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Owain City, near the end of the winter.

Dry trees, loneliness, and coldness.

After pushing Alexander, Johnson, and Yongen to their end, John only obtained a short respite.

But immediately after, what enveloped the top of his head and appeared in his eyes was an even denser dark sky filled with dense dark clouds that blotted out the sky.

The longer the history of this world was, the more the number of people occupying high positions in the shadows and the more unshakable their positions were.

The road ahead was blocked, so the people who came later could only be regarded as pigs being harvested.

The meaning of life for those later people was to be cut into pieces and then taken to the town and sold away.

Owain City Police Headquarters.

As soon as John appeared and walked out of the shadows, he was instantly noticed by many gazes.

He stopped in front of the main entrance.

Faint figures flashed past and their eyes met.

A middle-aged man with brown eyes, wearing a gray robe, had short brown hair, and black-rimmed glasses stood there.

The middle-aged man looked straight at John from afar with a thick smile.

Then, he turned around and disappeared.

John looked up at the cloudy sky.

Hands in his pockets, he turned and plunged into the police headquarters.

A Secret Service agent from the Mold Country’s secret department walked out in a gray uniform.

This time, it wasn’t the young man called Ore anymore.

Instead, it was another expressionless middle-aged man.

He glanced at John, then held out his hand in an inviting gesture.

John nodded and followed in large strides.

When they passed by the buildings around the gray six-story building, John’s body tensed uncontrollably and had a sense of being spied on.

From those buildings, many eyes were looking at John.

A hint of panic rose in John’s heart, but then it was replaced by a strong sense of unwillingness.

There were words that he had seen before that now exploded in his ears, deafening him!

“Fate exists, but I never believe in fate.

“The things in the world can only be fought for by yourself.

“The person you love can only be protected by yourself.”

The words in his ears were like a brilliant thunderclap: “If the heavens suppress me, split open the heavens. If the earth captures me, crush the earth.

“We were born free. Who dares to be high and mighty?”

John wanted to break free from everything binding him.

Sooner or later, dawn would descend upon this horizon!

He walked into the gray building on the sixth floor.

Unlike the previous time, the layout of the building this time was different.

It was very simple and reserved.

There was no such thing as inferior hypnosis anymore.

They walked along a long corridor and passed by the surveillance room.

He happened to see Victor sitting in the back.

At this moment, among the team of people investigating John, Victor’s position was about the same level as his seating position, which was towards the back.

Victor’s eyes widened and he suddenly stood up.

When he rushed out of the surveillance room, John had already disappeared.

In a dignified and solemn conference room.

A middle-aged man with extremely high authority from the official secret organization in the shadow world was sitting on the sofa.

With his status, it was impossible for him to come and oversee the observation of someone like John.

Until the incident escalated to the Owain City Petri dish plan, the standards changed.

“Hello, Mr. John. I’m Ezreal.” The middle-aged man stood up and extended his hand to John, greeting him with a smile.

“Hello.” John also smiled and replied.

Ezreal’s words were very direct, there was no small talk.

With a solemn and dignified expression, he sent John an invitation representing the Mold Country’s officials.

John didn’t directly refuse.

Instead, after a slight pause, he looked hopefully at Ezreal.

He asked, “Can you guys wake my wife Alice up?”

In this sentence, John directly described Alice as his wife.

Ezreal was clearly prepared for this question.

Soon, he replied in a deep voice, “We checked the medical information your wife Alice had left in several hospitals.

“According to the panel of experts, your wife’s condition is somewhat special.

“Of course, if you just want to wake your wife, we can help you.

“But there might be some side effects.

“For example, memory loss, physical trauma, mental damage, and so on.”

Listening seriously, from the long steps in Foresee in front of him, John knew that awakening Alice unscathed was definitely not an easy task.

“Sorry, I refuse.” John shook his head and said in a deep voice.

Having already expected this, the middle-aged man didn’t develop too many emotions.

A series of secret conversations took place in the conference room.

John sat in a black nanny van belonging to the secret department of the Owain City Police Headquarters.

A motorcade drove out of the city.

This place was a six-story dilapidated building with green creepers climbing up the walls.

Following the instructions in Foresee, John looked towards a few directions.

Security guards from the Mold Country’s secret department were guarding the blind spots.

Following John’s display of his demon-like intelligence, the security around here was also increasing.

“Recently, this neighborhood has been like fire lit in the darkness.

“Countless people came to spy on this place.” A young man who was following beside Ezreal pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses, walked over to John, and said.

“Our people have suffered very heavy casualties.” The young man looked at John and said again.

This was what it meant to send charcoal in the snow. He would need to remember this.

John took a deep breath and walked toward the old building.

He knocked on the door of the apartment on the first floor.

Not long after, footsteps sounded behind the door and it opened.

“Why did you take so long to come here again?” When Aunt Shana saw John, a bright smile appeared on her honest face and she loudly said.

John walked into the house.

In the sunlight near the window, John saw his girlfriend Alice.

Alice was wearing thick clothes and was carried by Auntie Shana onto a wheelchair and pushed to the window.

“The sun has just appeared from the clouds. It’s not easy to see the sun in this weather.

“I don’t know when it will be gone, so I wanted to let Alice bask in some sunlight too.” Auntie Shana said.

John walked over to Alice and took her soft, pale hand in his.

He lowered his head slightly and placed the palm on his cheek.

“Aunt Shana, I’ve found a better nursing place for you and Alice.” John looked up and said.

The motorcade drove John, Alice, and Aunt Shana away.

Next time, when John plunged into this cold winter city again, both the officials and John understood that for the latter, all he had left was to fight with all his strength to stir this haze and usher in the dazzling sun!

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