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At the exit of the Phoenix Mountain tunnel, there was a street lamp.

At night, it would light up.

Dirt began to roll down from one side of the mountain.

There was already a shallow layer of dust gathered beside the road.

Two headlights drove out of the tunnel.

It was like the descent of the Grim Reaper.

Or maybe it was an effect of the cars speeding through the tunnel.

In a flash, under the sparkling light, the mountain seemed to be trembling!

Immediately after, there were loud crashing sounds.

A landslide that blotted out the sky

suddenly buried the black car that jumped out of the tunnel.

Looking at the faint light in front of the tunnel exit, Alexander had just breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, a dull sound rang in his ears.

He turned to look at the window.

The black mountain was like a huge mouth that blotted out the sky.

It instantly enveloped the car he was in!

Moist mud and broken stones came in through the slight opening in the car window.

Soon, the seats in the back were filled up, burying Alexander alive.

In the passenger seat, the middle-aged butler seemed to have foreseen this.

He bent down, hugged his head, and leaned against the car frame.

Amidst the intense vibration, a stable space was created!

Darkness filled his vision.

The two cars in front and behind were covered by the landslide!

Silence returned to the exit of the Phoenix Mountain tunnel.

A desperate whimper came out of the mouths of the two figures in the wheelchair with difficulty.

Tears fell uncontrollably.

Like the flashing images of a rotating lantern, the scene from five years ago appeared in front of the young man again.

His pale lips were trembling.

In the night, John was wearing a gray coat, a hood, and holding an umbrella.

“It’s finally over.” His lowered arm was still trembling as he said softly.

This time his revenge trip was finally completed.

As for the other two, Johnson and Yongen, this actually had nothing to do with them.

But at this point, he was already standing completely opposite those capitalists.

Therefore, before they destroyed him, John had no choice but to take their lives first.

And now, Alexander was already dead.

All that was left was to wake up his girlfriend Alice to put an end to this matter.

However, the difficulty was obvious.

There was a long way to go.

The laboratory that was crucial in waking up Alice was gradually on the track to being formed.

However, the distance between now and fulfilling this goal still seemed to be very far away.

John turned behind and looked at the dark intersection.

The loneliness in his expression gradually disappeared.

From the moment he stepped into the shadows, he had no chance of turning back anymore.

When John viewed Alexander and the other two as prey, he was also being looked down on and observed by the existences in the shadow world.

He had also been targeted.

“There’s only one more thing left to do.”

John’s brows were calm as he turned and walked towards the dark intersection.

There was a faint bleakness in his back as he slowly disappeared into the deep and distant darkness.

Owain City Detective Agency, the gray six-story building.

In the surveillance room.

The surveillance footage of the exit of the tunnel was repeatedly played in front of everyone.

Each frame screenshot was magnified.

The half-opened car window was filled with mud and gravel.

The wide-eyed, terrified Alexander.

“The others might still be alive.

“But Alexander is definitely dead.”

Victor reached out and grabbed the hair on his collar.

At this moment, his mood surprisingly didn’t change much.

He made a judgment in his heart.

His gaze swept across the high-level crowd around him.

Shock was reflected in their eyes.

Their eyes also had an incredible look of awe.

In secret conference rooms all over Mold Country.

Many people were watching the video that was happening at the tunnel exit.

Suddenly, the video screen changed.

At this moment, a terrifying scene appeared in front of them.

At the National highway crossing, a metal fragment shot out from the passing train and quickly pierced through the glass window of the car Yongen was in.

It pierced right into his head.

Johnson got out of the car.

As he stepped into the hotel building, the glass that fell from the sky was falling quietly.

The antennae in the shadows quietly reached out.

More and more clues were gathered in front of different existences.

“He calculated in advance and found the location where the accidents would happen.”

“He can use all factors to push for the result he wants!”

“We have to control him.”

“At least we need to know the source of his ability.”

The eyes in the dark became unprecedentedly greedy.

Mold Country, the official secret department of the Shadow World.

“To a certain extent, John could represent the limits of mankind in certain areas.” A dignified middle-aged man said in a deep voice in the meeting.

“If can’t, then follow the original plan.” Behind the black screen, a familiar voice sounded.

Many character profilers had done a deep profile on John.

As for whether John would be willing to accept the invitation, he had already come to quite a clear conclusion.

This plan was the poison insect nurturing plan.

Or rather, the Petri dish plan.

It was foreseeable that the existence in the shadows would have set their eyes at John.

The law of the jungle, where the strong preyed on the weak, was even more bloody in the shadow world.

It would devour John’s skin and bones.

The officials took action and warned everyone. Within the limited rules, Owain City would become John’s ‘Petri dish’.

The officials wouldn’t help John any more than that.

They only limited the impact to a manageable range and let John compete with those existences in the dark.

Whether he really come out victorious and become the king of darkness or being killed by a true terrifying existence was all up to John’s individual performance.

This was the poison insect nurturing plan.

It was also called the Petri dish plan!

South Sand District, Pearl River Pass, three-story village building.

The bright light illuminated the room.

Victoria, Hamlet, and John all hurried back quietly while keeping a low profile.

Pairs of eyes looked at John.

John smiled and said, “It’s been hard on everyone.”

His expression converged, his gaze focused, and he said in a deep voice, “All of this is just the beginning.”