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Xuxu wasn’t surprised or nervous at all and her smile remained unaffected. “20 is still within the legal drinking limit. Mr. Officer, if you can give us a chance, I promise we won’t make the same mistake next time.”

This fellow was really out of luck. She saw him merely drink a little during dinner, just a little red wine.

What a coincidence for him to be noticed by the traffic police.

Oh, but he did mention over the phone that he’d sped past a red light. If so, then he can’t blame it on luck—it was obviously his own fault.

“We will definitely pursue this matter. I hope that people like you who drive luxury cars can take into consideration the lives of other people. At the same time, cherish your own life too.”

“Of course, definitely.” Wen Xuxu smiled and promised the traffic officer. “We’ll keep your words in mind. Please be rest assured.”

After giving her promise, she turned around and extended her hand into the car. She took the ticket that the traffic officer had given to Yan Rusheng earlier on and read the details.

She calmly retrieved her purse from her bag and passed 400 yuan to the traffic officer. “This is for the fine, we’re sorry for the trouble.”

As the saying goes, if someone has already smiled to apologize, one couldn’t bear to hit the person back. Furthermore, she was such an understanding and pretty lady.

The traffic officer’s expression softened slightly and he extended his hand to receive the money.

But his tone was still solemn. “We will still issue the demerit points. Don’t ever make the same mistake again; cherish your life and the lives of others.”

When he gave this statement, he looked at Young Master Yan.

Young Master Yan was already miffed at seeing Wen Xuxu bowing and apologizing humbly to the traffic police.

This traffic officer still had the guts to lecture him.

His face fell instantly. “Wen Xuxu, hurry and get in the car now.”

Wen Xuxu heard him and didn’t dare to dawdle. Bidding farewell to the traffic officers, she went over to open the driver’s door. She looked at the man who was wearing an annoyed expression. “President Yan, please get down and let me drive instead.”

Based on her understanding of him, this was a telltale sign that he was about to erupt.

If this issue had escalated and he really went to the traffic police department, the company executives would be notified. The unlucky one wouldn’t be Yan Rusheng and would more likely be this upright traffic officer instead.

If he went to the traffic police department, he would surely hit the headlines tomorrow.

She didn’t want to blow things out of proportion. The words of those people who relayed government propaganda online as well as the keyboard warriors were all too vile. She didn’t want them to take advantage of this opportunity to reap any profits.

Yan Rusheng got down from the car and stood up. There were four traffic officers and the tallest officer was still half a head shorter than him.

His eyes moved around and scanned them coldly. His aggressiveness was overwhelming.

His aura was too strong to be ignored.

Wen Xuxu grabbed his shirt and gently tugged. “President Yan, please get in.”

She was exasperated.

Would it kill him to just forgo his temper and arrogance sometimes?

He glanced sideways at the woman beside him and he caught the worried expression in her eyes.

Mm… He decided to be tolerant and listen to her for once since she’d forsaken Jiang Zhuoheng to come to him.

The demerit points weren’t a big deal, since he usually wouldn’t get the chance to accumulate demerit points.

“Wen Xuxu, I’m hungry. Let’s grab a bite.” Strangely, his mood had suddenly improved.

He walked towards the front passenger seat and as he turned around, he still had a faint, sly smile at the corners of his mouth.

He opened the door and as his large body went in, Xuxu could feel the front passenger seat sinking down.