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Wen Xuxu’s smile abruptly vanished and she said seriously, “You actually rejected Madam Wang Daqin. Are you tired of living?”

Jiang Zhuoheng frowned in protest. “I’m innocent. Everyone knows how much I love and care for the elderly.”

He knew the old madam too well. If he hadn’t talked over her attempts to say something, he wouldn’t have been able to bring Xuxu out today.

“Oh, please,” Wen Xuxu replied and she leaned back. She raised her hands and stretched herself. Then she touched her belly and yelled, “Stop this nonsense and let’s hurry up and grab some food! I’m so famished that my chest is as flat as my back.”

She never had to suppress herself in front of Jiang Zhuoheng.

Even though they hadn’t seen each other in three years, everything remained the same. Just as if they had never been separated.

She thought, if Fang Jiayin came back, would Yan Rusheng be the same?

The Mercedes S600 which exuded a low-key elegance turned into the courtyard. The car lights illuminated the courtyard.

The car door opened and a tall man got down. With a casual push, he closed the door with a ‘bang’ .

He strode forward with his long legs and walked towards the house with heavy footsteps. His entire body emitted an eerie hostility that seemed to warn others to stay away from him.

He couldn’t be bothered to change his shoes and walked directly towards the staircase.

“Third Young Master.”

When the servants saw him, they didn’t even dare to raise their heads. They simply greeted him and retreated.

Wang Daqin was in the dining room making a fruit salad with Aunt Zhang. When she heard someone calling out ‘Third Young Master’, she walked out with a peeled apple.

“Yan Rusheng!” She stood at the dining room entrance and yelled at Yan Rusheng who was now upstairs.

He heard her but Yan Rusheng didn’t pause in his footsteps. In fact, he purposely quickened his pace to spite her.

Wang Daqin was impatient. “Hey, this wretched fellow is setting himself against me.”

She raised her hands and hurled the apple in her hand at Yan Rusheng.

Recently, she’d been practicing line dance moves together with Aunt Zhang, and the time she’d spent hadn’t gone to waste. She had amazing arm strength—the apple flew far and accurately hit Yan Rusheng’s back.

Yan Rusheng finally halted his footsteps but his expression became colder.

He turned his head and looked at the old lady standing downstairs who was smugly crossing her arms and looking up at him. “What have I done to make you dissatisfied again?”

She had wanted to support that stupid woman, and he had listened to her. What was she dissatisfied with?

To actually throw an apple at him!

“Why didn’t you respond when I called your name?” Wang Daqin questioned him resentfully.

How dare he disregard her? This fellow’s temper had definitely gotten worse.

Yan Rusheng smirked coldly. “Don’t you already have a well-behaved granddaughter? Wen Xuxu? I thought I was invisible to you. Did you call me?”

He became bitter when the subject was brought up.

He’d already sworn to himself that he wouldn’t let that stupid woman get away so easily. But this old lady had used his grandfather’s last words to threaten him and therefore he had to approve that stupid woman’s resignation.

Young Master Yan grew angrier at the thought of it. He felt that he was burning up even though he only had a shirt on.

He grabbed his collar and tugged at it forcefully. As a result, the crystal buttons were pulled off and they fell with a clatter as they scattered on the floor.

Some bounced to the bottom of the stairs while the other buttons ricocheted off the wall and flung a distance away.

Wang Daqin’s expression changed. “Yan Rusheng, are you trying to provoke me?”

In the past no matter how she’d reprimanded him, all he did was slam the door and leave the house. When he returned, he would take the initiative to apologize to her and admit his mistake.

However this time he had clashed with her directly. This was also the first time he’d ever openly lost his temper with her.