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On the screen that occupied an entire wall, lines of codes suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Then the screen went dark.

A pair of red eyes suddenly split open in the middle of the screen.

It was a pair of very clear eyes.

Blood vessels covered these eyes, looking terrifying and strange.

Scarlet eyeballs swiveled in the silent room.

They seemed to be sizing up the room.

Leaving the living room on the first floor, Salefani pushed the door to her studio open.

She prepared to walk into her studio.

When she looked up, two strange, bloodshot eyes were staring straight at her!

A chill rushed to her head from her feet!

Her hair stood on end, and her eyes widened. Then, she screamed in fear.

In the three-story village building.

John, Hamlet, and Victoria arrived one after another.

They saw Salefani drop to the ground in front of the door and was looking into the room in horror.

John also saw the terrifying eyeballs and frowned.

The bloodshot eyes stared straight at John.

Amongst them, Victoria seemed to have remembered something.

Her breathing became slightly hurried.

The scene on the screen changed.

A middle-aged man in a black robe whose face couldn’t be seen clearly sat in front of a long empty table.

The middle-aged man’s face couldn’t be seen clearly because, in the video, his features seemed to be constantly changing slightly.

At first glance, it was almost blurry.

When one suddenly reacted, one would be shocked to discover that it seemed to have completely become the facial features of another person.

“Mr. John.” The middle-aged man’s voice sounded.

“On behalf of the Mold Country’s Round Table Association, I officially invite you.

“Join us. Together, we will establish a new order that belongs to us in this world.” The middle-aged man continued.

His voice was bewitching.

He slowly described a terrifying and powerful organization.

The Round Table Association was a secret organization composed of people from all over the world.

“Sorry, I refuse.” John didn’t have much of an expression on his face as he replied in a manner that was neither humble nor overbearing.

He didn’t even have the intention of finding an excuse.

The smile on the face of the middle-aged man in a black robe stopped and revealed anger.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!”

With a rebuke, the scene darkened and the room fell silent.

In front of the huge screen.

Salefani looked terrified and flustered.

Only she knew that the defenses online she had set up seemed so small and weak in front of the other party.

“Don’t blame yourself. This isn’t your problem.”

John reached out and placed his broad palm on Salefani’s shoulder, comforting her.

His distinct eyes were also looking at the screen.

At this moment, they didn’t even know if the other party had really left or was still spying on them.

“In that underground circle, the Round Table Association is an extremely domineering existence.” Victoria took a deep breath and said solemnly to John.

“So we shouldn’t even have the right to refuse?” John looked up and replied calmly.

Victoria pursed her lips.

At this moment, on the screen.

The scene distorted and changed again.

John, Hamlet, Victoria, and Salefani all looked up.

A ‘skull’ pattern appeared!

A middle-aged white man in a tuxedo nodded at John.

“Mr. John, please allow me to introduce to you the composition and strength of the ‘Black Deity Group’.”

The moment the middle-aged white man opened his mouth, he spoke in pure and authentic Mold Country common language.

“I won’t betray this land,” John said in a deep voice.

A furious and fierce gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the screen and shoot straight at John.

“I didn’t expect even the Black Deity Group would appear.

“Speaking of which, have the tentacles of the Black Deity Group started to extend towards the shadow world of Mold Country?”

On Victoria’s fair forehead, beads of sweat rolled down, and panic flashed across her face.

“It’s said that the Black Deity Group is an existence that manipulates and pushes the empire that never sets in the shadow world.”

Victoria’s eyelids twitched and her breathing became irregular.

A suppressive and oppressive aura enveloped John and the others’ hearts.

Even John hadn’t expected this.

How could these existences from the deepest side of the world have such terrifying and fierce methods?

Only the tip of their iceberg was revealed and it already seemed to have become a mountain that covered their heads.

In the online world, Salefani was actually so naked in front of these existences.

As these thoughts were going on in his heart, the light on the screen lit up again.

Salefani was panting and trembling.

She had never been so afraid!

John looked at the screen.

This time, what appeared in the middle was a three-dimensional blue earth. What’s more, the earth was spinning!

A middle-aged Chinese man in a suit that seemed to be in an ancient European castle appeared.

He looked at John with a slight smile.

“You gave us a wonderful performance tonight.

“I officially extend a sincere invitation to you on behalf of the Eric Club.” The middle-aged Chinese man said with an unconcealable arrogance in his eyes.

“Sorry, I refuse.” John looked at the screen and replied.

“Round Table Association, Black Deity Group, Eric Club.

“They are all the top behemoths in the shadow world.

“This is also why we seem to be transparent before them.

“In front of them, we have no privacy at all,” Victoria said, her face pale and her voice trembling.

She could faintly sense the terrifying influence of these three parties.

Therefore, fear kept growing in her heart.

“I know that the forces in these inner worlds are very powerful.

“Today, they have also shown us the tip of the iceberg in their strength.

“Perhaps you are all frightened by their extraordinary methods.

“But you must know that we are now members of the Dawn Association!

“We are not helpless duckweed.

“The Dawn Association is an existence that is even more ancient and powerful than those forces just now.

“My appearance in the world is only to be the vanguard of the Dawn Association.

“When I completely understand the current situation in the world, it will be the time when the Dawn Association arrives and conquer them!

“Therefore, we don’t have to worry about anything.”

John looked away from the screen.

He knew the situation now.

It was important to calm his subordinates down.

Therefore, he gave a speech in a passionate tone.

The few of them calmed down a little, but the impact was too great.

Plus, they hadn’t truly seen the abilities of the Dawn Association.

Therefore, they didn’t completely recover.

John focused on the Foresee in front of him that only he could see.

Then, he typed in the information.

“How can I guarantee that my team and I will be safe for the next day, or twenty-four hours?”

“How can I guarantee that my team and I will not leave any traces of our whereabouts in the next day?”

Numerous paths were refreshed densely.

“We should go,” John said in a deep voice.

A white van drove out of the three-story village building.

Victoria leaned against the car window.

Her eyelashes trembled as she looked back.

She looked at the small building in the dim light of the night that they had been living for half a month.

The house gradually became distant, then disappeared.

The world in the night was confusing.

It was unknown what was hidden in the dark, but it was terrifying.

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