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The female doctor looked at the collapsed building.

“What a terrifying calamity.” She glanced at the white cloths not far away and muttered with a pale face.

“Yeah.” John agreed with her and replied.

“Have a glass of water to warm your body.” The female doctor poured John another glass of hot water and said.

John took the glass and pressed it against his palm.

“Thank you.” He felt much more comfortable and replied gratefully.

The rescue and investigation continued.

Outside the winding road.

Police cars arrived one after another.

John’s acquaintances, old detective Bloom and detective Fritz got out of a car.

This time, the members sent by the Special Investigation Unit were members of the police station.

Bloom’s expression was complicated as he suppressed most of his fear.

“John.” He walked up to John and shouted.

“Detective Bloom, long time no see.

“It’s already so late, why aren’t you resting yet?” John replied with a teasing tone.

Bloom looked deeply at John.

He swallowed the words he was about to say and said in a deep voice, “Come with us.”

John didn’t agree directly.

Instead, he blew on the hot water in his hand and drank it up bit by bit.

His cheeks turned rosier.

He placed the paper cup on the simple table beside him.

“Let’s go,” John replied.

Cars plunged back into the night.

However, most of their attention was still on the ruined ‘villa’.

Endless clues were quickly transmitted to different existences.

Following the direction of the water current, the broken causeway of Golden Bull Village appeared in front of everyone.

The cause and effect were magnified time and time again.

It was a village construction project that had been delayed for several years.

Through one coincidence after another, the process progressed.

The staff of the secret department secretly summoned the village chief, excavator driver, and all the relevant personnel.

After repeated questioning, the results were all normal!

It was just a coincidence!

These people didn’t know that their movements were being pushed by a huge hand.

It wasn’t entirely out of their own subjectivity.

This was what was the most terrifying!

Owain City Police Headquarters, interrogation room.

There was a snapping sound.

A huge searchlight lit up.

Sitting at the metal table, John’s eyes felt uncomfortable from the dazzling light and squinted.

A list of names belonging to those under the white cloths flashed across the screen of the Special Investigation Unit.

Even if some were lucky enough to survive, they were also investigated by the secret departments and arrested one after another.

November 13, 2021, 7.19 AM.

The investigation team stayed up all night.

They were exhausted and their eyes were red from tiredness.

They looked at the summary results and reports.

First, it was the testimonies from the ‘Golden Bull Village’.

Then came the evaluation data of the structural engineer and the modeling team.

The collection and summary of data had ended.

In the middle of the screen, the scene in the interrogation room lit up.

John, who was wearing a gray coat, appeared in front of everyone.

In the interrogation room, under the huge lights, John’s vision gradually became clearer.

It was unknown what special arrangements had been made.

The people in charge of the interrogation this time were the two detectives he had first interacted with.

One was Bloom, and the other was the young policewoman, Sally.

The old detective, Bloom, was observing John.

A moment later, he shouted something.

Beside him, Sally was in charge of recording.

“Why did you do that?” Bloom asked.

Hearing the old detective’s words, John didn’t respond. He just glanced at the former in surprise.

“Please answer me directly,” Bloom said heavily.

“I have no idea what you are referring to.

“Or are you asking me what I’ve done today?

“Tonight, around 6 PM, I went to the farm market to buy groceries.

“Around 8 PM, I was targeted by a group of terrifying people.

“I was escaping, running for my life.

“In my panic, I plunged into the underground parking lot.” John slowly described.

His words sounded in the surveillance room.

Images of being chased appeared clearly in front of everyone.

Every word John said was real.

He was just a victim, on the run. That was all.

After a long while, John paused.

He looked up at the surveillance camera flashing red lights.

A brilliant smile appeared on his face.

In the surveillance room.

Pairs of eyes focused on the smiling face that John occupied the screen.

His voice sounded again, “It’s all thanks to the rescue team. Otherwise, I might have been buried underground until I died.”

The interrogation room fell into a dead silence.

As the young female detective, Sally, recorded John’s words, towards the later part, her handwriting had become messy.

Bloom glanced at the records.

He just looked deeply at John, then got up and said, “We have nothing else to ask. Thank you for your cooperation.

Under the gaze of the old detective, Bloom, and detective Sally, there was a slightly ear-piercing creaking sound.

The metal chair behind John was pushed backward.

He walked out familiarly.

When he left the Owain City Police Headquarters, the sky was already bright.

The rainy day that had lasted for more than half a month finally disappeared.

Bright sunlight shone on the city.

When he stopped, a gray car stopped. John bent down and got into the car.

In the passenger seat, John glanced behind him.

“It’s been hard on you. Did anything unexpected happen?” Then, he looked away and asked Hamlet gently.

When he drove out of the Owain City Police Station, more and more people followed behind the car.

“How can I ensure my own safety for the next day or twenty-four hours?”

Through the Foresee in front of him, John searched for his targets.

The gray car drove into traffic.

The traffic at the intersections was controlled by John.

In an underground parking lot in a mall, John and Hamlet changed cars.

By the time they returned to the rented apartment, it was already around 12 noon.

When he pushed the door open, what appeared in front of John was Victoria and Salefani’s gaze, which looked relieved.

He didn’t eat. Only now did his tense nerves relax.

Exhaustion kept gushing out like a tide.

“I’ll sleep for a while,” he said.

John walked into his bedroom.

As soon as he lay on the bed, darkness descended.

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