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Crack! Crack!

Electric arcs flowed around the refined middle-aged man.

His body was trembling.

The last light in his eyes looked hopefully towards a certain direction.

It was the back of a person in a yellow leather coat who hurried away.

Numerous ethereal figures flashed past the middle-aged man’s eyes.

That was his wife, who was covered in wounds but had bright eyes.

He loved her deeply.

He was chosen to become the spokesperson of the York Family.

He had fought hard for it.

Naturally, it was to allow his family to live happier.

In order to obtain this position, he had also used many cruel methods.

This was what his wife objected to.

Having snatched the York family’s olive branch, he should have soared into the sky.

Who would have thought that in this first upper-class cocktail party of his life, he was already harmed by the young master of the main family?

He had left his life here too.

He should have listened to his wife’s advice back then.

How great would it be if he didn’t choose to come here…

The warm scenes of his family lingered in the middle-aged man’s mind.

He missed those poor but warm days.

The flashback of his life that would only happen once in a lifetime started.

Eternal darkness descended upon him in his guilt.

Pushing the time backward.

Night, 9.35 PM.

The dark clouds that had accumulated for most of the night finally turned into cold raindrops.

It fell slowly.

A dark brown Passat hurriedly stopped at the intersection.

South Side Detective Bureau.

A young traffic policeman was about to knock on the window.

Facing him was a solemn black credential.

The steps of an ordinary-looking middle-aged man and a young man with thick dark circles under his eyes were hurried.

Their gazes swept across the restored road.

The rain at the end of the winter drenched his body.

His chest rose and fell rapidly.

The young man with dark circles under his eyes walked step by step along the trajectory of the racing bicycle in the surveillance video.

His gaze skipped inch by inch across the ground washed by the surrounding water.

It was as if he was searching for something.

He suddenly squatted down and bent down.

He reached into the depths of the drain and found a pile of smelly mud.

He fiddled in the mud, his eyes disappointed.

Two cigarette butts that someone had thrown away were soaked in the mud.

With a gentle squeeze, the cigarette butts turned into foam.

The rain became heavier.

At this moment.

Victor ran over in the rain.

He pushed up his clothes.

Under his clothes, Victor and the young man looked at each other.

Then, Sona called them through video call.

“Captain Victor.


“I met the young man at the South Side Detective Bureau.

“According to him, the wheels seemed to have touched something cylindrical.

“It’s not big. It might be something like a pencil!”

Hearing this, under the heavy rain, both Victor and the young man were shocked.

10.25 PM.

At the intersection, two huge flashlight beams shone into the smelly sewer.

After a long while, there was still no result.

On this Christmas Eve in Owain City, under the heavy rain, the footsteps of time were cold and heavy.

The black horizon was like a huge mouth that could devour everything.

Owain City, a private hot spring in the western part of the city.

Yongen was soaked in the pool, his eyes were closed, and he was half lying down.

His bodyguard was opposite the curtain.

Yongen was sufficiently cautious. Any subordinate or servant who would move past or near him had to pass by his bodyguards first.

Hearing footsteps, the bodyguard walked into the sauna room beside him.

10.35 PM.

Hamlet, who was wearing a black suit, accurately timed the steps according to Brother John’s instructions.

He walking out of this private hot spring resort.

10.43 PM.

Yongen pulled open the door to the sauna room, looking horrified!

His bodyguard was in a twisted posture with the steel wire wrapped around his fat neck.

From the traces left in the sauna room, this was the scene of him sliding down and struggling!


In the sauna room.

The bodyguard’s phone rang shrilly.

Yongen shuddered.

He took a deep breath to calm himself.

He picked up the bodyguard’s phone and saw that the call was from Johnson.

He pressed the answer button, but no sound came out.

“Where’s Yongen? Why can’t I get through to him?” Rapid, anxious, and fearful words struck him through the phone.

Yongen’s eyes flickered as he realized that something unexpected had happened.

Young Master Johnson.” He then replied in a deep voice.

“I’ll leave the matters of Owain City to you.

“I’m preparing to return to Marka City now.”

On the phone.

Johnson seemed to be forcing himself to remain calm.

“What happened?” Yongen asked.

“Just now, my family’s new spokesperson died in an accident!” Johnson said.

Obviously, he wasn’t prepared to tell the truth.

“Fuck him.

“All of this is creepy!” Johnson cursed loudly.

It was as if he wanted to use his voice to hide his fear.

An ominous feeling enveloped him.

He was preparing to run.

Hearing Johnson’s words, Yongen was shocked.

He fell to the ground.

Yongen’s eyes flickered as he glanced at the ferocious-looking bodyguard.

He didn’t tell Johnson about the incident with his bodyguard.

He replied casually and ended the call.

Late at night, at 11.13 PM, Johnson rushed to the Owain City International Airport.

He was surrounded by three bodyguards in black suits.

He jogged towards the VIP security check area.

11.30 PM.

Johnson entered the first-class cabin of the Marka City Airlines first.

He sat in the innermost seat.

Around him were all the bodyguards he had arranged.

Until now, Johnson’s body was still tense.

His eyes flickered as he looked at the dark night outside the porthole.

At the boarding gate.

The 33-year-old Zhang Yingying turned around.

“We’re about to board. What are you doing?”

She saw her mother looking into the glass at where the plane was stopped under the light.

The little old lady in plain clothes pressed her palms together.

Her eyes closed slightly as she muttered something.

Zhang Yingying looked anxious.

She quickly walked over and pulled her mother along with her towards the boarding gate.

What she didn’t notice was that the old lady was holding a coin tightly in her palm.

There was a long queue.

The old lady got out of the shuttle bus and stopped.

Her body trembled and her face turned pale.

Facing the plane, she pressed her palms together again.

She muttered something to herself.

“Protect me, Moon God!”

“Protect me, Moon God!”

Zhang Yingying looked helpless.

But she didn’t stop her mother.

And at this moment, the little old lady seemed to have finished praying.

After bowing, she opened her palm and was about to throw the coin out.

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