheng couldn’t believe his ears, his eyes widening as he yelled, “What is this 20 about?!”

It was the first time he’d taken a test for alcohol consumption and he wasn’t familiar with the breathalyzer.

Earlier, during dinner, he was feeling moody about Wen Xuxu’s matters. Indeed, he had consumed alcohol, but it was really a small amount. Surely it wasn’t serious enough to be sent to the traffic police department?

“You were driving under the influence of alcohol, please follow us to the traffic police department,” the traffic officer repeated once more.

“Bullshit!” Young Master Yan cursed in a fit of anger.

To be sent to the traffic police department just for running a red light, isn’t this traffic police officer being too dim-witted?

He leaned back on his seat and crossed his arms, having no intention of getting out of his car.

“Young Master Yan, please cooperate with us,” the traffic officer said in a frank manner.

“Call my secretary…” There was a gleam in Young Master Yan’s eyes. He suddenly sat upright, a crafty smile at the corners of his lips.

He turned to look at the traffic officer. “I’ll call my secretary to handle this.”

As he spoke, he reached for his phone and dialed the number of that ‘stupid woman’.

It rang for a while before she picked up. A familiar voice answered, “Hello, President Yan.”

Xuxu’s voice sounded sluggish and she seemed to have just woken up.

Yan Rusheng was startled, he’d only been gone for a short while yet she and Jiang Zhuoheng and had already switched off the lights and continued?

At the thought of it, he became indescribably irritated.

“Wen Xuxu, I’ve sped past a red light. I’m being detained by the traffic police and accused of drunk driving. Come over immediately.”

With a commanding tone, he didn’t give Wen Xuxu a chance to say no.

When she heard Yan Rusheng say that he’d been detained by the traffic police, Wen Xuxu widened her eyes in shock. “What? Drunk driving?”

She hurriedly fumbled in the dark for the light switch, switched it on and left the bed.

She hastily changed her clothes and left her apartment.

She flagged down a taxi and as she reached the traffic junction, Xuxu could see Yan Rusheng’s Mercedes S600 from afar. He was surrounded by the traffic police.

When the taxi had crossed the road and stopped, she paid the driver and ran towards Yan Rusheng’s car in a hurry.

“Officers.” She politely greeted the traffic officers who were surrounding the car. Then she glanced towards the guy in the driver’s seat.

He folded his arms and leaned against the seat in a relaxed manner just like a boss. He didn’t looked anxious or worried.

She was both angry and amused.

She turned around and smiled at the traffic officers. “Officers, I’m his secretary. I think there must be a misunderstanding as our President Yan would never drink and drive.”

At night, they had set off together, he couldn’t possibly have consumed alcohol in the short period after he’d left her house.

“He did drink, but it wasn’t drunk driving,” the traffic officer confidently corrected her. He showed Wen Xuxu the breathalyzer and pointed at the reading. “20.”