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Owain City, the underground circle.

There were all kinds of people.

Too much real and fake news was spreading.

Huadu District, an ordinary new neighborhood, a ten-story residential building.

The lights were warm and different people were busy with different things.

In front of the rows of computer screens in the room, Salefani’s expression was cautious.

She was like a rookie who had just entered the Internet world for the first time.

After all, the overlords of the Shadow World had ruthlessly and easily hacked into Salefani’s system.

Then, they gave a seemingly polite but actually stiff invitation to John.

This had left an indelible impression on Salefani.

A deep sense of powerlessness was constantly wearing away Salefani’s enthusiasm.

She took a few deep breaths of fresh air.

Lines of codes began to appear on her fingertips.

Foresee’s evaluation of Salefani’s potential had reached level 8.

Even in the Shadow World, it was also considered top-notch.

There were probably very few existences in the computer field who had reached level 9.

Even those powerful organizations might not have such an existence.

In front of the sofa, John was carefully reading the information from Reinhart.

He looked up in the direction where Salefani was.

Data information that only he could see was appearing in his eyes:

“Potential Rating: 8 points

“Ability Rating: 7 points.”

Salefani’s ability rating had increased!

If she reached the upper limit of her potential rating, then even the Round Table Association, the Black Deity Group, and the Eric Club that had invaded previously also couldn’t casually break through her blockade.

He looked at the other room.

Only John knew that something was happening around Hamlet.

Hamlet might be the first person in his team to reach the upper limit of the potential rating.

The 19-year-old youth only had a few days left before he turned 20.

He was silent, but he expressed everything in his actions.

At this moment, he was like a brewing volcano.

A warrior and killer with an Ability Rating of ‘8’ was already a shocking force.

Using Foresee’s calculation, John selected high potential talents one after another.

He then took them under his wing and waited for their growth.

One day, the Dawn Association would truly bring dawn to the shadow world!

Victoria sat beside John.

Her gaze was focused on the business documents.

Alexander’s former butler, Walker, was the person behind the current leader of the Alexander Corporation, Irelia.

In turn, Victoria was the person guiding Walker from behind him.

Victoria’s potential rating in the business world was at level nine.

She was a genius who could control the top forces in the Shadow World, a genius that would only appear once in a century.

John had begun to gradually hand over his business to her.

Sensing John’s gaze, Victoria tucked a lock of hair that had fallen over her forehead into her ear.

“What’s wrong?” She looked at John and asked gently.

Now, the situation for the four of them wasn’t much better than in the village building.

At first, she was still missing those days.

But gradually, Victoria realized that as long as John was sitting beside her, she would felt relieved.

“How’s Alexander Corporation’s financial situation?” John asked casually.

“En, after Alexander’s accident, the share price collapsed like an avalanche.”

Victoria frowned slightly, showing a thoughtful expression.

Then, she replied solemnly, “However, the situation has already begun to stabilize.”

She then continued on this topic for a while.

A black old-fashioned phone suddenly rang.

John looked apologetically at Victoria.

He got up and walked to the side to answer the call.

The ringtone of this phone wasn’t too ear-piercing.

But the moment it rang, in the few rooms, the members who were doing different things all focused and stayed silent.

Salefani who was in front of the computer screen, Hamlet who was training, and Victoria all held their breaths.

Beside the floor-to-ceiling window, John gently wiped the curtain and looked at the quiet and peaceful neighborhood.

John listened to the contents of the phone and replied in a deep voice, “I understand.”

The phone in his hand rang again.

He pressed the answer button.

“I understand.” John’s face showed little emotion as he replied.

His hand that was holding the phone fell to his side.

His distinct eyes reflected the peaceful scene in the small district and the families behind the warm lights.

There was a saying: When you stare into the abyss, the abyss is also looking at you.

Behind him, the door opened one after another.

Salefani leaned her hand against the door and looked nervously at John.

Hamlet’s expression was determined.

He had an attitude of being willing to be the spear in John’s hand.

Victoria turned around too.

Her fair hand landed on the back of the sofa.

John shrugged and looked at them.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was met with pairs of eyes staring at him.

John wiped the smile from his face.

With a calm expression, he said again, “In the shadow world, a bounty has been placed on me.”

“If captured alive, I can be exchanged for technology or equipment worth ten billion US dollars!

“If dead, 100 million US dollars!” John said in a deep voice.

After these words were said, the atmosphere suddenly became tense!

He originally wanted to cover it up with laughter, but his subordinates and friends were all geniuses in various aspects.

And geniuses had one thing in common.

That was that they were actually very opinionated and weren’t easily fooled.

Therefore, after seeing the expressions on his friends’ faces, John decided to tell the truth.

Perhaps after they heard the truth, they would felt fear and even despair.

However, he couldn’t hide it forever.

Moreover, in the future, the actions he made couldn’t avoid their participation.

After some consideration, John decided to tell them about the call.

Salefani’s face flushed red and tears almost rolled down her face.

Victoria inhaled deeply, her body trembling.

Hamlet was furious, like a volcano about to erupt.

An organization that could afford this price must be a huge one even in the shadow world.

He just didn’t know which organization it was!

Perhaps in the shadows, a top research institute was interested in John and wanted to research him.

John sat back on the sofa.

He didn’t felt fear. On the contrary, he felt towering anger. It was the unwillingness to be looked down upon and humiliated!

Sitting in this ordinary room, John could imagine what kind of revelry this bounty would cause in the shadow world once it was announced to the world!

A line of text was entered: “How to achieve a perfect crime.

“Not leaving any evidence.

“In the form of an accidental formula.

“To push for a grand accident that would give the people in the shadows a bloody intimidation!!!”

He knocked three exclamation marks heavily. John was making a soundless shout!

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