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Sitting in the back of the car, his body was tense, his back arched, Alexander’s left hand gripped the back of the chair in front of him tightly.

The atmosphere in the car was heavy.

His legs were trembling uncontrollably.

His right palm landed on his leg, trying to control his trembling body.

It was useless.

His legs were still trembling unconsciously.

It was like a conditioned reflex reaction.

Alexander’s breathing was hurried and heavy.

His expression was hideous and twisted.

Veins bulged on his palms.

He kept roaring in a low voice.

At a crowded intersection.

John was wearing a hood.

The phone screen emitted a cold light.

It shone coldly on his face.

On the page of his phone, a map of Owain City appeared.

On this map, there was a car marked in red.

The trajectory of the car was constantly moving.

“This isn’t the direction you should be going.” John looked up and smiled as he whispered.

He stared at the Foresee that only he could see.

When the time stated in Foresee reached, he sent a command to Salefani.

At the same time.

Under the night sky.

On the road to the west of Owain City.

Such a scene suddenly appeared…

In front of the traffic light, at the zebra line.




The passers-by who were following the crowd received a notification on their phones at about the same time.

Some of them still had their hands in their pockets, their heads slightly lowered.

They walked towards the opposite side of the road.

But for others, they instinctively took out their phones and browsed through the messages.

“According to the recruitment score, you have the qualification of 850,000…”

“Kinship network calling delivery fee…”

“Hello, I’m Nasha. Add me…

Trash messages flashed before their eyes.

When the yellow signal light lit up.

In front of the zebra line, in the cars, the phones placed beside the car owners also vibrated or sounded a notification.

Under the bridge, in the middle of the intersection.

A middle-aged traffic police officer in a uniform sensitivity felt that something was amiss.

His eyes scanned the intersections.

He noticed that there was clearly no car accident tonight, but the speed of cars at all intersections was unprecedentedly slow.

It had caused road congestion!

Alexander focused on the long driveway in front of the car.

“Change to another route.” He looked anxious and said in a deep voice.




It was like there was an invisible hand in the sky that controlled Alexander’s motorcade.

Their destination seemed to have been decided for them!

As long as there was any intention of deviating from the established route.

Then, there would be various obstacles to force them back onto the designated road.

At this moment.

The motorcade of the commercial tycoon, Alexander, was like a puppet that was completely controlled by someone.

There was no choice to speak of.

There was no such thing as freedom.

Sanyuanli Avenue was jammed!

Circling City Highway was jammed!

When they turned onto the west road, it was still jammed!

In the car with a dull atmosphere, the middle-aged driver in a black suit also began to realize something.

He kept looking at the rearview mirror.

In the passenger seat, Butler Walker was fidgeting in his seat.


Alexander’s eyes were about to split open as he punched the chair in front of him.

Houston City time.

At 10.18 PM.

There were two black Mercedes-Benz cars in front and behind.

They drove into Grum Street.

The difference from before was that those roads that should have been smooth just now were congested now.

On the other hand, this road that was supposed to be congested was unexpectedly smooth moving.

At the second intersection.

John looked at the route on his phone screen.


“You should go from here.” He nodded and spoke softly.

An imperceptible smile appeared on his face.

In an instant.

His gaze became deep and distant as if looking down on Grum Street, and he seemed to be somewhere above the street.

He looked at the front and back of the intersection of Grum Street.

Traffic was congested.

It blocked the traffic flow of both cars and people.

The huge city seemed to have become a chessboard under John’s fingertips.

He was like a god, controlling and pushing everything.

In the center of Owain City.


under the luxurious and dazzling scene, no one noticed that the temperature of the decorative lamps that were connected to the three-story tower’s Christmas tree was slowly rising.

10.25 PM.

The temperature rose.


With a crisp sound, a red balloon suddenly exploded!

Balloon fragments fluttered in the air.

On the balcony.

The woman in a long black dress heard this and instantly turned around.

The extravagant upper-class people were still unaffected.

They were still exchanging pleasantries.

They smiled insincerely at everyone, regardless if the other party was someone they knew or were unfamiliar with.

However, under those smiles, what kind of hearts were hidden in them?

No one noticed this first reminder of this sound!

Minutes passed.


Another balloon exploded!




It was as if they had received a signal from their companions.

In front of the Christmas tree, balloons exploded like firecrackers.

In the huge banquet hall.

Dressed in brightly colored socialites and gentlemen still had smiles on their faces as they looked toward the Christmas tree.

Near the back of the Christmas tree.

A woman in high heels was shocked by the sound of the balloons exploding.

She couldn’t help but take a step back.

As if she had tripped over something, she staggered.

She fell heavily to the ground.

A five-colored decorative lamp began to sway.


A string of lanterns that were tied to the outermost part of the Christmas tree fell off.

They fell toward the ground.

Under the light.

Johnson, who was holding a glass of red wine, sensed something amiss.

He looked up.

His eyes widened.


The wine glass in his hand smashed onto the ground and shattered.

He reached out and grabbed the refined middle-aged man beside him, dragging the new spokesperson of the York Family in front of him.

Using this reaction force, he closely dodged it!


Electric arcs extended, and the refined middle-aged man’s body trembled violently.

The whites of his eyes rolled upwards!

Those who were closer could still smell the faint fragrance of meat!

The huge upper-class banquet hall suddenly descended into chaos!

There was a scream!

His hands covering his front, Johnson almost fell to the ground.

His face was pale as he looked at the new spokesperson of the York Family who was surrounded by the lanterns.

Cold sweat broke out on his body.

If he hadn’t reacted fast enough just now and caught this poor middle-aged man in time to be a scapegoat, then the person lying on the ground twitching now would very likely be him, Johnson!




Johnson gasped.

While rejoicing over his swift reaction just now, his legs went weak and he stood up shakily.

Suddenly, he seemed to have remembered something.

His legs trembled again.

He fell to the ground.

He suddenly looked up

and constantly searched for something in the banquet hall.

He gulped.

He struggled with all his might and stood up.

It was like diving into a crowd.

“I need to leave!

“I must return to Marka City immediately!

“Get out of here! I must get out of here!” Johnson was roaring in his heart.

“December 24, 2020, 9.00 PM.

“You will seal off all the passageways leading to the city.”