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Starting from the 4th of November, the plan had been in place for a total of eight days.

Night gradually descended.

John stood by the floor-to-ceiling window and lifted a corner of the curtain.

He looked at the city under the dim yellow light.

Under the setting sun, in the dim places, he seemed to see tentacles slowly extending and waving towards him.

It was as if there were countless evil beasts hiding in the shadows, wanted to devour the light of the world.

He could feel the blood surging in his body.

There was no longer fear on his face. Instead, a brilliant smile bloomed on his face.

John put on a gray windbreaker.

Beside him, Hamlet began to tidy up his clothes.

Against his thighs and body,

numerous daggers were hidden in different places.

“I’m going out,” John said to Victoria and Salefani in a normal tone.

Victoria was reading documents on the sofa as usual, but her eyes were wandering.

Salefani was clearing the dishes at the dining table, but her thoughts seemed to be somewhere else.

As soon as he finished speaking, John turned to open the door and plunged into the night.

Behind him, Hamlet’s footsteps were silent.

He was like a shadow following John.

Victoria and Salefani looked at the closed security door with a trembling gaze at the same time.

With his hands in his pockets and his head lowered, John walked through the busy city.

They kept approaching the North American Villa.

According to the steps in Foresee, he and Hamlet deliberately exposed their locations.

Although the locations they chose to expose themselves looked messy but in fact, through high difficulty and precise calculations, one could locate their position.

John appeared at the last farm market to the Villa and raised his chin, exposing himself to the surveillance cameras.

Then, John disappeared again.

Owain City, South Side, incompletely built neighborhood, the ‘North American Villa’.

The dilapidated building in the night seemed a little terrifying.

Ghost flames flickered and poisonous snakes appeared.

John was walking through the weeds when he suddenly stopped and focused his gaze.

‘Pa! Pa! Pa!’ sounds appeared from the side.

An old man with disheveled hair and a scavenging appearance appeared.

He held a branch in his hand and used it to scout the way.

At the same time, he was also attacking the weeds in front of him to drive away the snakes and insects.

John held his breath as the steps in Foresee flashed before his eyes.

After repeatedly confirming that it was just an ordinary old man from the nearby village, John then heaved a sigh of relief.

“Where did this old man come from?

“Hurry up and leave.” Then, dull and rough words sounded.

He reached out and gestured.

Hamlet, who was following behind and hiding in the shadows, followed the old man until he left, then returned to John.

A huge horror would happen tonight in this place.

John drove the old man away because out of kindness.

News spread in the small circles of the shadow world in Owain City.

“He’s hiding in South Side, near the incompletely built neighborhood.”

“He’s worth ten billion US dollars if captured alive!”

“We must not let John escape this time.”

“Lock onto this location!”

“He really knows how to hide.”

Pieces of news quickly refreshed.

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

Professionals from various secret departments all stared at the scene on the screen.

Under the night sky, the incompletely built neighborhood was like a deserted island.

In the back row, Victor looked around.

“Do you think John deliberately created such a situation this time?” Then, he looked at the young man with dark circles under his eyes and asked softly.

“It’s still not certain who will be the prey.” The young man replied.

Outside this surveillance room, an official shadow organization was watching this chase.

In the dark of the night, the government had mobilized the most people compared to the other factions.

Countless people were paying attention to this night.

In fact, those truly terrifying existences were mostly hidden behind the scenes.

North American Villa, incompletely built neighborhood.

A room with light bulbs and concrete walls around it.

John sat on the sofa and looked at the screen.

Numerous figures, with the intention of pulling the net and capturing John, began to appear around the abandoned building.

John tapped the sofa playfully with his fingertips.

“This isn’t enough yet!” John’s low voice sounded.

In front of the computer, Salefani, who was in the four-room apartment, received John’s message.

Her white face was filled with nervousness.

She knew that John was walking on a tightrope.

“This is crazy!” Salefani inhaled deeply and whispered.

After a short pause, her gaze focused and her fingertips tapped.

Lines of codes flashed before her eyes.

Soon, there was an uproar in the steady stream of people who gathered in the shadow of Owain City.

An unknown hacker had disclosed the location of ‘John’ openly to the crowd!

Greedy expressions and wanton clamor were instantly ignited!

In the darkness, the North American Villa was like the focus of a huge beam of light.

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

Hurried footsteps kept sounding.

People from the different posts were busy working.

Sona raised her head and looked at the information on the screen.

The young detective, Sona, opened her mouth in a daze.

“Crazy… everyone is crazy…” Then, after a long while, she said with an ugly expression.

In the oppressive and silent scene.

Starting from the heart of Mold Country.

The real big shots looked towards Owain City one after another.

“The beginning of the ‘Petri dish’ plan.”

All the kings of the shadow world had emerged from bloody environments.

According to the judgment of many parties, John had the potential to become ‘King’.

However, such a definition required even more cruel things to prove it.

John suddenly stood up from the sofa.

A terrifying look of carnage appeared on his face as he looked at the screen.

John stood in a dilapidated building that was only half-built.

What came into view was a severely corroded scaffold.

There were bare steel and bricks.

Thick moss surrounded the scaffolding and the dilapidated building.

It was dark without any light.

John took a few steps forward and stood at the edge of the floor.

A cold wind blew past, the front of his feet was already half suspended in the air.

Figures kept approaching the front of this dilapidated building.

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

The scene on the screen was moving.

An incompletely built neighborhood that was like a ghost town appeared in front of everyone.

There were people from the secret departments mixed in with the hunters.

They were constantly controlling John’s movements.