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He grabbed the doorknob and his mouth curled up with a bitter smile.

Wen Xuxu, it’s my fault for loving you so much.

Wen Xuxu was knocked out after a can of beer. She was sound asleep until she was jolted awake by the sounds of knocking.

She opened her eyes and realized that it was already morning.

“Jiang Zhuoheng, why are you here?”

“Is it weird that I’m here?”

“Did you stay here the whole night?”

“Is it weird that I stayed here the whole night?”

What happened? At first, Wen Xuxu was still feeling sleepy. But when she heard the conversation between the two men outside, she became fully awake. She grunted, sat up and flung the blanket away.

Without bothering to put on her bedroom slippers, she dashed out of her bedroom…

“Why are you two in my house?!” She saw the two men standing in the living room and Xuxu gave a scream of surprise. She walked towards them.

Can anybody tell her, what was going on?

Last night, she had downed a can of beer and she had no recollection of the events after that.

“Xuxu, you’re awake.” Jiang Zhuoheng’s back was initially facing her and he turned around after hearing her voice. He had his usual gentle smile on his face.

He was wearing Wen Xuxu’s floral apron and was holding a spatula in his hand.

He had rolled the sleeves of his white shirt up to his elbows and he looked just like a good domestic husband.

“You… didn’t go home last night?” Wen Xuxu pointed at Jiang Zhuoheng and asked uncertainly.

He must not have gone home since he was still wearing the same shirt as yesterday.

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled lightly and explained, “You drank too much and I was worried that you might need my help. So I stayed.”

Saying this, he strode forward with his long legs and approached Xuxu. He gently smoothed and tidied her bedraggled hair. “Since you’re awake, brush your teeth and wash up before you have breakfast.”

“You’re making breakfast?” Wen Xuxu was astonished and turned her head towards the kitchen.

She hadn’t used the kitchen in a long time. Basically, all she did was heat up the food she bought. The refrigerator didn’t even have eggs, what ingredients did he use to make breakfast?

“Hey, why is your refrigerator empty?” Jiang Zhuoheng frowned and admonished her affectionately. “Even your yogurt has expired, how can you live like this? No wonder you can’t gain weight.”

“Hmph!” Wen Xuxu was distracted for a moment before she gave an awkward smile. “I didn’t know that you could cook.”

It was surprising to see a guy like him who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth be capable of cooking.

She recalled that he didn’t know how to cook when he left years ago.

“I knew that you couldn’t cook, so I purposely learned how to do it.” Jiang Zhuoheng curled his lips. He sounded like he was joking but the expression in his eyes was dead serious.

Wen Xuxu knew that he wasn’t a smooth-talker. The main reason he’d said this was because Yan Rusheng was present.

Ming Ansheng had said it before—when it comes to Wen Xuxu, Jiang Zhuoheng will become a petty man who holds grudges and acts extremely protective towards her.

Hence every time in front of Yan Rusheng, he would excessively flaunt his affection for Xuxu. It might be because he was still irritated over what Yan Rusheng had said to him about her flaws and shortcomings.

In her heart, Xuxu pondered for a moment before smiling sweetly at Jiang Zhuoheng. “Breakfast made personally by Young Master Jiang, I will definitely eat a lot later. I’ll wash up first.”

Saying that, she and walked towards the bathroom.

So… she had completely ignored his presence the whole time he stood here?

Yan Rusheng was unable to suppress his anger as he stared at Wen Xuxu. Both of them were facing each other right now.