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December 23, 2020, it was drizzling.

Calculating from the morning.

There were less than 48 hours until Christmas Eve.

In John’s studio, the incandescent light came on.

The curtains by the window were tightly drawn.

John stood before an entire wall.

He retrieved the marker from the wall.

He looked at the wall with bright eyes.

A map of Owain City that covered the entire wall appeared in front of him.

This was a highly precise non-civilian map.

Numerous routes intersected and overlapped.

Form, slope, curvature, layout, direction, and so on.

The data was very detailed.

At John’s feet.

There were messy papers with calculations written on them.

On the map of Owain City on the wall.

John marked different routes.

Some of the intersections were clearly marked.

The environmental index within three days, including air humidity, wind direction, and rainfall were also written there.

The most special thing on the map was a few locations.

John had marked them down with a red marker.

The strokes were very strong.

It was like the heavy scraping of a pen.

As a result, the marked locations on the map showed a clear, rough sensation and a ferocious tear mark.

The red symbols seemed to be dripping with blood.

John’s eyes scanned the outlined road nets.

Heavy heartbeats sounded in his ears.

Blood was gushing through his limbs.

After suppressing his emotions for five years, he was about to lose control.

Five years, 1,825 days.

At this moment.

John closed his eyes.

Images flashed across his mind frame by frame.

Car accident.

Operating room.

A clean hospital bed.

The sleeping beauty-like Alice, his girlfriend who was sleeping soundly.

He had imagined it countless times in his heart.

He hoped that under his light kiss, Alice would be just like in the fairy tale.

Her eyelashes would tremble slightly as she opened her beautiful eyes.

However, this was clearly impossible.

The reality was always reality.

Fairy tales had always just been fairy tales.

The reason it was called a fairy tale.

It was naturally as the literal meaning implied.

The stories only existed in the eyes of innocent children.

Such fairy tales definitely wouldn’t happen in this cruel society.

John was struggling!

Then came the days and years of his prison life.

The first year in the prison cell.

John, who was missing Alice, felt pain and anger.

Immediately after, he accepted everything.

Hatred instantly occupied most of John’s mind.

It had been supporting him through his desperate prison life.

In fact.

If there wasn’t the appearance of the ‘Foresee’ ability, John, who had come out of prison, had another plan.

He was prepared to take Neil’s life away at any cost and bring him to the eighteen levels of hell.

Before that, John might even harden his heart and completely relieve his girlfriend Alice, who might never wake up again, from her current state.

After taking revenge.

John would then went down to accompany Alice again.

That was the best ending for John at that time.

In front of the map.

John recovered from his thoughts.

At this moment, compared to the diligent office worker from five years ago, he was like a completely different person.

He walked to the side. At the bottom of a stack of formulas, he pulled out a few photos cut from different magazines and newspapers.

He placed the photos beside the red mark on the map.

The photos were that of Alexander, Johnson, and Yongen.

There was a knock on the door.

John responded casually.

Victoria pushed the door open and walked in.

She landed exceptionally carefully.

She bypassed the different formulas and walked over to John.

She looked at the notes that had been written on the map of Owain City.

“Salefani finished making breakfast.” Victoria’s eyes flickered and said.

“I understand, thank you.” John smiled his standard warm smile.

He headed out first.

“Let’s go then.”

He casually slammed the marker on the table.

On the first floor, in the hall.

A square, rural, mahogany table.

Under the slightly yellowish light.

Salephine rolled up her sleeves halfway.

Her fair cheeks were rosy.

She carried a few steamers of soup buns and walked over carefully.

Behind her, with a solemn expression, Hamlet was also holding a steaming bowl of white porridge.

He followed her steadily.

A faint gentleness appeared between his brows.

John and Victoria took their seats.

At the dining table.

The atmosphere between everyone was no different from that of ordinary people.

John took a small bite of a soup bun and sucked the soup dry.

He gulped down the skin and stuffing.

“If there’s a chance in the future.

“We must go to Marka City and try the local steamed buns.

“Let’s see if it’s as good as what our Miss Salefani makes.” He looked up, smiled, and said.


“Even the culinary skills of the most famous Master Yang in Marka City is also inferior to our Miss Salefani.” Victoria smiled and replied.

The current Victoria was no longer as aloof as when John first met her.

Since birth, Victoria was the eldest daughter of the Wei family in Houston.

Although she was rich, powerful, and lived a luxurious life, the grooming of her family was also completely in line with that of the heir to the estate.

She had been subjected to the strict requirements of her family since she was young.

It could be said that there weren’t many happy days in her life.

Now that she thought about it, her childhood was just endless training.

This was also the sad thing about the children of large families.

Victoria, who had grown up under professional training, had never experienced such a warm life.

Her parents had always only had cold requests of her.

Although there were also rewards and punishments, her parents were always as heartless as machines.

It could be said that Victoria really liked the time she had here.


Not long after.

Everyone finished their breakfast.

John took a tissue and casually wiped the corner of his mouth.

John’s warm side gradually disappeared.

“Go somewhere with me later.” He looked at Hamlet, who was sitting on the left-hand side of the table and said in a deep voice.

“Yes!” Hamlet responded quickly.

At this moment.

At the dining table, the warm atmosphere from breakfast instantly disappeared.

Salefani’s rosy cheeks gradually cooled.

Only Victoria still had a faint smile on her face.

Salefani quickly returned to her studio.

She sat in front of the computer screens.

Her eyes skimmed the screen filled with codes.

Victoria sat by the window.

She watched John and Hamlet leave the courtyard.

In a white van.

John sat in the passenger seat.

He looked at the driver’s seat.

Hamlet’s face was expressionless and his movements were experienced.

He was like a mercenary.

A figure vaguely appeared in front of John.

This figure was a young and tender youth.

“Do you regret it?” John suddenly asked.

The question was if Hamlet regretted entering this cruel and cold world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Hamlet was dazed for a while.

Soon, he replied in a deep voice, “I don’t regret it!”

John said nothing more.

He just quietly looked out of the window at the city that was shrouded in dark clouds.

His fingertips lightly tapped on the car frame.

Unlike the previous accidents, after the upcoming accident, John was ready to take over the biggest interest the three of them would leave behind, instead of letting those hiding in the darkness devour the benefits.

In the last few days, most of the arrangements John had made were to achieve this goal.

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