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A terrifying scene suddenly appeared!

In the surveillance room.

Figures stood up one after another.

The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes.

In just ten plus seconds.

Everyone stood up and looked at the scene on the screen in shock.

The supreme commander, Ezreal, pursed his lips.

Stunned by the scene before him, his arm that was hanging in front of him was trembling.

Pushing the time forward by a minute. Night, 10.01 PM and 21 seconds.

After John pressed his body against the wall and squatted down with his head in his hands, a loud bang sounded in his ears.

Then, there was a violent shaking and the traces of water gathering at his feet.

His vision darkened, and he couldn’t see what was happening anymore.

Only one wall away from John, Tedariel, Orisol, and the other people here all widened their eyes. Not far away, flowing water was charging down.

The square pillar instantly became crooked like tofu.

The intense chain collapsing of the structures started!

It was like the end of the world, unavoidable…

The sloppy middle-aged man, Orisol, kept scanning the dilapidated underground parking lot.

His expression twisted, devoured by despair…

The building shrouded and devoured everyone!

Owain City Police Headquarters, surveillance room.

Everyone stared at the collapsed building.

Buildings collapsed one after another.

There were concrete steel bars and scaffolding that kept plunging into the ground.

It was like a gaping mouth that swallowed its prey…

There were countless figures hidden in the buildings.

All of them were instantly submerged!

Victor noticed that under the helicopter light, a man with a ferocious and terrified expression who was hidden in the shadows ran out hysterically.

What awaited him was the collapsed ground.

The collapsing didn’t last long. In total, it lasted for only ten plus minutes.

Silence enveloped the incompletely built neighborhood that was built halfway up the mountain.

“John calculated this too?” The young man in gold-rimmed glasses asked in shock.

For the existences who lived in the shadow world, they were definitely people who were very cautious.

At least, they had eliminated the possibility of bombs in the villa in advance.

“From the beginning, John had the idea of burying everyone?” An elite in a black uniform from a secret department asked.

Sitting in the back, Victor and the others looked at each other.

The supreme commander, Ezreal, narrowed his eyes.

He stopped looking at the screen and looked at everyone.

With a dignified expression, he said in a deep voice, “Arrange for our men to start the rescue mission.”

“Capture those who should be captured

“Save those who should be saved!” Ezreal said heavily.

Starting from the ancient Houston City in the heart of Mold Country.

Hidden conference rooms stared at the collapsed villa on the screen.

“What a ruthless kid.” A dignified voice sounded.

“He took the initiative to appear in front of everyone.”

“It’s even possible that he was the one who released the location information.”

“Just this act alone is enough to make his ears much quieter.”

“How many people were buried?”

“There are quite a number of them. This might even be an event that’s worthy of being ranked among the shadow circles in recent years.”

Surprised voices came from the conference rooms all over Mold Country.

A solemn order was issued from the secret conference room in Houston City.

“Investigate the collapse this time and see what the reason is.

“If John leaves evidence, then follow the proper procedures.”

The winding road outside the purgatory-like villa.

Police cars stopped there with the lights on.

In several districts, all the rescue cars were also mobilized.

In an empty area, white cloths were covered.

A young detective’s face was pale as he walked between the white cloths and recorded the data.

November 13, 2021, 3.29 AM and 20 seconds.

In the depths of the collapsed underground parking lot.

John hugged his head in his hands. This spot where he was at was a corner formed by the wall and concrete.

There were puddles of water under his feet.

He was gasping in small mouthfuls.

His arm was trembling, and he felt a little cold.

At this moment, sounds of movements came from above John’s location.

He reached for a stone beside his hand.

He kept knocking on a piece of rebar not far away.

“Someone’s still alive here!”

“Be careful with your movements. Don’t cause any secondary damage to the injured.” The rescue worker in a helmet and uniform heard the sound and hurriedly turned around and roared.

Around 4.25 AM, above the ruins of the dilapidated buildings, the lights were bright as day.

In the collapsed area of the underground parking lot.

The construction truck carefully hung a huge rock away.

Rescue workers in uniform shouted loudly.

A stable triangular area supported by walls and beams appeared in front of all the rescue workers.

A young man in a gray coat was hiding inside.

He squatted and lowered his head, his arms covering his head tightly.

When the stones and steel bars in front of him were moved away,

the young man suddenly looked up, revealing a pair of extremely calm and distinct eyes.

Instantly, a fierce and terrifying gaze shot out.

But when they looked again, it seemed to be an illusion.

It was clearly a warm, peaceful, and grateful gaze.

A rescuer helped the young man out.

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

Over a hundred experts from the Special Investigation Unit looked up at the projection screen.

“This is commonly used in earthquakes. The Triangle of Life.” A white-haired old expert said in a deep voice.

The rescue team’s investigation was still progressing.

Soon, the location just a few steps away from John’s rescue area was exposed to everyone.

Gasps sounded one after another.

It was like a scene from a mass grave…

The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes drew the blueprint of the underground parking lot.

Lines of mechanics and calculations were recorded through his hand.

He pursed his lips and looked at Victor.

His hoarse voice sounded, “In that large area around John’s spot…

“Only the spot under this wall can form the ‘life triangle’ space.”

Victor immediately understood what Anthony meant.

He looked away from the young man and towards the screen.

“John had locked onto this only living space in advance,” Victor whispered.

The early morning of the winter was very cold.

Just now, half of John’s body was soaked in cold water.

A coat was draped over John.

“Thank you.” John looked at the determined-looking rescuer and nodded.

He was helped out of the ruins.

He walked between the buildings that had collapsed like dominoes.

John’s distinct eyes secretly observed the scene around him.

His steps were very slow, and he actually seemed to be strolling leisurely.

When he lowered his head slightly, the corners of his lips curled up.

Every move and stance of John was recorded by a high-precision camera.

His eyes studied the ruins…

When he lowered his head, the corners of his lips curled up…

Frame by frame, the scene was fixed on the screen of the police headquarters.

Over a hundred pairs of lights looked at these details.

They then looked at John, whose lips were still slightly pale and looked weak in the surveillance footage.

“John is getting scarier.

“What kind of demon is this?”

Old detective Bloom still remembered John’s appearance the first time John entered the police station not long ago.

North America Villa, outside the ruins.

John stood outside the area blocked off by warning signs. He looked at a spot that was just slightly ahead.

It was an area covered in many white cloths. At a glance, there were many of them.

In another direction was the emergency treatment area.

Some of the existences who had survived the collapse saw John.

They felt like they had seen a demon. Their faces were as pale as paper.

He stood in front of a plump female doctor in her thirties.

Her palm brushed past John.

“You’re so lucky. Other than some abrasions and low blood sugar, there shouldn’t be too many problems.” The female doctor in her thirties said to John.

“Thank you.” John nodded and replied.

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