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John leaned back comfortably on the sofa and glanced at the documents.

The first was the research institute and laboratory that the Alexander Corporation had secretly funded in the field of life engineering neurology.

The person presiding over this laboratory was Promia, whom John had recruited personally.

“Let’s call it Babylon.” John pressed the document against his palm and looked at Walker, then said.

The Babylon Life Engineering Institute.

It was built for Alice.

He hoped that the lady who had been asleep for five years would see the light again.

John continued to read the second set of information.

This information was regarding the fifty young men he had instructed Reinhart to gather and train previously.

John would provide a training path for each of them would and also invest a large sum of money in them.

The training method was very cruel. It had a high chance of disability and death.

“Not bad, continue to increase the subsidies.” John looked at the pages of information and said.

In just a few days, two of the 50 people had already passively dropped out of training.

Unknowingly, the wealth, authority, and elites under John were increasing without being noticed.

The night deepened.

In the obscure shadow, in an empty and solemn round table conference room.

At this moment, the round table seemed very empty.

Sitting to the north was an ordinary-looking middle-aged man.

Not long after.

Hologram projections were projected in front of their seats.

All the relevant information about John slid past one by one.

“The officials of the Mold Country think very highly of John.

“On the surface, the officials didn’t seem to have done anything.

“But in fact, they had quietly enveloped the entire Owain City.

“Restricting our methods.

“The officials are treating us like John’s whetstone.”

“Are they using us as John’s training aid?”

Words kept sounding.

November 15, 2021, sunny day.

“Yorta is the core figure of the York Family and the leader of the second branch.

“He was also Johnson’s second uncle,” Victoria said in a deep voice.

She was standing beside John.

With a heavy expression, she looked at the reported government investment news.

In the news, Yorta was wearing a black suit and facing the public on behalf of the York Family.

In front of the reporter’s microphone, Yorta reported the investment plan of the York Family’s Middle Sea Corporation in Owain City.

The investment amount was extremely large.

Most of the fields involved were for the benefit of the people’s livelihoods.

After some calculations, the final investment sum could even exceed 10 billion dollars.

Yorta’s report ended.

All the reporters and experts at the press conference were shocked.

The flash of the cameras lit up madly.

The conference wasn’t over yet.



Rumbles sounded in the room one after another.

It could be seen that the screens of the phones in the room lit up one after another.

All the news bulletins were all reporting about the ten billion dollars investment from the Middle Sea Corporation.

The popularity of the topic instantly exploded on the Internet.

Owain City. The 15 million residents all began to discuss and pay attention to this matter.

After the vibration ended.

Silence returned to the room.

John reached out.

He patted the back of Victoria’s hand.

With a calm expression, he said comfortingly, “Don’t worry.”

“I’d like to see what they’re planning,” John continued.

When the camera in the press conference skipped over the investment team of the York Family’s Middle Sea Corporation, a scene attracted John’s attention.

He frowned.

There were a total of 16 higher-ups in the management team.

All of them were dressed in black.

Including the eight ladies.

“That’s Johnson’s mother, Lefran.

“There are also a few other women from the York Family.”

Victoria noticed too and introduced her to John.

On the screen.

Lefran’s eyes were slightly red as she was supported by others.

The women beside her also had solemn expressions.

Not only John and the others, but more and more reporters and audiences were also attracted by their reactions.

Numerous reporters surrounded the York family.

“Sorry everyone, today is only the 21st day since my nephew Johnson’s death.

“This is Johnson’s mother,” Yorta said in a deep voice.

John looked at the press conference and heard this. His brows rose.

At this moment.

Johnson’s mother’s eyes were red and she seemed to have suddenly broken down.

Her eyes widened and she rushed at the microphones in front of her.

She said loudly, “My son didn’t die from an accident.

“He was murdered.”

“Murdered!” Lefran shouted hoarsely.

Hearing these words, John’s pupils constricted and his expression turned ugly.

In the room.

Victoria, Salefani, and Hamlet also realized the York Family’s intention.

Their faces turned pale and his expression became heavy.

It was like a large hand that penetrated their chests and grabbed their hearts.

Oppressive, uncomfortable, and breathless.

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

The scene at the press conference was quickly sent and projected to the front of the surveillance room.

The supreme commander, Ezreal, frowned.

“The York Family has broken the rules.” The young man with thick dark circles said in a deep voice.

“It’s not considered a violation of the rules. They are playing the game by the edge of the rules. They have enough means to evade and find excuses for this.” Victor shook his head.

“This is a script that was written long ago.

“Investing in ten billion for the welfare of the people.

“Under the highest attention of the whole city, report Johnson’s incident to the people.

“We can’t suppress it anymore!

“The accidents that happened in Owain City are about to be revealed to the people!” Victor said in a deep voice.

Before he finished speaking.

In front of the surveillance room.

The staff who were constantly monitoring the Owain City network had a solemn expression.

His fingers tapped on the keyboard.

Not long after.

Up ahead, in the projection, news articles were refreshed.

Owain City News!

Phoenix News!

Penguin News!

South Daily!

Media companies with extremely high traffic in Owain City and even the entire Internet updated at the same time the corresponding news content, as if they had prepared for it beforehand.

“An accident had happened to Neil, the son of Alexander, the founder of Alexander Corporation, which was worth ten billion dollars!

“An accident happened to the eldest daughter of Alexander Corporation’s billionaire, Alexander!

“Alexander, a billionaire, encountered an accident!

“Was this a coincidence or a murder?

“The vice president of the Chamber of Commerce in Owain City…

“Christmas Eve, before Johnson’s accident…”

In the surveillance room.

Over a hundred members of the investigation team looked at the popularity of this topic, which was increasing at an incredible speed.

“What exactly do they want?” Victor was shocked and muttered to himself.

The atmosphere suddenly became solemn.

Four-room apartment.

In the room.

Salefani sat in front of the computer.

She kept receiving reports.

There were too many existences behind this matter promoting it at the same time!

Salefani’s face turned pale.

“The York Family isn’t the only one promoting this matter.” Her voice was trembling as she said.

Victoria watched the news, her breathing heavy and hurried.

The revealing of the accidents was a premeditated operation.

Everything that’s happening now was just to achieve one aim!

John was silent. He already knew what would happen next.

He retracted his gaze from the screen.

He walked to the floor-to-ceiling window.

Lifting a corner of the curtain, John looked at the blue sky.

He felt suffocated and oppressed.

These were the existences of the shadow world.

They were demonstrating their strength, demonstrating their power in controlling the world as they wish!

They can easily drive and influence the attention of the entire society.

November 15, 2021, 2.20 PM.

Information regarding John was dug out by a mysterious existence and uploaded onto the Internet.

Countless news exploded!




The moment John closed his eyes, endless curses sounded in his ears.

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