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When she heard the word ‘headlines’, Ouyang Qingqing was jolted to her senses. She adjusted her clothes hastily and said in disdain. “Tch. What’s there to flaunt about? On the surface no matter how impressive Yan Rusheng may seem, it can’t change the fact that he’s impotent.”


Zhou Shuang gasped in surprise.

The minute the salesgirls heard this shocking news, everyone became attentive and they were all ears, waiting for some gossip to be revealed.

Third Master Yan’s looks were perfect and his muscular figure resembled a bodyguard. He was the most sought-after wealthy and eligible bachelor in the entire capital city. How could he be impotent?

“Hmph!” Ouyang Qingqing snorted with contempt. “He only dates women but doesn’t sleep with any of them. Doesn’t this prove that he’s impotent?”

What? Yan Rusheng never sleeps with the women he dates?

Everyone, including Wen Xuxu, was stunned when they heard the shocking news. She hadn’t been aware of this at all.

Ouyang Qingqing noticed everyone’s reactions and she could tell that nobody knew. Tsk tsk. She clicked her tongue and shook her head. “Sigh, I don’t understand why there are so many women who are still trying to seduce him when he can’t even satisfy their basic needs.”

Saying this, she directed a meaningful look at Wen Xuxu with her eyebrows raised.

Wen Xuxu halted her train of thought and looked at Ouyang Qingqing. She taunted her, “Miss Ouyang. With President Yan’s status, do you think that any random woman can climb into his bed?”

She didn’t wait for the retorts Ouyang Qingqing was about to spew out from her mouth. She swiftly continued, “You didn’t sleep with him, but that doesn’t mean that others didn’t. And that doesn’t mean that he has a sexual disorder. It only means that you’re unworthy of climbing into his bed.”

When she finished her sentence, a piercingly cold gleam streaked past her bright eyes. It was as sharp as a knife and it swept across the other woman. Ouyang Qingqing’s face was initially crimson red, before it turned dark and finally green.

In any case, they had grown up together. She couldn’t let this woman spread wild rumors about Yan Rusheng today, at least for Grandmother’s sake.

How could Yan Rusheng be impotent in that area…

Just as expected, it was only because in his heart, no one else but Fang Jiayin was worthy enough to climb into his bed.

She’d had her suspicions before this. How could he change his girlfriends every other day when all he could think about was Fang Jiayin?

So he tried to use this method to provoke Fang Jiayin and make her appear once more. Apparently, his love for her ran deep.

“It sounds like you’ve slept with him before.” Ouyang Qingqing was consumed with anger and she had forgotten about her status as a popular actress in the industry. “But isn’t it true that a secretary’s job includes sleeping with her boss? You don’t look like a decent woman, how many times have you slept with Yan Rusheng?”


Before Ouyang Qingqing’s could finish her sentence, a slap had landed with full force on her delicate face.

Wen Xuxu had turned pale and the hand she’d used to hit the other woman was still hovering in mid-air. Her entire body was trembling.

She glared at Ouyang Qingqing, her eyes brimming with tears.

The staff members were all speechless with shock.

“Xuxu, Xuxu.” Zhou Shuang realized that Xuxu wasn’t herself and she grabbed her hand which was still frozen in midair and her other hand tapped her face nervously. “Xuxu, what’s wrong with you?”

Wen Xuxu gradually lowered her eyes and said softly, “Zhou Shuang, let’s go.”

As she said this, she turned around and walked towards the entrance.

Behind her, Ouyang Qingqing couldn’t be bothered with her image any longer as she shrieked at her, “You’re a sl*t, stop pretending to be noble and pure! I’ll make you pay for slapping me!”

She had a sharp and unkind expression on her face and all the salesgirls were dumbstruck.