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This was his greatest fear, but he impatiently wanted to confirm it.

Yan Rusheng blanked out upon hearing his question, but after a while, he chuckled. “Jiang Zhuoheng, that sounds like the greatest joke of the century.”

His voice was mixed with laughter, but when Yan Rusheng heard it, it sounded disconcerted.

Wen Xuxu’s stubborn demeanor barged into his mind.

No, this cannot be. He can’t have feelings for that idiot. Jiayin is the only one he will ever love in his life.

“Is it?” Jiang Zhuoheng’s lips curled and whispered faintly, “That’s good, before my engagement with Xuxu, I want to make sure that you…”

He paused intentionally, his gaze fixated on Yan Rusheng’s deep dark pupils. He emphasized each word, “Are you captivated by Xuxu’s charms…?”

He withdrew his gaze after finishing his sentence. He looked at the road ahead, pressed onto the accelerator and zoomed away from Yan Rusheng’s line of sight.

Are you captivated by Xuxu’s charms…?

Even after Jiang Zhuoheng’s car was out of sight, Yan Rusheng never moved from where he stood. Jiang Zhuoheng’s last sentence echoing countless times in his mind.

He snorted. Since when did Wen Xuxu have any charms?

No… Wait!

What did that punk just say?

Did he just mention that he was getting engaged to that idiot?

Following that thought, he immediately fished out his phone and dialed a number out of his contacts list. “Did you receive Jiang Zhuoheng’s engagement invitation?”

A shocked voice came from the other side of the line, “He’s getting engaged?”

“I haven’t heard anything…”

Yan Rusheng chuckled. “Never mind.”

He hung up the call and looked towards the seventh floor, where Xuxu lived.

Yan Rusheng, I’m not even a little bit interested in you. Don’t worry.

Hmph, idiot, soon you’ll realize how wrong you were in your judgment!

Upon leaving the lift, Yan Rusheng walked towards the crowd gathering outside his office.

“What happened here?”

His low, cold voice could not be ignored.

The crowd dispersed, and everyone moved back to their seats.

Yan Rusheng’s gaze swept the entire room and landed on his secretary. He asked, “Qiao Jian, what happened?”

Eyes narrowing, he started to walk towards his office.

“President Yan, Secretary Wen, she… in your office…” Qiao Jian pointed at something inside as he tried to force the words out of his mouth.

“Why are you stammering?” Yan Rusheng reprimanded. He was already in his office, and he looked around.

In a matter of seconds, his suave face sank into a dark mess.

“President Yan… I… I…” A beautiful lady stood by his table. She looked at him, her face ashen with fright.

Her sleek finger pointed towards a small goldfish flopping on the ground. Her voice sounded shaky, “I saw that the water was a little filthy and wanted to… to change the water.”

The floor was flooded with water, and glass shards were everywhere.

Yan Rusheng landed a heavy smack to his head.


Wang Daqin, it must be your doing, you must have done this on purpose.

Bringing over a girl who had no business being here.

He had been looking for reasons to send her away but none of them were credible enough. Now, he had found his reason.

She broke his precious fishtank and tried to kill his favorite goldfish. This was the worst crime anyone could ever commit in Flourish & Prosper, which warranted only one punishment: The Death Penalty!