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December 23, 2020, 17.20 PM, drizzling.

It was less than 24 hours until 8 PM on Christmas Eve, the timing marked in Foresee.

In the corner.

John glanced at the watch on his wrist, then focused on a spot nearby.

Owain City East District.

New Era Building.

Completely replacing Rayast, Reinhart, who had become the new leader of the underground forces in East District, alighted from the motorcade.

Subordinates in black suits one after another surrounding him holding black umbrellas.

The current Reinhart was no longer as low-key and reserved as he used to be.

His gaze was like a torch, his steps dignified, and he had the bearing of a Godfather.

After a long while.

After Reinhart disappeared from view.

John smiled and looked away.

John shouted at the young man standing beside him in the shadow.

“You must have such a bearing in the future,” John said.

He stopped mid-sentence.

He showed a pondering expression.

Then, his smile lit up and he said, “No, that’s not right.

“You can’t just have a temperament like Reinhart’s.”

John turned and looked fixedly at Hamlet.

He said expectantly, “You must have the bearing to control Reinhart’s life and death!”

Hearing John’s words, Hamlet’s face showed no emotion.

He only looked up in the direction Reinhart had disappeared.

Then, he faced John and bowed slightly.

John took a step closer and lowered his voice.

“After this time’s event, I’ll let him be your subordinate.” He said word by word in Hamlet’s ear.

He took out his phone and dialed a number.

The call went through.

There was a short pause as if he was brewing some kind of emotion.

After a while, his brows furrowed and his expression arrogant, a reckless and arrogant voice sounded from John’s mouth.

“I shall fight for my freedom today!

“Playing a game and still being so cautious. You’re really trash!

“I’m about to rebel, what can you do about it?”

New Era Building, level 59.

In Reinhart’s office.

Reinhart’s brows furrowed and a terrifying gaze shot out.

“Who are you?” A deep and dignified voice exploded.

The call didn’t continue.

After saying these inexplicable words, the call was instantly hung up.

However, in just these few sentences, the impact on Reinhart was immense.

Because on that important day, this was the last part of what he had heard in the game.

Because of these words, he decided to strike during the chaos.

Burying the old Godfather, Rayast, in the raging fire.

But now.

These words came from the other end of the phone.

What was this person hinting at?

Or rather.

Was it a threat?

December 24, 2020, 7.30 AM. The weather was gloomy.

The time left before 9 PM reached started its countdown.

The countdown timer was 14 hours and 30 minutes.

This was the eve of a storm.

John leaned against the frame of the hall and looked up.

He looked at the dense dark clouds and the deep horizon.

“There’s nothing much today for the day. All of you, go have a good rest.” Then, he turned around and said to the others in the house.

“For lunch, why don’t we eat some hotpot? It’ll warm us up.” John said again.

Near noon, in the presidential suite at the Weiss River Hotel in Owain City.

Johnson sat up in a large, cramped bed.

He yawned.

Then, he put on a white bathrobe and stood barefoot in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window.

Below him was a huge top-notch modern city.

Johnson retracted his gaze and looked at the bed.

Between his brows, his expression was wilful and flamboyant.

After a while.

He walked out of the room in a yellow leather coat.

He sat in the living room and poured himself a glass of thick red wine.

Not long after.

A middle-aged man hurried over to Johnson.

“Young Master Johnson.” The middle-aged man shouted.

Johnson sized up the middle-aged man with a smile.

His gaze landed on a bright red strawberry mark on the middle-aged man’s neck.

“Are you satisfied last night with those girls?”

“I heard that the girl from the Media College is still an inexperienced girl. Even I’m craving for her.” Johnson waved his hand and asked the middle-aged man to sit beside him, then said.

“Tonight, at the cocktail party, I will grandly introduce you to everyone in Owain City!

“From today onwards, our York family will stand behind you!”

Johnson’s voice was high.

Core CBD area, Alexander Corporation Building.

“Walker.” Alexander leaned back and called out in a deep voice.

Walker pushed the door open and bowed.

“Are the arrangements done?” Alexander paused slightly and asked.

“I’ve prepared their information. Please take a look, Master.”

A list of names was handed to Alexander.

The name booklet wasn’t thin, having a total of seven or eight lists and information.

Alexander flipped through page by page.

Photo after photos appeared before his eyes.

Some of the girls in the photos were youthful and lively, some were intellectual and sexy, and some were pure and simple.

However, without exception, all of them were between 1.7 to 1.75 meters tall.

“Name: Lina

“Age: 27

“Academic degree: Master’s in finance at the University of Shanzhong

“Name: Lena.

Age: 23

“Academic degree: Undergraduate degree at the Institute of Fine Arts.”

Alexander reached out and tapped lightly.

Then, he handed the name booklet back to Walker.

His eldest daughter and son had basically lost the possibility of recovery.

With Alexander’s net worth of about ten billion dollars, there were too many women who wanted to crawl into his bed.

Owain City, Huadu District, an old neighborhood.

A two-room apartment.

The lady in her thirties kept stuffing things into a huge suitcase.


“Where’s my new coat?” She suddenly looked up and shouted towards the living room.

In the dimly lit living room, a thick sandalwood fragrance surrounded the statue of the Moon God.

“Moon God, please protect us!

“Let this trip go smoothly!” The old lady pressed her palms together and kept muttering.

This old lady had never taken a plane in her life.

When she heard that she was going to travel on a plane, she couldn’t sleep for the past few nights.

Tianhe District, singles apartment.

The fatty who was wearing thick glasses had bloodshot eyes and was still focused on playing his game.

The match ended.

The fatty yawned as if he had remembered something.

He got up and pulled out a thick gray suitcase from under the bed.

He only packed a few clothes.

Fatty seemed extremely sleepy as he lay on the bed. A few seconds later, he started snoring.