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4th of January, 2021, around 1.20 AM.

Hidden in the southwest of the Mold Country, near the border, in a vast mountain.

From the outside, it looked like a green slope, but its interior had been dug hollow.

It was a very modern industrialized scene.

Incandescent lamp tubes were arranged in an orderly manner.

In the huge space, in the laboratory images of different districts.

Researchers in a white coat was working busily with solemn expressions.

Looking around the research institute.

The deeper it went, the more shocking it became!

Under the glass cage were various living Experimentals.

In the core area, the subjects were actually humans!

Their faces were ferocious, terrifying, but also filled with despair and powerlessness.

What a crazy scene this was!

Using real and fresh human lives to conduct inhumane experiments was definitely something that no country would allow.

It violated the human path and the laws of heaven!

However, here, in this secret place with a strange atmosphere, such a secret laboratory existed.

There were several human brains soaked in a special liquid and there was bioelectricity connected to the skin of the brains.

A middle-aged man in his fifties wearing a white coat and gray hair looked up at the huge screen in disbelief and greed.

On the screen, it was the video of the incidents that happened in Owain City.

Not long after, John’s profile and information were fixed in the middle-aged man’s eyes.

John had become a perfect ‘experimental body’.

He was the perfect “experimental body” that had mastered the key to human evolution!

The terrifying bounty that alarmed the global shadow world was through his application and sent by the existence backing him behind the scenes.

In their eyes, John was their prey!

At 6 AM in the morning, in the dimly lit bedroom.

On the bed, John frowned.

His breathing was hurried, heavy, and his hands were clenched tightly.

Like a drowning person struggling in the water.

After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes.

He realized that his back was drenched in sweat and his face was slightly pale.

John just had a nightmare.

He dreamed that he was lying on a metal bed with his hands and feet fixed.

Pairs of lofty and greedy eyes looked at him from the darkness.

They were watching him closely.

He dreamed that his girlfriend Alice’s hope of waking up was crushed.

Hamlet, Victoria, and Salefani who followed beside him all died in pain and torture.

He covered his head with both hands and panted heavily.

John knew that this was his fear.

The fear when facing the unknown and the huge monster in the shadows.

He couldn’t express this emotion in front of Victoria and the others.

He could only shoulder everything on his own.

His eyes flickered with danger and madness.

For the current John, the more pressure he faced from all directions, the more fear he felt that was on the verge of madness, the more he was like a tightly pressed spring.

These all accumulated an even more terrifying rebound force!

He walked barefoot to the curtain.

He lifted a corner and looked out.

There was no rain, but it was still a cloudy day. The light couldn’t penetrate the thick dark clouds.

When John walked out of the bedroom, Salefani and Victoria were already preparing breakfast.

According to the steps in Foresee, John made a simple adjustment on his face.

Then, he put on another gray coat and said in a deep voice.

After his words landed and before waiting for a reply, he pushed the door open and walked out of the room.

Everyone knew that John had his own reasons for his actions, so they didn’t try to persuade him to stay.

John sat in a breakfast shop by the side of the road.

In front of him was a bowl of steaming clear soup and noodles.

Beside him were all kinds of ordinary people who were busy with their lives.

The crowd passed by John from time to time.

In this environment, John gulped down the noodles.

Merging into the lives of ordinary people was his way of easing pressure.

After finishing the noodles, John pressed a ten-dollar note against the side of the bowl.

He put on the hood and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

He glanced at the busy intersection.

After confirming a direction, he plunged into the city.

Under countless eyes that were searching for or spying on him, he began to habitually search for ‘paths’ at every moment.

Every step he took was calculated by Foresee.

It was a path that Foresee chose for him after calculating from countless different angles.

John was prepared to follow the path in Foresee to execute his next plan.

“How to achieve a perfect crime.

“Not leaving any evidence.

“In the form of the accidental formula.

“To push for a grand accident that would give the people in the shadows a bloody intimidation!!!”

He wanted to start pushing forward step by step.

For the path this time, John had to perfectly perform each step.

This was his first response to the people in the shadows.

It represented John’s ‘attitude’.

Mold Country, a secret meeting initiated from Houston City.

Dignified words sounded in the conference rooms one after another.

The center of the topic revolved around John.

“A technology worth ten billion US dollars, or equipment?”

“How generous!” The voice in the conference room in Houston City said.

“We’re still investigating which side sent it, but there aren’t many targets we can eliminate.”

A hoarse voice sounded in another conference room.

“This party must have taken a liking to John’s body. You guys should know that he’s a treasure.”

“This will be the first step of the ‘Petri dish’ plan, and also a very difficult step.”

“I don’t really think John will be able to pass this obstacle.” A voice that was loud and clear said thunderously.

Just by hearing this voice, the image of a middle-aged general appeared would appear in one’s mind.

“Send someone to monitor all movements in Owain City!”

“Once John had any action, pay attention to his response.”

“Once the ‘Petri dish’ plan fails, we need to ensure that John wouldn’t be obtained by any other organizations or forces.

“If necessary, I’d rather destroy him!” It was like a pair of deep eyes was looking at John who was on the chessboard and said in a cold and rational voice.

“That’s settled then.” In the Houston City conference room, someone replied.