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She started the engine without delay. After the traffic police were out of sight, she began to slow down.

She stopped the car slowly by the road and turned towards Yan Rusheng. “President Yan, if you stop speeding past the red light, then there’s no reason for the traffic police to keep an eye on you.”

She unfastened her seatbelt while she talked.

Yan Rusheng saw that she was about to get out of the car and his expression fell instantly. “I don’t need you to lecture me.”

He unfastened his seatbelt as well and he got down before Wen Xuxu did. He walked with heavy footsteps to the driver seat and stood by the door. He eyed the tiny woman ominously as she got down from the car.

This fellow is really… temperamental!

In that short span of time, she hadn’t said much except for her tactful reminder about not speeding past red lights and to obey the traffic rules. Was there a need for him to pull a long face?

Wen Xuxu criticized him quietly in her heart and she immediately retreated to the sidewalk.

She understood him too well and he was in an ugly mood now. There was a possibility that he would step on the accelerator straight away and drive off at lightning speed.

Therefore, she should retreat to a safe zone first.

As expected…

Young Master Yan slammed the car door after getting in and he stepped on the accelerator. The car whizzed past and was out of Wen Xuxu’s sight in seconds.

He didn’t even put on his seatbelt.

Wen Xuxu watched as the Mercedes S600 vanished out of sight.

She had came a long way to settle the dispute between him and the traffic police. How could he be okay with leaving a woman behind by the roadside?

If it was Fang Jiayin…

No, if it was Fang Jiayin, how could he bear to let Fang Jiayin handle the traffic police herself?

Yan Rusheng, the days of you torturing me should come to an end soon.

The next day, Wen Xuxu submitted the letter to formally tender her resignation.

Yan Rusheng’s attitude was unchanged, he tore the letter right in her face.

She ignored him and turned around to leave.

Even though she was sure that she’d be resigning, she couldn’t leave without a proper handover.

This was Flourish & Prosper, and for the sake of certain people, she couldn’t be so irresponsible. Grandmother and Aunt Mu Li had treated her just like family.

So she had to wait until Grandmother found a replacement for her so she could do a proper handover before leaving.

Yan Rusheng didn’t look for her the whole morning. She was happy with the peacefulness that came with it and spent her time organizing the details of the handover for the next secretary.

She assumed that since Grandmother had promised to let her resign, there would be someone to replace her very soon.

She was certain that Grandmother would already have someone in mind to replace her as Yan Rusheng’s secretary.

At noon, the rest of the employees went out for lunch one after another.

Wen Xuxu switched off her computer and grabbed her cell phone. She walked to Yan Rusheng’s office and was just about to knock on the door.

The door opened at that instant!

Slightly startled, she raised her head. Yan Rusheng looked down, his deep and serene eyes fixating on her face which was no bigger than a palm. His gaze emitted an eerie chill.

She opened her mouth and asked, “President Yan, what would you like for lunch?”

“Wen Xuxu, are you sure about leaving Flourish & Prosper?” Yan Rusheng answered her with another question instead.

Seeking for her confirmation, his eyes narrowed with a dangerous gleam.

Wen Xuxu unconsciously gripped her hands in fear.

She had no idea what Yan Rusheng was planning to do when she answered. After all, he was so bad-tempered, it was possible that he might hit her.

He was no longer that kid from before; if he really did hit her, he could knock her out with just a punch.

But she wouldn’t let herself be subdued by force and she wasn’t about to revoke her resignation just because she was afraid that he might hit her. She couldn’t continue staying here and let him take his revenge on her, treating her as a tool so he could feel better about himself.