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The elderly lady narrowed her eyes and she locked gazes with Yan Rusheng, whose eyes were blazing with fury.

She finally came to a conclusion— Xuxu has left Flourish & Prosper and he’s gone mad!

Sure enough, she had guessed it right.

This was a wonderful outcome!

Madam Wang Daqin was overwhelmed with excitement and she wished she could cheer and applaud.

She buried her thoughts at the bottom of her heart and raised her feet to climb the stairs. As she climbed she said, “Our family adopted Xuxu out of kindness years ago. But when I insisted on sending her into the company to be your secretary, I did harbor a selfish motive.”

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows with doubt. Selfish motive?

Wang Daqin’s eyes gleamed with a sly expression and she said earnestly, “Xuxu is intelligent, brave, tenacious, and trustworthy. Furthermore, I brought her up myself so I understand her too well. I bet that there’s no one else more suited to be the future mistress of Flourish & Prosper…”

She stopped and deliberately paused to examine Yan Rusheng’s reaction before she continued, “And so, I arranged for her to assist you, hoping that the two of you would fall in love with each other over time. But more than a year has passed and you still detest each other. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink. I’ve thought it through, and we cannot hold Xuxu back anymore.”

She had reached Yan Rusheng when she finished talking.

A strong stench of alcohol had entered her nose. She raised her eyebrows and inched closer to smell him. “Yan Rusheng, how much did you drink today? You reek of alcohol, are you trying to kill me with the stench?”

As she scolded him, she used her hands to disperse the air in front of her nose with disdain. She had purposely jumped to another random topic.

She wanted to observe if Yan Rusheng would respond to the former or the latter topic.

“You mean you’re hoping that I’d get together with that stupid woman, Wen Xuxu?” Yan Rusheng looked like he’d just heard a hilarious joke as he stared at Wang Daqin with an incredulous smile.

“That was my original plan, but the two of you didn’t share the same intention. So I think I should give up.” The corners of her mouth sunk and she couldn’t help but sigh. “Sigh, since you can’t marry a good wife then you need to marry a woman who can help you strengthen Flourish & Prosper’s position in this industry.”

Yan Rusheng smiled coldly. “That’s why you arranged for Ming Ansheng’s cousin to enter the company and be my secretary. Do you expect me to marry her as well?”

Wang Daqin’s expression turned solemn and cold. “Third Yan, don’t forget your identity. That Fang Jiayin almost caused you to give up on yourself. I won’t pursue that matter but even if she comes back, it’s impossible between the two of you. So you should abandon those thoughts now.”

Her tone was unquestionable. After saying her piece, she waved her hand and continued ascending the steps.

Fang Jiayin was Yan Rusheng’s taboo. The reason why she was a taboo was because his heart would ache whenever her name was mentioned.

The woman had cautiously whispered ‘I like you’ in his ear, in an almost docile manner. How could she abandon him? How could she bear to hurt him?

What had gone wrong?

He assumed that something must have gone wrong somewhere, that he must have done something wrong to upset her. Just that he hadn’t realized it.

Reaching the second floor, Wang Daqin then turned to throw a cold glance at Yan Rusheng. “Xuxu brought over all the documents related to the handover this afternoon. It’s in the study; tomorrow I will personally hand them over to Xinyi.”

Yan Rusheng heard her and it brought him out of those painful memories and back to the present. He raised his head to look at her, but she was already out of sight.

Ah, Wen Xuxu, how thorough and considerate of you.

She had clearly left Flourish & Prosper because she was ungrateful and wanted to fulfill her own selfish needs. But now it had suddenly become his fault.