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From the Foresee in front of him, John chose a path with lead him to an incompletely built neighborhood in the south of Owain City.

He walked on a road filled with weeds and abandoned trash.

He didn’t know what he stepped on, but there was a dull sound.

John’s hands were still in his pockets with his hood on.

He stood on a high spot and looked down.

His distinct eyes scanned his surroundings.

This was a ‘ghost city’-like incompletely built neighborhood.

It was built on the mountain behind Golden Bull Village and was like a lone island.

On the outskirts of the neighborhood, a lonely road meandered.

There was no sound at all.

John sensed and observed everything in front of him.

The mountain wind blew against his face and blew off the mottled outer wall.

Thick moss, giant taros, and other lush plants grew here.

It was as if they had put a coat on these sinister and dilapidated buildings.

His gaze slowly circled around.

This was an incompletely built neighborhood that occupied as much as a thousand acres of land.

At a glance, the buildings were densely packed.

There were nearly three hundred buildings, more than two hundred of which were already sealed.

There were also 67 buildings that were only half-built, revealing steel and bricks.

John turned around and lowered his head.

He then plunged into this gloomy and dilapidated neighborhood.

Numerous cold and precise steps appeared in front of him.

“November 2021, 2.23 PM and 39 seconds.

“You appeared in the North American Villa, a large incompletely built neighborhood that had already existed for 23 years.

“Same day, 6.19 PM and 51 seconds.

“You stopped at this neighborhood that looks like a ghost city.

“For nearly four hours, you recorded all the scenes and details of the neighborhood.

“You are prepared to send a huge gift to the existences who are targeting you in the shadows.”

At 8.30 PM, in the covert teahouse.

John waited in the small room inside.

The door was knocked lightly.

The godfather of East and West district, Reinhart, walked in quietly and called out, “Mr. John.”

With a heavy expression, he reported the news his subordinates reported in a low voice.

“The unprecedented bounty amount has made too many people lose their minds,” Reinhart said.

The news of the bounty on John had even spread and erupted in the ordinary underground circles.

John listened carefully and seriously.

“This time, I will sweep away those who aren’t qualified but are greedy.” John looked at Reinhart and said calmly.

Currently, hidden under the ordinary world was a circle where the strong preyed on the weak.

Be it wolves, tigers, dogs, or birds, they were all staring at John and screening him.

John tapped his fingers on the back of his palm.

“You don’t have to do anything for now.” He pondered for a moment, then said.

“Next, I want you to gather and train a batch of people who don’t have too many restrictions.

“Young men between the ages of 18 and 23.

“During the process, eliminate the people inside continuously, leaving about 15 people behind.

“I’ll formulate a training plan for them,” John said consecutively.

“Yes!” Reinhart replied respectfully.

After giving a few more instructions, the two of them left through different routes.

John followed the steps in Foresee and continued to quietly push forth his plan to create a method to achieve the target.

Two excavators followed the winding road and drove into Golden Bull Village.

The day before yesterday, at the village commission.

The village foundation projects that were applied for were approved at the same time.

The causeway of an upstream waterway was accidentally broken.

Fortunately, the water flow that escaped wasn’t too serious.

In the silent and brewing Owain City.

In a circle where the sunlight couldn’t reach, a piece of news suddenly exploded!

John had disappeared from Owain City since the bounty. But now, his trace was captured.

It was a surveillance video released by an unknown hacker hiding in the shadow world.

Or rather, it was just a back view.

Numerous analyses and data confirmed that it was ‘John’!

In the shadow world, there were too many complicated people who hid their information and were active in it.

Through this back view photo which flashed past the camera, they calculated the trajectory and route John had roughly appeared.

On the huge map of Owain City.

Red and green lines marked John’s routes.

It seemed to have formed a gradually shrinking net!

John’s subordinate, Hamlet, his figure was captured by a camera, resulting in a breakthrough for those searching for John.

The information network began to narrow and stopped sending out information.

Inside the gray six-story building.

A newly established investigation team with high standards was in the surveillance room.

News from the shadow world had already attracted the attention of Ezreal’s team right from the start.

“John lacks knowledge about the existences of the shadow world.

“If he adds his anti-reconnaissance knowledge of ordinary societies to our circle, then he will soon be captured.” Sitting in the front row, a confident young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses said.

On the most real side of this world, there were hacker experts, mathematics experts, and many secret existences of the countless fields.

The exact number and quality were unknown even to the officials.

The legacy and depth of the antennas that had been hidden for thousands of years were far superior to any official organizations in the current world.

In a seat near the back, looking at John’s blurry back and Hamlet’s side profile, Victor unconsciously reached out his hand and twisted the hair on his forehead.

Hearing a voice coming from ahead, he looked up.

He then turned around and looked at Anthony, who was sitting beside him with dark circles under his eyes.

Victor saw that the latter was also looking at the young man who was speaking confidently.

In the back area of the room where Victor and Anthony were, there were also Detective Fritz and the criminal investigation specialists.

They were considered losers in their confrontation with John.

Naturally, they were banished to a corner.

Even in the police station, things were also very realistic.

They were particular about logic and rules, but they emphasized more on capability.

Victor lowered his head and approached the young man with dark circles.

“Some trouble might happen.” He lowered his voice and said in a deep voice.

He couldn’t tell the exact reason.

It was more of a premonition that came from his confrontation with John.

“John has a strong sense of revenge.

“The more you suppress him, the stronger his rebound will be.” Fritz’s voice was hoarse as he said this to Detective Bloom and Detective Swain.

“I don’t know how powerful the shadow world is, but they definitely belittled John.” In the back, the bespectacled female detective replied.