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December 24, 2020, 8.59 PM, Christmas Eve.

There was only one minute left until the time node marked in Foresee.

A busy road with early evening lights.

At the intersection, in front of the sidewalk.

John was wearing a gray coat and a hood, standing among the crowd waiting to cross the road.

He looked around.

This was an intersection similar to the layout of Enjing East Road, where Neil had his accident.

It was almost time.

John glanced at the time on his watch. The clock was ticking. 9 PM sharp.

His gaze fell on Foresee.

“December 24, 2020, 9.00 PM.

“You will seal off all the passageways that they can use to leave the city.”

John looked up at the cloudy sky.

His right palm opened up and grabbed at the air.

At this moment, the green light lit up.

The crowd on either side of John surged.

John’s eyes were bright. He kept observing and paying attention to his surroundings.

A special sensation welled up in his heart.

It was as if his vision was leaving his body and rising!

He was looking down at the intersection from a god-like perspective.

The traffic was heavy and the crowd was surging.

After a while, John placed his hands in his pockets and walked forward too.

He weaved through the crowd and approached a trash can by the side of the road.

He took his hand out of his pocket in advance.

With a snapping sound, a pencil appeared.

It landed heavily on top of the trash can.

Throughout the process, John didn’t pause or hesitate.

He didn’t prepare to aim for a long time like last time.

John melted into the flow of people and headed for another intersection.

He suddenly turned around in the crowd.

He focused on the pencil that was standing upright behind him and enlarged it in front of his eyes.

The sharpened pencil began to sway above the trash can.

It dropped down.

Smashed onto the ground.

It crashed to the ground in front of John.

John looked in the direction the pencil was rolling.

He noticed a young man in protective gear and a hat, riding a racing bicycle.

His speed was very fast.

Even when he was near the zebra crossing and the traffic light ahead was still red, he didn’t slow down!


John’s eyes reflected the young man’s expression and appearance.

His face was rosy and he grinned.

When he was about to reach the intersection, he held the brakes with one hand and pressed hard!

The thin tires on the bicycle braked at high speed.

At this moment!

The pencil rolled to the bottom of the tire.

The tire crushed over the pencil!

The bicycle under the young man lost its balance. The young man’s eyes were wide and filled with panic.

The bicycle hurtled toward the intersection!

A row of blue and white sharing bicycles stopped against the pavement fell onto the intersection.


A dull, hurried, piercing whistle exploded!

The driver of an SUV didn’t have time to think and only instinctively wanted to dodge.

He turned the steering wheel fiercely.

Like a runaway beast, the SUV crashed into the driveway of the opposite lane!

The entire noisy intersection seemed to have fallen silent.

Pedestrians and car owners all looked at the deformed black Mercedes.

It was a black Mercedes-Benz motorcade.

In the second black Mercedes.

Alexander, who was originally resting with his eyes closed, because of the sudden brake, crashed into the front seat.

He supported his body with his hands.

Alexander opened his eyes instantly.

He raised his head and stared straight ahead.

He seemed to have recalled a nightmare-like scene.

His dignified expression instantly disappeared.

His body trembled uncontrollably.

He breathed heavily.

Alexander’s face was pale and dripping with sweat.

“An accident?” These words appeared in his mind.



“He’s already dead! He’s already dead!” Alexander kept muttering.

Recently, only he himself knew the routes he was traveling.

He would randomly sit in any car in the motorcade.

He would even let the motorcade drive out themselves and then leave in another car after a long while!

John seemed to have become his nightmare.

In the past, this would only felt like an ordinary accident.

But now, in his eyes, it was like a premeditated event!

In the front passenger seat.

The middle-aged butler, Walker, tensed up too. He looked at the first car.

‘He’s here!’ Walker thought to himself.

It was like the descent of the Grim Reaper.

Although he hadn’t interacted much with John, Walker had also heard many things about this person who was at the forefront of trouble.

Moreover, he knew that John was still alive.

It could be said that he was the only one who wasn’t in John’s group but knew that John was still alive.

“Ignore the front car. Turn around and go back.” Alexander, his voice hoarse, said.

Standing among the crowd, John watched the rolling pencil fall into the sewer.

Without looking back, he placed his hands in his pockets and lowered his head to leave.

In the three-story building.

In front of the dense screen, Salefani clearly observed John’s entire movements.

This was the first time she witnessed such a scene.

Although she was already mentally prepared, the intensity of the impact of this scene still appalled Salefani.

She quickly recovered herself and tapped her fingers on the keyboard.

She had been prepared to remove John from the surveillance view!

At the same time, in the center of Owain City.

The scene here was luxurious and magnificent.

A huge Christmas tree that was several meters tall was erected in the hall.

Exquisite-looking waitresses wearing Christmas costumes that revealed their shoulders and long legs wandered between the upper-class society of Owain City.

These high-level “carnivores” were leisurely enjoying the life of the upper-class society.

Having joyous nights every day was no longer enough to describe their lives.

Many of them, ever since they were born, were destined to live a life without suffering or setbacks.

This was simply because they were born with a golden spoon in their mouths.

They had been reincarnated into a good family.

It had to be said, reincarnation was also a skill.

The so-called cocktail party ball was just a part of their daily lives.

As for this Christmas Eve party, it was slightly more grand than usual, that’s all.

Many people were even tired of living like this.

They were looking for new passion and excitement.

They would do many incomprehensible things.

Of course, these were off-topic.

On the third floor that surrounded the central hall.

A woman in a black Baroque dress and an elegant veil emerged from the corridor.

She stopped in front of the bar and looked down at the dazzling hall.

Her gaze wandered through the glamorously dressed crowd.

Soon, she stopped.

Her fair and delicate chin slightly raised.

Her gaze was on the highly sought-after Johnson and a refined middle-aged man.

The woman looked away and looked around.

She was recalling John’s words.

It was a step that was precise to the second.

The woman seemed to have seen something as she strode forward in her high heels.

The heel struck the ground, and the woman counted the footsteps in her heart.

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