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December 25, 2020, 12.13 AM and 19 seconds.

Inside the gray six-story building.

The place was brightly lit.

Hurried footsteps sounded in the corridors.

The atmosphere was unprecedentedly heavy and oppressive.

In the surveillance room.

“Wipe yourselves. Don’t catch a cold again.” The young agent, Sona, said with concern.

They were soaked in the rain, their hair sticking to their heads.

She brought over a few hot towels from somewhere.

“Here, take this.” She looked at the pale-faced Victor and Anthony and said.

After receiving the emergency orders from the higher-ups, the two of them returned to the police headquarters in a daze.

Victor took a towel and looked up.

He looked at Sona blankly.

“Yes, thank you.” He responded.

Sona handed Anthony another towel.

The warm white towel pasted onto his cheek.

Beside him, the young man with thick dark circles under his eyes was like a walking corpse.

There was no trace of life in him.

In the surveillance room that had been quiet for half a month, it became lively again.

From time to time, people in high-level police uniforms or uniforms of different departments would appear.

They hurried in with dignified expressions.

When Victor came back to his senses, the surroundings were filled with solemn-looking people.

Victor looked at the familiar figures.

The retired old detective, Bloom.

Detective Fritz and detective Swain from the South Side Branch.

There was an order from the higher-ups.

That was the expert team that had previously participated in the investigation of ‘John’, unless they had valid and urgent reasons, they were all required to return.

Victor’s eyes gradually focused.

His gaze wandered around him.

He realized that the reorganized Special Investigation Unit, in terms of specifications and mobilization of resources, had been completely raised to a new level!

“We shall start sorting through the timing now.” A serious-looking middle-aged man who had never appeared before stood in front of the crowd and said in a deep voice.

From the starting where text messages and information window popped up at the westbound bridge area, to not long ago, where the Marka City Airlines MU5459 made an emergency return.

In this large surveillance room.

was revealed to everyone present.

Victor saw the middle-aged man stop.

His subordinate handed him a piece of paper.

After scanning through it, he placed the note under his palm.

“From 9 PM on Christmas Eve.”

The middle-aged man took a deep breath.

His heavy expression was mixed with shock and disbelief.

Then, he continued, “John unilaterally blocked the escape route of Johnson, Alexander, and Yongen.

“So much so that all the routes the three of them took starting from tonight onwards were passively chosen.

“It’s all within John’s planning range.

“Owain City has become a cage for the three of them.

“At the same time, it’s also John’s chessboard.

“John has already begun to view them like fish in the net!”

Serious and dull words sounded.

Every single word seemed heavy and unbelievable.

Unilaterally sealing off the passages to leave the city.

Turning a city with tens of millions of people into a huge cage made of reinforced concrete.

Not to mention whether this was something a human could do, just his breadth of spirit in looking down at Owain City from a height of ten thousand meters already made everyone present gasp in surprise and tremble.

“John is about to start placing his last pawn.

“We need to find his tracks and do our best to stop him!”

Late at night, time was flowing slowly.

Mold Country, the world under the shadow.

Countless existences looked at Owain City under the night sky.

Owain City was like a village that was suddenly lit up in a dark forest.

The surroundings were dim and Owain City was the only light source, attracting countless eyes.

John pushed a wheelchair into a small room.

A projection lit up on the curtain placed against the middle wall in the room.

There was also another wheelchair in the room that had been waiting for a long time.

The two wheelchairs were placed side by side.

John didn’t say anything.

He turned around and left quietly.

December 25, 2020, 1.39 AM and 30 seconds.

Two black Mercedes-Benz were speeding through the Phoenix Mountain Tunnel and preparing to escape from Owain City.

Alexander’s face could be seen.

In the passenger seat, the middle-aged butler, Walker, used the rearview mirror to stare at the frightened old master, Alexander.

Many years ago, using the momentum of the era, the ambitious and ruthless Alexander started from a nobody.

Walker’s thoughts were complicated.

His gaze focused slightly and the words of that person sounded in his ears.

“December 24, 2020, 11.40 PM and 26 seconds.

“Alexander, who has gradually calmed down from his fear, will start to feel a little cold.

“You were considerate enough to gradually turn up the heater in the car.

“December 25, 2020, 12.39 AM and 30 seconds.

“The high temperature in the car makes the frightened Alexander a little breathless.

“You then ask, Master, do you want to open the window slightly?”

“Master, do you want to open the window slightly?” Walker turned around and asked Alexander respectfully.

His eyes were slightly dazed.

“Yeah… open it a bit.” Alexander, who still wanted to maintain his final bearing and dignity, nodded and replied.

Walker’s fingers pressed on a button in the car.

In the back, in the car window that was further from Alexander rolled down slightly.

The entrance to the tunnel appeared in front of them.

Walker seemed to be sitting uncomfortable. He tried another posture.

No one noticed that his body was actually slightly arched.

This was from the perspective of subconsciously protecting himself.

Perhaps it was because of the cold air in the car or perhaps it was because they were about to reach the tunnel leaving Owain City.

A smile appeared on Alexander’s face with some difficulty.

The projection screen shook.

The two pairs of eyes of the two figures in the wheelchairs looked at the scene in the Mercedes in fear.

The motorcade drove out of the tunnel!

Perhaps it was a coincidence or maybe fate.

December 25, 2020, 12.44 AM and 44 seconds.

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