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But no matter how she pulled, dragged, or tugged, the man simply remained immobile and stood at the same spot.

Feeling discouraged, she began to loosen her grip on him. However, at the same time, Yan Rusheng’s hand suddenly moved forward to grab hers.

Then he forcibly pulled her body towards him so that she was left leaning closely against him.

She could distinctly feel his breath above her and it was cold enough to make her shiver.

Then came his chilly voice. “If Grandmother asks you over for a meal and pushes me to take responsibility for you, don’t compromise and agree.”

So it turned out that Grandmother had been pressuring him. He was at his wit’s end so he was here to give her a heads-up first.

Hadn’t he always treated her this way?

Wen Xuxu, shouldn’t you be used to it?

Don’t be sad and don’t cry. Don’t feel upset.

“Yan Rusheng, I’m not even a little bit interested in you. Don’t worry.” Xuxu flung his hand away forcefully.

She lifted her face to look at Yan Rusheng; the look in her eyes and on her face were both insufferably obstinate.

When Yan Rusheng heard that Wen Xuxu wasn’t even a little interested in him, there was a strange feeling that streaked through his heart.

That feeling made him want to smash something. He even felt like grabbing her and teaching this aloof and arrogant woman a painful lesson.

So many years had gone by, why did she have to appear so arrogant and aloof in front of him?

What right did she have? And what did she have to act that way?

These emotions made him feel terrible.

“That’s great to hear,” he said coldly, then turned around to open the door and strode out. After leaving the bathroom, with a few large steps he had already reached the main door.

He pulled the door and slammed it shut behind him.

The house went abruptly quiet and the silence was uncomfortable.

Wen Xuxu was in a daze as she stood in front of the mirror to look at herself, her thoughts whirling around.

After she had composed herself, she washed up and left the bathroom. Jiang Zhuoheng had already left too.

Two plates of a sumptuous and nutritious breakfast were prepared and placed opposite of each other on the table. There was a Post-it note beneath one of the plates.

The handwriting was beautiful and distinct. I’m off to work. Go out for some fresh air after breakfast. Zhou Shuang has just returned and she doesn’t have anything to do. You can ask her out anytime.

“Silly fool!” Wen Xuxu’s eyes glistened and she casually stuck the Post-it note to the edge of the table. Then she sat down to enjoy the specially-prepared breakfast made by the man who had loved her so much.

Being loved and doted on was too blissful.

Yan Rusheng rushed down the stairs. The luxurious Mercedes S600 was parked at the roadside facing Xuxu’s apartment unit.

He exited from the electronic door and took out his car keys.

He got off the steps and was about to cross the road when a white Audi suddenly came speeding towards him from his right. He agilely retreated backward and his heart pounded furiously in shock at the same time.

His gorgeous face turned pale for a second before it gradually regained its color.

The white Audi came to an abrupt stop in front of him and the window slid down. The man inside the car stared at him coldly.

“Jiang Zhuoheng, are you mad?!” Yan Rusheng suppressed the impulse to open the door to drag and beat up the man who’d shocked him. He pointed at him and yelled in a rough voice.

He wasn’t in a good mood to begin with.

“Yan Rusheng. You’ve been bothering Xuxu with these acts of kindness. What’s that all about?” Jiang Zhuoheng propped his elbow on the car window as he scrutinized Yan Rusheng with a probing look.

He didn’t wait for him to respond as he continued to ask, “Have you fallen for her after all these years of her being by your side?”