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This incident was John’s first time competing with the circles in the shadow world.

Although the truly deep existences were only watching this time and didn’t take part, to John, it also had an important meaning.

Most importantly, it made John let go of his fear of the shadow circles that appeared god-like or demon-like to him previously.

Now, he was able to start having the courage to face them calmly.

When he opened his eyes again, it was still noon.

It was noon the next day. 24 hours had passed.

He felt unprecedentedly comfortable.

The world seemed to have lit up.

He leaned against the bed.

John focused and immediately searched in Foresee:

“How can I ensure my own safety for the next week or 168 hours?”

“How can I ensure my own safety for the next three days or seventy-two hours?”

Numerous paths flashed before his eyes.

This was a way for John to predict the environment he was in through the different steps.

It was unknown what he saw, but his eyes turned heavy.

The haze over John’s head didn’t disappear with the live burial.

On the contrary, the birds that stood out were only used by the even deeper existences as a stone to ask for directions.

John took a deep breath and the seriousness in his expression disappeared.

While scanning the path to create the Dawn Association, a new candidate caught John’s attention.

“Potential Rating: 9 points.

“Description: This is a powerful existence in the history field in Mold Country.

“He could truly fill in the history of the Dawn Association.”

This was the first person he had met who had reached the upper limit of the potential rating.

He searched for his name on the laptop’s Google page.

The relevant information was refreshed.

“Mold Country’s history expert, grandmaster.

“One of the four great historians of the Mold Country.

“He’s quite accomplished in almost all academic fields such as literature, history, philosophy, and Buddhism.”

In the four-room apartment next door.

Walker, who was in charge of the Alexander Corporation behind the scenes, had bought this apartment through some methods.

It was to be used as John and the others’ studio.

November 14, 2021, 2.20 PM.

John sat beside the coffee table in front of the window.

He was wearing a black knitted shirt.

He picked up the teacup and drank a mouthful of hot water.

He continued to look at the laptop screen.

Information regarding the Mold Country’s history grandmaster, Volibel.

His fingertips lightly tapped on the table.

A thoughtful look appeared in his eyes and his expression gradually became serious.

According to the steps in Foresee, he figuring out some things. Then, he began to realize

that the old man who appeared on the talent list this time might be of unimaginable importance.

“I need to compile a story about the Dawn Association, a behemoth that’s hidden in the long history of time.

“The setting that Foresee gave to Volibel is very likely that he would connect the history of the real world to the story of the Dawn Association, fill in the gaps, and create a history for it.” John looked at the photo of the old man in the white shirt and muttered solemnly.

Putting away his thoughts, he glanced at the bottom right corner of the screen. It was 2.24 PM.

A path that only he could see in Foresee was at this node in time:

“November 14, 2021, 2.24 PM and 19 seconds.

“Salefani intercepted two emails from the history expert, Volibel.”

John muttered the numbers in his heart and closed the page on the laptop screen.

Hurried footsteps sounded in his ears.

“Brother John, something unexpected happened to the archaeological progress of the new ten ruins that you asked me to pay attention to.”

Salefani glanced at Victoria and Hamlet, who was sitting on the other side.

After John nodded, she said in a deep voice with a serious expression, “This is the email from the chief historian, Old Mr. Volibel, from the archeological team, to the other two professors from the History department.”

A tablet computer was handed to John.

In the email were archaeological photos.

John clicked on the first photo. It was a letter written in calligraphy.

The strong handwriting was clear:

“I was invited more than a month ago to go to Owain City’s Haizhu District for archaeology.

“According to the investigation, this was the ancient coast region from more than six thousand years ago.

“We found a few preserved clay plates.

“Combined with the traces I’ve seen in other places, I vaguely seemed to see a special existence that had disappeared into the long river of history.

“That existence seemed to use the sun as a symbol and was worshiped by others.”

After reading the handwritten letter, John looked at the high-precision mud board photo.

On the mud board was a pattern that looked like the sun shining.

Around the sun pattern, people were kneeling.

John rubbed his fingertips together, combining the two emails.

He then focused on the steps in Foresee.

He licked his lips and felt his mouth dry.

He was shocked by the net created by Foresee.

He roughly guessed the intentions of Foresee.

The fictional history of the Dawn Association that from 4,000 years ago that Foresee created would be linked to the archaeological findings in the real world.

In the ancient ruins that were as vast as the sea, Foresee had calculated the items that might make connections to the history of the Dawn Association.

The sun pattern engraved on one side of the mud board was successfully calculated by Foresee.

The traces of the Dawn Association in prehistoric times would be linked in such a method.

As the event progressed, Foresee might even connect the Dawn Association to various historical periods.

It would use the unknown relics dug up by the archaeologists to create a complete and clear behemoth.

At that time, the Dawn Association would not only have the present and the future.

It would also have a history and past!

Looking back, the countless terrifying existences in the shadow world would discover in shock that an ancient organization that had accompanied the history of human civilization was awakening.

“Brother John.” Salefani hesitated and shouted.

Seeing John look at her, she took a deep breath and asked solemnly, “In this ruin that was discovered.

“The existence that used the sun as a symbol six thousand years ago.

“Is it referring to the Dawn Association?”

Not far away, Victoria and Hamlet also stopped moving, their expressions solemn.

The breathing of Salefani, Victoria, and Hamlet became hurried, and their solemn eyes met.

Momentarily, various thoughts kept emerging.

They knew that this might be the most covert and terrifying secret in human history.

Firstly, the Dawn Association was about to reemerge into the world.

Then, traces of the Dawn Association were discovered.

Combined with John’s identity as an Arbiter, the more they thought about it, the more they felt fear and confusion!

It was as if they couldn’t breathe.