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He went upstairs to the study and the two conspicuous, huge boxes were placed on his desk.

He walked towards them and bent his head to peer inside. Stacks of folders were clearly labeled, and each folder was packed with neatly arranged documents.

He extended his hand and retrieved a huge book of sticky notes and starting reading it casually.

President Yan likes to drink coffee with milk and sugar. If he requests for black coffee, it means that he’s in a bad mood, avoid him if you can. President Yan doesn’t like to hear people asking why or giving excuses. Remember to request for permission before entering the room in the office. President Yan has a special interest, beware of venturing into a minefield…

One last reminder—if President Yan wants you to handle his new fling, remember to bring a bouquet of lilies. No red roses!

Good luck to you!

She drew a smiley face at the end.

Stupid woman! She was actually attempting to create rumors to mislead his new secretary by saying he has a special interest. In fact, he wanted to ask her what she meant by ‘a special interest’.

Young Master Yan grabbed his cellphone and gritted his teeth in anger as he dialed Wen Xuxu’s number.

It rang for some time before she answered. Initially, he could only hear noises in the background before he heard Wen Xuxu saying ‘Hello’.

Yan Rusheng frowned. “Wen Xuxu, are you at an entertainment place?”

He heard noises that obviously belonged to places like a pub or a bar. Wen Xuxu, you’ve revealed your true personality now that Jiang Zhuoheng came back.

Wasn’t he supposed to question her about the special interest? Why should he care about her whereabouts right now?

“Yes, Ah Heng and I are at Ocean Pearl. What do you want?” Xuxu yelled over the phone, thinking that Yan Rusheng couldn’t hear her.

Hmph. That fellow Jiang Zhuoheng had indeed broadened his ‘knowledge’ after a few years abroad. He had upgraded his methods of seducing women.

Ocean Pearl was the only bar in the capital city which focused on love and romance as the theme. Entering the bar was like entering a rose manor.

It was known as the cleanest and most respectable entertainment place as only couples patronized the place. So there wasn’t a need for ladies to accompany other men for a drink.

There was a seven-star hotel next to the bar, and both places were managed by the same person. On Valentine’s Day, the bar seats and the hotel rooms were bundled and sold as a package.

Its reputation was supposed to be the cleanest but in fact, it was the dirtiest.

Feelings resembling refusal and jealousy surged in Yan Rusheng’s heart.

He interrogated Wen Xuxu over the phone. “Wen Xuxu, are you celebrating how you’ve escaped my clutches at Flourish & Prosper? Don’t you normally collapse after a glass?”

Wen Xuxu stood at a quieter corner in the Ocean Pearl bar. She held the phone against her ear and the other hand was propped against her forehead. She asked impatiently, “Oh please, can you get straight to the point?”

It seemed like this young master was still unclear about the situation. She was no longer his secretary, so why did she have to be interrogated by him?

“What special interest do I have?!” Yan Rusheng was almost bellowing, and his voice seemed to quake by the end of his sentence.

“Huh!” Wen Xuxu was stumped for a moment. Then after seeming to recall something, she controlled her laughter and feigned ignorance. “What special interest do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ah Heng is calling me, so I’m hanging up now.”

After saying that, she didn’t wait for Yan Rusheng’s yells to travel to her ears and she hung up immediately.

Then she playfully stuck out her tongue at the cellphone screen.

“Who called?”

Jiang Zhuoheng had suddenly appeared behind her out of nowhere. She was shocked and asked him, “When did you get here? You scared me.”