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A messy intersection.

Under the black umbrella, John glanced at the moving motorcade.

Then, he suddenly looked up.

The umbrella handle leaned on his shoulder.

The yellow street lamp outlined the distinct edges and corners of his face.

Many years ago, the edges and corners were only gentle and peaceful.

His temperament was humble and reserved, and he was also magnanimous.

He looked at the dense clouds in the sky.

The pupils in his calm eyes suddenly dilated, like a top predator eyeing its prey.

A terrifying and fierce light condensed in them.

At the Owain City International Airport.

The coin in the little old lady’s palm was just flipped out.

Her cloudy eyes were fixed on the coin rolling in the air!

But at this moment, a white palm suddenly reached out and grabbed the coin tightly.

“Auntie, you can’t just throw coins around here.” Beside the old lady’s ears, a trembling female voice filled with shock nervously sounded.

A stewardess in an airline uniform reminded the old lady.

She had already noticed that something was wrong with this old lady just now.

She was constantly keeping an eye on the old lady from the corner of her eyes.

Just a slight slip of her attention and she almost got into trouble.

If this coin was thrown out, the flight tonight would definitely not be able to fly!

Ten minutes later, the plane started to take off.

First-class cabin, near the window.

Johnson looked at the gradually shrinking city.

He finally let out a long breath.

His body was somewhat weak as he leaned back in his chair.

He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

Marka City Airlines.

The flight was smooth and the cabin was quiet. Most of the passengers had their eyes closed.

Time gradually passed.

Near the tail wing was a fat man wearing thick glasses.

His brows furrowed tightly in his sleep.

His palm subconsciously grabbed at his collar.

His breathing was somewhat irregular.

At this moment, the plane had just flown out of Owain City!

The fat man with the thick glasses suddenly twitched.

His breathing became hard and the whites of his eyes rolled upwards!

“Tower! Tower! This is 5459.

“A passenger convulsed on the plane.

“His vital signs are weak and his heart has stagnated. He needs emergency treatment.

“Requesting to return, requesting to return.”

The bump of the plane hitting the ground made Johnson slowly open his eyes.

He glanced at his watch, not yet realizing what had happened.

A few minutes later.

Johnson stood in the huge airport lobby again.

Looking at the lights above, he was really terrified.

Although there didn’t seem to be anything that could threaten his life at the moment, he was just afraid for no reason.

True fear that came from the bottom of his heart.

He was born in the York family in Marka City.

This was a family that was ranked among the top in the entire Mold Country.

It could be said that being born in this family was a blessing that he had worked hard to build in his previous lifetimes.

Originally, he could have enjoyed countless riches and honors in his life.

No matter where he went, he was always a dazzling star.

He should be sought after by everyone.

But this time.

He came to a city that was very ordinary in his eyes.

By right, as soon as he appeared, he should be able to receive the respect of everyone in the city.

But because of John’s existence, he didn’t dare to be too ostentatious.

He had to keep a low profile and secretly hid behind the scenes to implement his methods.

Until later.

News of John’s death came.

Only then did he dare to stand on the stage with great fanfare.

Only then did he dare to reveal his proud identity.

But now, all the signs pointed to one fact.

John was probably not dead!

He was even targeting him now!

John wasn’t prepared to let him go!

Hence, the first thing he did was to return to Marka.

But now, the flight had returned!

As if under John’s means, even the movements of the plane were completely under his control.

Johnson’s body trembled and was drenched in sweat.

The phone in his arms suddenly vibrated.

He took out his phone and saw a message.

His features became twisted.

He smashed the phone onto the marble floor!

It was a text message: “Hello, respected user. Welcome to Owain City!”

His eyes almost split open.

Breathing heavily, Johnson growled like a trapped animal!

He couldn’t fly out of Ovi City anymore. The last flight back just now was the last one.

Owain City, Grum Street.

John held the black umbrella.

He strode along the outer corridor of the second building.

A hurricane blew through the rain.

There was a loud bang!

The billboards on the top of the mall opposite were shaking violently.

John glanced at his watch, then focused on Foresee.

“December 24, 2020, 10.28 PM and 19 seconds.

“The commercial sign at the top of the building used aluminum plates against the rules.”

Before he could look away.


The huge billboard crashed to the ground!

At this moment, the last Mercedes passed by.

In the car.

Alexander stiffened and turned to look out the window.

The car continued moving forward.



Two more billboards crashed down with a loud bang!

The closest piece of the aluminum plate even sparked as it slid across the car.

At this moment, the eyes of the leader of the Alexander Corporation were red.

He was crazed and roaring.

But then, he became depressed, powerless, and desperate!

He didn’t have the imposing manner of the chairman of a billion-dollar corporation anymore.

It wasn’t John who destroyed the billboard.

Instead, he first calculated the fall of the billboard.

Then, he guided Alexander’s arrival here.

West district, Yongen’s car broke down on the dark country road.

He stared at the dry trees on both sides and listened to the cold wind.

Yongen licked his lips. He pulled a long knife from the compartment.

The blade slid across the back of the chair.

He bowed slightly again.

He took out a cold-looking gun!

The rain became heavier. In the huge Owain City, Victor and the young man with thick dark circles stood side by side at the intersection.

Not a single part of their body was dry.

Their breathing was hurried and intense.


Phone calls kept ringing in their ears.

In the center of Owain City!

In a private hot spring!

Grum Street!

The news kept coming from all directions.

Victor noticed the helplessness and unwillingness on the young man’s face.

Victor looked down and saw the clenched fists of the young man.

Saw the fingernails that had dug into the man’s palms.


“AH!” Suddenly, the young man shouted at the top of his lungs and vented his anger!

His emotions were also on the verge of collapse!

He felt like John was looking down at this city from the sky, treating this city as his chessboard.

But yet, he couldn’t even see or touch John!

The young man knew that John was going to checkmate! He was going checkmate at any moment!

At the heart of Mold Country, the ancient city of Houston.

In a secret office, the screen lit up and lines of codes flashed past.

Immediately after. video clips of the events that happened in Owain City appeared one after another.

The various conference rooms that had once cast their eyes on Owain City were bewildered and turned their attention to Owain City again.

“This is John?”

“The kid isn’t dead?”

“Is he treating the entire Owain City as his chessboard?”

“He wants to become a chess player too?”

Dignified words sounded continuously.

After the news spread, pairs of eyes from the shadows looked over.

Everything that happened in the city began to appear before their eyes.

Even they were shocked.

Their gaze swept across the entire city. Coincidence after coincidence happened.

But John was still nowhere to be found.

In fact, if not for the fact that all events occurred at the same time and were focused on the figures involved with John, no one would even associate this with John.

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