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John looked at the group of young gangsters surrounding him.

There was a cold glint in his eyes.

The young man who was kicked away by John stood up.

Looking at the harmless-looking John in front of him, he cursed, “Come, come, come. Aren’t you here to find trouble? Let me see how you intend to find trouble.”

Looking at his lackeys beside him, the youth’s confidence soared and he became even more arrogant.

There was a hint of mockery on his face as if he was certain that John would lose.

John looked at the confident young man in front of him and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

He revealed a harmless smile.

Without another word, he kicked his right foot backward and launched his body.

The young man was kicked flying again.

The crowd looked at the young man who was behaving arrogantly just now and actually felt sympathy for him.

The young man who was kicked once again was filled with extreme hatred towards John now.

He turned around and scolded his underling.

“F*ck! What are you guys looking at? Get him!”

The lackeys at the side also reacted and ran towards John. A few of them held broken wine bottles and were about to stab John. From the appearance, it looked like they were going to fight to the death.

Looking at the charging crowd, John took a deep breath, but he wasn’t nervous at all. He was confident in his own strength, or rather, he was very confident in his ability to foresee the future.

John clenched his right hand into a fist and leaned back, dodging the first man’s punch.

Then, he punched the gangster in the face. The might of his punch shocked everyone.

The gangster was now lying unconscious on the ground.

Looking at the gangster who was knocked down, the other gangsters were able to sense that John was extraordinary.

All of them became vigilant and didn’t dare to rush up carelessly. They were also afraid of being knocked onto the ground like the first gangster.

They looked at each other before charging towards John together.

Facing the group of people who rushed up together, John readied his fighting stance. His left and right hooks caused pain to the gangsters. John’s figure kept moving and the gangster wasn’t able to even touch John, let alone defeat him.

Accompanied by their cries of pain, the gangsters fell to the ground one by one.

All the tables and chairs in the bar were in a mess.

John strolled over and stood before the leading youth.

He looked down at the man lying on the ground like a god looking down on all living beings.

The young man looked at John as if he was looking at God. Looking at John’s bone-chilling gaze, the young man felt as cold as if he had fallen into an abyss.

At this moment, the young man’s heart was filled with fear and regret. Why did he offend such a terrifying god?

He was extremely afraid, and his body involuntarily crawled away from John.

John looked at the trembling young man on the ground and couldn’t help but twitch his face.

Wasn’t this person very arrogant just now?

John grinned and said, “Wait, where’s your arrogance from just now? Why are you scared now?”

The young man cursed in his heart: “F*ck, you are talking rubbish. If I could beat you, why would I allow you to be so arrogant? Fuck, who doesn’t want to be arrogant? Who doesn’t want to act cool and mighty? But the prerequisite is that I must have the ability to do so, isn’t it?”

Of course, he only dared to say this in his heart. He didn’t dare to say it out loud. He hadn’t lived long enough yet.

John watched the crowd’s reaction, laughing hysterically inside his heart.

“Is this power? What a wonderful feeling!”

Feeling the sweetness of power, John now wanted more and more power. He wanted power that could make everyone tremble.

Looking at the unresponsive John, the young man became even more anxious.

“Big brother, how are you going to treat me, just tell me. Don’t let me guess. I’m scared.”

“Actually! I’m here today just to pick a fight, that’s all. Alright, I’m leaving. The rest of you continue what you guys should be doing.”

After saying that, disregarding their reactions, he directly turned around and left, leaving behind a proud and aloof figure.

The youth lying on the ground was dumbfounded. He thought that even if he didn’t die today, he would at least lose a layer of skin.

But unexpectedly, that guy left just like that. Was he looking down on him?

The onlookers also looked at John as he left, confused.

John stood at the entrance of the bar and looked around.

He didn’t know what to do at this moment. He stood at the entrance of the bar in a daze.

“Are you Brother John?” A penetrating voice came from afar.

John turned toward the direction the sound came from.

Behind John stood a man who was waving at him crazily. He kept shouting, “Are you Brother John?” John looked with surprise at the man who was calling him and frowned in confusion.

John seemed to have recognized the man.

“It’s me, Bill. Don’t you remember me?” The young man said to John.

“Oh, it’s you, Little Bill. It took me a while to recognize you,” said John.

John looked at the young man in front of him and seemed very happy.

The young man was John’s childhood playmate, two years younger than John. Bill used to follow John around and kept calling, “Brother John, Brother John, where are you going?”

At that time, they were very close.

However, after they grew up and went their separate ways, they gradually lost contact.

After John went to prison, the two were even more out of touch.

Now that he saw his childhood playmate, John was exceptionally happy.

For three years, John had never come into contact with anyone from the outside world.

Everything in the outside world was so familiar yet unfamiliar to him.

After being released from prison, other than revenge,

John was really confused about his future.

Seeing his childhood playmate, John’s desire for life slowly sprouted.

John said happily to Bill, “What are you doing now?”

With a simple and honest face, Bill smiled and said to John, “Hehe, I’m working in a triad now. Now I’m a leader in the gang too.”

Bill didn’t hide his triad background from John.

Seeing Bill’s sincerity towards him, John could sense that Bill was still his childhood self.

Even though Bill was inside a triad now, he hadn’t changed at all. He was still as loyal as ever.

“By the way, Brother John, I heard that you entered prison three years ago. What’s the reason? I heard that it was because of attempted rape. However, I believe that Brother John isn’t such a person. I believe that there must be some unspeakable secret.” Bill, looking anxious, said to John.

John didn’t felt like explaining. He just said to Bill lightly, “It’s all in the past. There’s no need to mention what had happened in the past.”

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