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Was this really the sweet-tempered, compassionate, and generous Miss Ouyang Qingqing who had often appeared at charity galas?

Why did she seem like a commoner shrew?

Xuxu left the mall and her frail body was instantly exposed to strong gusts of wind. She lowered her head and walked pensively towards the roadside. The wind had messed up her hair.

Zhou Shuang carried her numerous shopping bags from the day’s shopping and she followed silently behind her.

When they reached the roadside, she finally opened her mouth, “Xuxu, let me send you home.”

The two of them had been friends for five years, yet Xuxu’s thoughts were still a mystery to her. She could never fathom what was on her mind.

Was she feeling happy or upset?

But Xuxu’s personality was similar to hers. If she wanted to talk about it, she would have opened up even if she didn’t ask.

If she didn’t want to say anything, it just meant that she didn’t want anyone to know.

Wen Xuxu shook her head. “It’s alright, I’ll take a taxi home. Drive carefully on your way back.”

Zhou Shuang didn’t insist. “Alright, you be careful as well.”

Sigh, it should have been a pleasant day. But someone had to intrude and stir up trouble. How disgusting.

She parted ways with Zhou Shuang and Xuxu sat in the taxi. The night breeze couldn’t blow away her melancholic thoughts.

The taxi dropped her off at the entrance to her district and she walked absentmindedly towards her building.

She intuitively turned around the corner, and then turned once again…

“If a person bumps into another person, it’s considered a criminal offense.”

She heard a familiar voice ahead which belonged to a man.

Xuxu snapped out of her daze and lifted her head in surprise. “Ah Heng?”

Jiang Zhuoheng stuffed both hands in the pockets of his trousers and smiled at her.

The distance between them was barely a footstep apart when Jiang Zhuoheng suddenly took another small step towards her.

As a result, they were so close to each other that they could clearly hear each breath the other person took, as well as their heartbeats.

“Where did you go? I was waiting here for nearly an hour.” Jiang Zhuoheng’s gentle voice fell softly from above her head.

Xuxu raised her eyebrows and responded, “Didn’t you already know where I was?”

Due to their five years of friendship, both she and Zhou Shuang weren’t likely to forget each other. But even so, it was doubtful that she’d go so far as to contact her immediately after she’d landed just to ask her out for lunch and shopping.

How did she get her phone number? And she hadn’t asked a single thing about her personal life… All these had indicated that she had come prepared.

Jiang Zhuoheng knitted his eyebrows in confusion and asked a question in return, “How would I know?”

“Ah Heng, thank you.” Wen Xuxu looked at Jiang Zhuoheng with a faint smile that seemed to carry a tinge of exhaustion. “Thank you for always looking out for me.”

She’d enjoyed spending the day with Zhou Shuang, despite how it was later ruined after meeting Ouyang Qingqing and the subsequent unhappy events.

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled at her affectionately. “Silly lass, I wanted to try the tea that you brewed.”

Xuxu nodded and took out her keys to open the door.

After reaching her apartment, she brewed a cup of tea for Jiang Zhuoheng and took a can of beer from the refrigerator.

Jiang Zhuoheng saw her with the beer and was surprised. “Wen Xuxu, did you forget that you usually collapse after a glass?”

But it was more surprising that Wen Xuxu would even have beer in her house.

This wasn’t logical at all!

Wen Xuxu walked towards Jiang Zhuoheng and lowered her head to look at him seriously. “Ah Heng, if I’m drunk, close the door after you leave.”

Without waiting for Jiang Zhuoheng to respond, she brought the beer with her to the bedroom.

Jiang Zhuoheng sat there, bewildered. He was torn between laughing and crying.

What did she mean by ‘if she’s drunk’? It will definitely happen, alright?

Alright, since she wanted to drink and get drunk, he’d let her do whatever she wants.

Young Master Jiang wanted to stay and take care of Xuxu, but when he went to knock and open the door, he realized that Xuxu had locked it.