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“First of November, 2021, 4.27 PM and 16 seconds.

“You stopped at the farmer’s market on East Yashimoto Road.

“A black Volkswagen Passat is parked beside you.

“Same day, 4.27 PM and 39 seconds.

“You bend down and get into the car.

“Same day, 4.39 PM and 12 seconds.

“Turn the car around and drive along the established route.”

John sat in the car and glanced at the Foresee in front of him.

Then, he closed his eyes.

Every time John appeared, he would set different goals in Foresee.

This would allow him to find a slightly glimmering balance path when he was surrounded by dark clouds now.

It was like walking on a steel wire high in the sky.

The slightest mistake could result in death.

His fingertips tapped lightly on the void in front of him.

He reviewed it in his mind again and again.

His meeting with the higher-up of the official shadow department, Ezreal.

This time, there wasn’t any prior agreement.

But John knew he would be there.

The other party also knew that John would come to meet him.

This was an indescribable tacit understanding.

Between John and the officials of the Mold Country’s shadow world, it seemed as if they had a strange kind of subconscious communication and agreed on an agreement.

John opened his eyes and let out a long breath.

He could tell from Ezreal’s words what kind of emotions were accumulating in the unseen areas of Owain City!

All parties and everyone in them were viewing him as prey.

John licked his lips and a dangerous glint flashed across his eyes.

“Kill!” John suddenly growled.

After leaving prison, John wasn’t someone who would submit to adversity anymore.

With his Foresee ability, this Owain City, a top-notch modernized metropolis, this city that had more than 15 million people, shall all become chess pieces for John to use in creating ‘accidents’!

The black Passat drove into an ordinary private tea shop.

He took the elevator directly from the dimly lit underground parking lot.

He entered the third floor.

In a covert compartment, John poured himself a cup of tea and took a small sip.

At this moment, the door was pushed open again.

After seeing John, the figure in front of the door trembled imperceptibly.

His footsteps suddenly shrank back.

The middle-aged man in the black suit took a deep breath.

“Hello, Mr. John.” He bowed and called out.

John looked up at the middle-aged man.

No emotion could be seen on his face.

“You’re here.” He only nodded lightly and responded.

The middle-aged man stood nervously in front of John.

Only then did the middle-aged man half sat down.

“Did anything happen on the way here?” John asked again.

What John was actually asking was that on the way here, did he follow the ‘path’ John had given him?

The middle-aged man placed his phone on the table and in front of John’s eyes.

Then, he described in detail his actions.

John continued to ask a few questions.

A knock sounded on the door of the tea room.

Beside John, the middle-aged man looked over and saw the figure outside the door.

Shock appeared on his face. Then, he quickly retracted his emotions.

Outside the door was the leader of the East District for this generation.

The dignified-looking Reinhart was now looking at John fearfully.

When he noticed the middle-aged man beside John, he lowered his head. Surprise flashing in his eyes, and then relief.

“Alexander’s middle-aged butler, Walker.”

Recently, in the circle of ordinary people in Owain City,

there were two things that they could come into contact with regarding the underground circle of Owain City.

They talked about it enthusiastically over their meals.

The first thing was that Alexander, the founder of the Alexander Corporation, who had a market value of over ten billion dollars, had an accident.

His wife, Irelia, his only heir in line, stepped forth to take over everything.

As for this Alexander’s wife, she was born in a village and wasn’t cultured.

Yet, she showed an experienced and decisive attitude.

There were faint rumors saying that Irelia was just a puppet, there were others standing behind her.

The other thing was the underground circle in the East District.

Reinhart, the fourth-in-command of the Rayast Corporation, was in charge!

In the quiet and covert tea room.

“According to your orders, the trusted aide I arranged has successfully suppressed the West District.

“The chaos that appeared after Yongen’s accident also gradually stabilized,” Reinhart said in a deep voice.

John nodded and asked about the process.

Beside him, Walker took a small sip of hot tea.

However, his mouth still felt dry.

After the conspiracy on Christmas Eve, Walker was already afraid of John.

Now, he was even more afraid and didn’t have any unnecessary thoughts.

Even though he personally participated in John’s strategy plan, he still didn’t notice the slightest detail of John’s actions.

He had been carrying out the plan in confusion.

It could be said that although he had ostensibly become John’s partner in the plan, almost like becoming John’s accomplice, his fear for John had intensified even more.

‘With a flip of his hand, he can control everything according to his desire.’ Walker thought.

He knew that this young man beside him had quietly taken control of the entire underground circle in Owain City, becoming the sole godfather hiding behind the scenes!

Other than that, there was also the situation of the Alexander Corporation, which had a market value of ten billion dollars.

“Previously, when you were invited to the Owain City Police Station.

“You must have been asked about some secrets without you knowing.

“Let me ask you. Is the one who interrogated you a middle-aged man with a mellow temperament and a mole at the corner of his mouth?” John looked at Reinhart and asked.

Reinhart narrowed his eyes and looked up at John tightly.

“The reason they let you go is probably to let you stabilize the chaotic scene in the East District before capturing you.”

John’s tone remained unchanged as he continued.

“Now, you don’t have to worry. Follow me and I’ll ensure your safety.” John said.

“Mr. John, I’ll do as you say.” Reinhart stood up and said respectfully.

Seeing this, the middle-aged butler, Walker, quickly stood up.

“Mr. John, I’ll do as you say.”

John leaned back and looked up slightly.

He looked at the two people standing in front of him and his lips curled up.

He prepared to take the initiative to throw a stone into the darkness.

He shall listen to the rippling water and take a look at the people who would surface.

“Reinhart,” John shouted.

“Help me check the people who have come to Owain City recently.”