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Huh? Helped her put on her heels? She had sprained her foot and asked her to assess how bad the injury was. Why was she saying that she’d helped her put on her heels?

Xuxu widened her eyes and almost choked on her own saliva.

With a grim smile, she stared at Ouyang Qingqing. Why didn’t this woman just say that she helped her carry her shoes? Then she would have more reason to be boastful.

Actually, from the moment she first saw Ouyang Qingqing, she realized that the expression in her eyes had clearly contained hostility towards her.

She wasn’t in the least surprised. When Yan Rusheng dumped her, she had pestered him repeatedly and she had been the one to handle her on Yan Rusheng’s behalf.

This entire year at Flourish & Prosper, in order to help Yan Rusheng settle his ‘harem’, she’d lost count of the number of celebrities she had offended.

But actually, she was just a secretary who acted on her boss’s orders. Why did she have to find fault with a secretary like her?

Oh, wait. She was no longer Yan Rusheng’s secretary. If she continued to vent her anger on her, she would feel too aggrieved.

“Hey, I wondered who was it. Isn’t this the female lead of some sleazy movie?”

Initially, Xuxu was going to brush off her comments but Zhou Shuang had retaliated.

She crossed her arms with her chin slightly raised; she looked languid and haughty.

Not to mention Ouyang Qingqing who had come from a common and humble background and got to her current status due to the industry’s ‘unspoken rules’.

All the staff at Hermes had excellent qualifications and they had to speak at least two languages. During the rounds of stringent interviews and tests, they were carefully selected among the applicants. Speaking of their appearance, they were on par with the daughters of the rich and noble families.

However, when being compared to a lady like Zhou Shuang who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had a proper upbringing, apparently there was still a huge difference between them.

Ouyang Qingqing heard what Zhou Shuang said and she instantly blushed crimson. She stood up and pointed at her furiously. “Who are you saying acted in a sleazy movie?!”

She was an award winner at the previous X awards ceremony. How could she have acted in a low-class movie?

Zhou Shuang scornfully surveyed Ouyang Qingqing from head to toe. “Oh my, do you think you deserve to wear the shoes that Xuxu carried for you? I think you’re unworthy of even licking the soles of Xuxu’s shoes.”

“You’re asking me to lick the soles of her shoes?” Ouyang Qingqing sneered at her and laughed. “She’s just Yan Rusheng’s secretary. Even if it’s Yan Rusheng, I don’t care what he thinks about it.”

“Ha, woman, your arrogance is overbearing if you think you can disregard Yan Rusheng,” Zhou Shuang ridiculed her, “You’re just an actress who relied on the industry’s unspoken rules to climb your way up. The only difference between you and those women standing under the bridge is your asking price.”

Xuxu was at a loss. To think that after six years, this girl was still so sharp, outspoken and completely unafraid of offending people.

It seemed like she wouldn’t care even if it was the emperor.

“You…” Ouyang Qingqing flew into a rage out of humiliation and she raised her hand, looking like she was about to hit someone.

Xuxu observed the situation and she hurried forward to stop her. She moved agilely to grab Ouyang Qingqing’s wrist and pushed her back with force.

She turned her face and looked at Ouyang Qingqing with a smirk. “Miss Ouyang, use your mouth instead of your fists. Are you trying to grab the opportunity to use us to appear in the headlines again?”

Zhou Shuang had tried to help by defending her. So no matter what, she wasn’t going to let her be at a disadvantage and refused to fumble the ball at this time.

Besides, she had suffered a lot since Ouyang Qingqing had deliberately made things difficult for her in the past. This should help her vent her anger to compensate for all the previous times.

The salesgirls stood at the side and no one dared to make a sound. Both parties seemed to be important and influential. Furthermore, both were esteemed customers so offending either one wouldn’t be a good idea. In the event that they got into a physical brawl and smashed the items in the store, they were confident that these two would be able to compensate them for their losses.