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In the surveillance room.

One by one, the staff recognized the person whose face flashed past.

A female staff member in a uniform and wearing dark glasses tapped on the keyboard and looked at the information.

“Gilps, A-rank criminal of the Criminal Investigation Agency.

“Afte he was captured the other time, he escaped into the shadow world.

“He is a very sinister, cunning, and dangerous existence.” She reported in a deep voice.

As her words sounded, the hundred or so experts from the specialist departments in the room focused on the projection.

At this moment, Gilps appeared on the screen.

He looked ordinary and had an ordinary figure.

There was a centipede-like scar at the corner of his eye.

He was wearing black clothes and there was a hint of ruthlessness in his expression.

After taking a few steps, his leg whipped out.

He suddenly kicked over a rusty trash can in his vision.

In the quiet night, there was a loud bang.

Then, something like a cola can, rolled down the trash can.

Seeing this seemingly ordinary scene, Victor’s eyelids twitched and his heart tightened. An ominous feeling rose in his heart.

The weeds that were more than a meter deep began to sway.

Then, ‘Meow’, the hissing of the wild cat.

A vigorous wild black cat jumped out!

Gilps took a few steps back and relaxed when he saw that it just a black cat.

His gaze followed the wild cat’s movements.

A terrifying scene descended!

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building, surveillance room.

In an instant, the atmosphere became so tense that one could hear a pin drop.

The scene on the projection screen replayed the scene from 15 seconds ago.

The black cat ran to a wall.

Its sharp claws grabbed the dense moss and climbed up the unfinished building.

There was a rustling sound.

In the dark, the stems and leaves of the moss trembled!

There was a creaking sound!

A scaffold that was tangled in the moss fell instantly!

Looking up, Gilps looked towards the sound and took a step back.

However, it was too late!

The rusty scaffold was like a spear.

Instantly, it pierced through his chest!

Victor clenched his fists and sweat broke out on his body.

He looked up and glanced around the new investigation team.

He looked at the young man with thick dark circles under his eyes.

He looked at old detective Bloom, Detective Swain, and Detective Fritz.

The hands of this group of old members were trembling.

John had completely calculated all the variables and use an ‘accident’ to punish his enemy.

No matter how many times they saw such an event, their scalps still went numb.

The video on the screen shook.

Soon, the person videoing this regained his composure.

More and more existences that were active in the shadow world were diving continuously into this incompletely built neighborhood.

At that moment just now, John was standing above the building.

Or rather, he was standing beside the fallen scaffold.

His distinct eyes only focused on the complete process of the fall of the scaffold.

He walked along the abandoned corridor.

John took out his phone and looked at the screen.

Through the surveillance cameras footage from various locations, he skimmed through various images.

One was a sloppy middle-aged man whose fingers were constantly moving as if he was calculating something.

He directly skipped the dominoes that were triggering the chain reaction.

At this moment, on the screen, the young man with a faint smile slowly pulled out the antenna of a piece of equipment.

After pressing the button.

All the surveillance footage became blurry.

Accidents similar to that of Gilps were still happening.

But even so, it didn’t intimidate or scare those greedy people at all.

In fact, they only thought that John’s calculation level could only reach such a level!

The fear hidden in their hearts was constantly being devoured by their greed.

In the equipment of various contour edges scanners, the room where John was hiding was found!

John’s figure that attempted to escape from the edge of the neighborhood was discovered.

Like a predator chasing its prey, they hung far behind, waiting for their prey to run out of energy.

John was like a trapped beast.

He staggered and ran for his life.

In the quiet night, his panting was so clear.

John plunged into the dark underground parking lot.

Beams of light lit up the underground parking lot.

The hazy air was uncomfortable.

The sound of water dripping sounded in his ears.

The greedy people began to gather in the underground parking lot.

Owain City Police Headquarters, surveillance room.

Victor suddenly stood up.

His eyes were fixed on the shaking underground parking lot.

“Leave the parking lot!” Victor’s eyes almost split open. He panted heavily and suddenly roared.

His actions attracted everyone’s attention.

Sitting in the main seat, the middle-aged man that John had met before, Ezreal, had a serious expression on his face.

He looked at Victor in surprise.

After some thought, he issued an order. “Leave that place.”

Many people suddenly left the abandoned and dilapidated underground parking lot.

In the surveillance room of the Owain City Police Headquarters.

After the supreme commander, Ezreal, gave the order to ‘leave’.

The special investigation team of more than a hundred people immediately fell silent.

All eyes were on Victor, who was sitting at the back.

At this moment, Victor was still in a state of shock.

His chest rose and fell rapidly, violently, his face flushed red, and he was drenched in sweat.

Sensing the gazes on him,

Victor didn’t respond. He just stared at the projection.

“Tell them to leave the incompletely built neighborhood completely.” Seeing the person taking the video leave the garage and was still wandering around the abandoned building, he looked at Ezreal and said again.

“I don’t know what will happen, but I know John!

“He’s an existence with a strong sense of revenge!

“He’s deliberately guiding those people who are greedy to obtain him.

“Something is definitely going to happen in that area tonight!” Victor’s panting words sounded.

Those gazes looking at him instantly changed.