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She gritted her teeth in anger and stared menacingly at Yan Rusheng.

Wen Xuxu gave him a meaningful look to convey her message: Didn’t he know that she couldn’t drink at all? Don’t you know I get drunk after a glass?

People might be unaware of her low tolerance level for alcohol, but Yan Rusheng had seen her drink on countless occasions. How could he be unaware?

He’s doing this on purpose. Definitely.

“What’s the problem?” Yan Rusheng feigned surprise and raised his eyebrows. “Is toasting President Ming beneath your dignity?”

Wen Xuxu was speechless…

She had been tougher than him when they were young, why didn’t she murder him when she had the chance?

It was too late to regret it now.

Her vision shifted to Ming Zhongsheng and she smiled apologetically. “No, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that I am unable to hold my liquor well.”

“Your grandfather could easily drink more than what Third Master Yan’s grandfather and I could have during our gatherings. You are his granddaughter, surely the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?” Ming Zhongsheng had a kind smile but he sounded like he was challenging her. “Are you looking down on me as an old man?”

This girl had grown up with Third Master Yan and she was like a granddaughter to the elderly Mrs. Yan. Nevertheless, they weren’t related by blood.

This girl was quite pretty and capable. He had a hunch that if she stayed beside Yan Rusheng, she would be a hindrance to his plans.

He had to find an opportunity to speak to the elderly Mrs. Yan regarding the marriage between their two families.

His words were too serious and Wen Xuxu hesitated before lifting the glass in front of her. She had no choice but to propose a toast in this situation.

As she raised her glass, Yan Rusheng unexpectedly raised his glass as well and said, “My glass is full, you can drink from mine.”

His tone was firm.

This glass could fit two to three servings of liquor and it was already 70 percent filled. Just by looking at the glass, Wen Xuxu felt as though she was already intoxicated.

She said, “Let me do it myself.”

She barely finished her sentence when Yan Rusheng stretched his hand under the table and pinched her thigh.

His action was a warning for her not to defy him again!

Despicable fellow!

Wen Xuxu could barely control herself and grabbed the glass in anger. She smiled and looked at Ming Zhongsheng. “President Ming, I can only drink a glass, this toast is to your good health.”

In reality, she couldn’t even finish a single glass.

She gave it her best shot and held her breath as she downed the glass right away.

She put down the empty glass and stuffed her mouth with food. She began to slowly chew her food with her mouth full.

Alcohol had an instantaneous effect on her. Within ten minutes, her face looked like a freshly cooked prawn. She was completely red.

Her head was spinning and she felt dizzy. Her throat was parched so she gulped down glasses of juice.

Yan Rusheng glanced sideways and looked at her. He gave a gloating smile when he saw her symptoms.


He calmly turned his face towards Ming Zhongsheng and nodded politely. “Grandpa Ming, Secretary Wen seems to be drunk. I need to send her home right away. My grandmother will blame me if anything should go wrong.”

Everyone knew that Wang Daqin doted dearly on Wen Xuxu. Wang Daqin had even hired her personally for the job.

Yan Rusheng’s secretary had to be Wen Xuxu. They grew up together so there wouldn’t be any romantic feelings involved. Neither would there be a possibility of the secretary seducing her boss just like a drama series.