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In her heart, this white-haired elderly lady standing in front of her was just like her real grandmother.

Their family had showered her with so much kindness. She would never forget it in this lifetime and she would never let herself forget.

She’d be as filial to her as she was with her grandfather.

“Really?” Wang Daqin’s eyes sparkled and she smiled. “Then I should really plan a vacation. Make it next month then, accompany me.”

If Wen Xuxu won’t stick to Third Yan then she could stick to her instead.

Then all hope won’t be lost.

The corners of Wen Xuxu’s mouth twitched. “…”

This elderly lady really knew how to grab an opportunity…

“Xuxu, where do you feel like going?” The elderly lady was still her decisive and swift self, similar to how she had managed the company years ago. She questioned Xuxu without delay and began to discuss their upcoming trip together.

She was as happy as a child.

“Hmph!” Wen Xuxu gave a silly smile. “Grandmother, you can decide, I’ll just follow you since I’m clueless about the interesting places.”

Earlier, she had spoken without giving it much thought. In fact, the thought of traveling had never crossed her mind.

She had just lost her job, and she had no idea what her next job would be.

But if Grandmother had a destination in mind and she wanted her to go, she would definitely agree.

Wang Daqin nodded. “Alright, let me call Mu Li tonight. She’s always traveling, so she can give us suggestions. I will update you later.”

After saying this, her eyes shifted to the two boxes that Xuxu had brought.

She scanned through the boxes and saw that they were packed with documents and folders. Everything was neatly organized and every document was properly labelled.

She felt a pang of sadness again. There would never be another girl as thoughtful and attentive as Xuxu whom she had brought up since she was a child.

She was obviously tailor-made to perfection to be the Yan family’s granddaughter-in-law.

The main culprit was that disappointing Third Yan who had always bullied her. How infuriating.


Wen Xuxu held the cup of rose tea and took a sip. Her stomach began to rumble without any warning.

She rubbed her belly and smiled awkwardly at Jiang Zhuoheng and Wang Daqin.


Wang Daqin wanted to ask Wen Xuxu if she had taken her lunch yet when she was interrupted by Jiang Zhuoheng in an untimely manner. “It’s getting late, let’s grab lunch.”

He grabbed Wen Xuxu’s other wrist, then he smiled and nodded at Wang Daqin.

Next he pulled Xuxu to her feet.

All his actions seemed calm and unhurried but Wang Daqin didn’t have ample time make a counter move.

“You’re both already here, why bother eating outside?” Wang Daqin got up as well and finally found a chance to say something.

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled. “Grandmother Yan, I’ve been back for days but Xuxu has been occupied with work. The two of us haven’t had the chance to eat a proper meal. Do grant me my wish.”

After saying this, he held Xuxu’s hand and walked towards the door.

Wang Daqin opened her mouth but she was speechless. As a result, she could only watch them leave. She was about to chase after them but she couldn’t think of a better reason to make them stay.

As she watched them disappear from her sight, she stomped heavily in frustration. “Atrocious fellow!”

He was too cunning, just like his grandfather.

If her grandson Third Master Yan had focused half of his efforts and attention on Xuxu, Jiang Yicheng’s grandson wouldn’t be in the picture.

Eh! She could only expect better from someone else.

“Jiang Zhuoheng, you became crafty after a few years abroad.” After she got in the car, Wen Xuxu narrowed her eyes with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile. She fixed her gaze on Jiang Zhuoheng’s cold and elegant face.

He started the engine and glanced at her. He feigned ignorance. “What do you mean?”